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We specialise in experiential marketing and advertising. We serve your brand!
Our agency team believes in interactivity and entertaining engagement of customers with brands. Our work is powerful, relevant, memorable and actionable.

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TTL agency Credential

  1. 1. THE BRAND THAT SERVES BRANDS Through the Line Agency
  2. 2. CONTENTS CONCEPT Who we are Why Through the Line Why not Above or Below COVERAGE Clients Services Portfolio of Consumer Engagements Portfolio of Corporate Events Management EXECUTION Best Practicesthrough the line | concept | coverage | execution
  3. 3. ESTABLISHMENTThe agency was established on 09.09.09 in Sofia by Yavor Yotov.We cut through the line that connects brands with customers.* team of 5 professionals based in Sofia* over 150 freelancers nationwide* established partnerships with over 40 contractors in Sofia and across the countryTHROUGH THE LINE is the new brand that serves brands.We believe in the fusion of CONCEPT, COVERAGE & EXECUTION. through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  4. 4. NETWORKCOMPREHENSIVE NETWORK TO DELIVER IT ALL contractors from designers to media coverage, from print to market research nationwide coverage for the campaigns you require. we act locally with the big picture in mind regional expansion in line with your business growth lasting partnerships with trusted experts from the industry through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  5. 5. AGENCY TEAM CLIENT CONSUMER YAVOR YOTOV managing director MARTIN MAGGIE VICTOR MARTI YONOVSKY IVANOVA ISTERKOV BOYANOVA teams & client relations event office & logistics management financeNorth West North East South West South East Coverage Coverage Coverage Coverage NW NE SW SE Central Central Central Central through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  7. 7. Why Through the Line? Why Not Above or Below?UNIQUE PROPOSITIONWe get close and personal with your brand, your market & your customers.We create memories through innovative interactive brand engagement.Our ultimate objective is to elevate brands to the minds of customers. Our work is POWERFUL RELEVANT MEMORABLE ACTIONABLE. through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  8. 8. MISSION WE MATERIALISE IDEAS FOR CONSUMERS TO UNIQUELY EXPERIENCE YOUR BRAND.We enhance your brand aesthetics and objectives in line with the overallmessage and strategy of your brand.We make sure you get seamless flow from start to finish for your campaigns. through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  9. 9. VISION & VALUES We envisage a partnership with you, your brand and your customers!We value …* IDEAS: we twist them around & manifest them.* YOUR VOICE: we listen to you. we hear you.* OUR NAMES: our reputation is on the line.* EXCELLENCE: we are quality maniacs.* PEOPLE POWER: we nurture our relationships.* OPEN-MINDEDNESS: we love to share & enrich. through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  10. 10. OUR PROMISE radical friendly versatilecost effective actionablepowerful targeted innovative tailor-made memorable through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  11. 11. CLIENTS
  12. 12. SERVICES Idea and Strategy Development Events Consumer promotion Market research & (on/off trade) competition analyses Loyalty programsInternal communication (push, pull) programs and direct marketing Opinion leaders and Merchandising activations expert communication Mystery clients programs Publicity coverage through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  13. 13. SERVICES Assessment of Client Needs Brand & Market Knowledge Creative Concept, Planning & Design WarehouseManagement Our APPROACH Execution & Supervision Budget Management Monitoring & Report through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  14. 14. SERVICES CREATIVE Design, Graphics, Animation & Entertainment ENGAGEMENTSSamplings, Degustations, Personal Sales, Consumer Interactives, Brand Audit BRAND POPs & POSMs Design, Production, Logistics & Installation BRAND SPACES Decoration, Styling & Staging, Catering & Technical Equipment TEAMS Selection & Recruitment, Training, Supervision & Evaluation the ultimate achievement: high brand visibility, consumer engagement & sales increase through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  15. 15. Portfolio of Consumer Engagements•Stores, retail chains, shopping centers, •Targeted markets hypermarkets •Targeted segments•Bars, clubs, discos, restaurants, cafes, etc. •Local coverage Product Launch Campaigns Consumer Merchandising Activation Activation & Local Market On/Off Trade Research through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  16. 16. Portfolio of Corporate Events Management•Social Responsibility Corporate Events events •Hospitality events•Grand Premiere •Anniversaries & Shows Receptions•Special days & •Opening ceremonies •Birthdays & Concerts •Trade shows Private parties•Sponsored •Road shows competitions •Exhibitions •Conferences Open Air •Teambuilding Celebratory Campaigns & Events Activities through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  17. 17. Portfolio of Event ManagementCorporate Event ManagementProvision of facilities and services related to the planning and execution of:- Corporate conferences and meetings- Annual company & association summits- Industry exhibitions and trade fairs- Corporate hospitality events- Brand events: launch & themed events, festivals, runway shows, musicevents, road shows, sporting and charity eventsServices of Event Management- Location selection and accommodation- Event set design and technical equipment- Event entertainment- Catering packages- Design of teambuilding modules- Design and production of event print and multimedia materials- Event hosting and coordination through the line | concept | coverage | execution
  18. 18. BEST PRACTICES all togethersharing one spirit, one passion ... all in ... adidas is all in!
  19. 19. BEST PRACTICES 16 March 2011, National Archeological Museum, Sofia: the official global launch of adidas is all in campaignall in one line up Welcoming Cocktail adidas collections on the runway: Training Football Basketball adidas Originals adidas by Stella McCartney Deo as the host of the event was dressed in Jeremy Scott designer clothes for adidas. adidas AFTER party in Yalta Club with Sandy Rivera
  20. 20. adidas all in experiential DIGITAL Sound, lights & visuals in line with brand concept. EXPERIENTIAL ZONE Basketball.All High. experiential outside the venue hall. adiEXHIBITS Display of adidas flagship footwear and accessories. I WAS THERE CORNER Branded photo shots corner. Guests posing with the hostesses of adidas and participants of the runway show. GIVEAWAYS Branded gift packs to every guest on their way in the hall and when leaving the launch event.
  21. 21. adidas is all in
  22. 22. adidas is all in
  23. 23. Click on Image above to watch adidas is all in sofia clip
  24. 24. BEST PRACTICES BourbonPresentation Official presentation of bourbon brands to US Ambassador in Bulgaria, Mr. James Warlick, VIP guests and partners. Personalised bourbon Kentucky tasting. Engaging activities. Interactive presentation and space styling. Straight
  25. 25. BEST PRACTICESCAROLANS Treats on St Valentine’s Project Objectives Results Promote Carolans Irish Cream on a special day Massive joyful response towards the special at unconventional settings to desired audiences. Carolans treats on this special day. Solution Active interaction with the brand of Carolans at Carolans Irish Cream presented special treats to the event which brings about memorable couples in love on 14. Feb. 2011, St. Valentine’s moments. Day, at Cinema City theatres in Sofia, Plovdiv, Russe & Stara Zagora: Active interactive exchange on Facebook with - Welcoming teams at sampling islands treated Carolans fans prior to and after the event. movie-goers in love with a glass of Carolans and presented the unique features of the Irish Over 2, 000 people for just 4 hours were liqueur. directly reached, sampled and interacted with - Couples were invited to have a special photo at Cinema City theatres - over 56% of the entire shot set in a Carolans-branded frame which was audience of people who have picked Cinema then uploaded at Carolans Moments FB fan page City as their celebration place on St. Valentine’s for everyone to share. Day. - Couples also picked St Valentine’s fortunes with special gifts. - All event communications went viral through social network channels.
  26. 26. BEST PRACTICES ResultsRemington Winter Demos Project Objectives Promote the extended Remington portfolio of Positive response towards the newly- hair & face styling products in-store at introduced brand of Remington in Bulgaria. Technomarket outlets in major cities. Recognition of the high quality of the styling Encourage sales out and reward purchase. products. Increased brand recognition and higher levels Solution of portfolio awareness. Personalised product demonstrations in-store throughout the pre-holiday season, Nov-Dec Attractive personalised presentation of the 2010: styling products that pulled customer attention - Well-trained and well-presented demo and supported sales. consultants to showcase the features of specific Remington products of interest and encourage sales throughout the pre-Christmas shopping 4 promo weekends – 8 Technomarket outlets rush. in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna & Burgas – app. 2, 100 - Demo corners for customers to have a first- product demos – every SIXTH customer hand look and actively engage in a dialogue bought Remington. about the qualities of Remington products. - Reward platform to instantly award sales with attractive styling accessories.
  27. 27. BEST PRACTICESLipton Sampling Activation In-Store Project Objectives Results Promote the new Lipton teas range with Huge interest towards the in-store samplings of Pyramid® teabags. Effectively communicate Lipton teas nationwide. tea ingredients & features superiority. Increase sales of Lipton teas and reward every purchase. Massive positive response towards the re- Stimulate new customers and encourage emergence of the innovative portfolio of loyalty. Lipton. Recognition of the brand as one of quality and sustaining healthy lifestyle. Solution For just 94 promo days, over 12, 000 consumers Sampling activations in-store at top-performing nationwide were exposed to direct, outlets of IKA & LKA retailers nationwide: personalised contact with the brand of Lipton. - Sampling corners for consumers to try tea Out of these over 12, 000 consumers reached flavours of their choice and actively engage in a directly by Lipton sampling activations, every dialogue about the benefits of having a cup of FIFTH customer has purchased Lipton tea. Lipton tea. - BUY & WIN sales approach in-store to 6 promo weeks – 94 promo days – 10 cities encourage and instantly reward sales. across Bulgaria – over 12, 000 samplings – - Guaranteed gifts for each purchase of Lipton every FIFTH customer made a purchase. tea – branded accessories for tea time.
  28. 28. BEST PRACTICES JIM BEAM 9th Dice Tournament 2010Project Objectives Results19th of November is Jim Beam Day! Celebrities, Excellent coordination among all partiesVIP guests and partners of the brand are invited involved in the execution of the Jim Beamto reinforce their special relationship with Dice Tournament – Maxxium, All ChannelsThe Bourbon Since 1795. PR and TTL agency.Solution Well-trained and well-presented Jim BeamThe Jim Beam Dice Tournament is the event of Party Team.the year where celebrities and business partnersmeet to play dice and win the special prize of All guests were welcome and well- entertained throughout the tournament.Jim Beam. Media representatives of major presspublications and TV stations are covering the Jim Beam Dice Tournaments are establishedevent. TTL agency was cooperating with as special VIP events where every guest isMaxxium Brand Management team and All embraced by entertaining atmosphere andChannels PR for the execution of the project. enjoyable experiences.TTL was entrusted with Jim Beam Party Teamcoordination and guest entertainmentthroughout the tournament.
  29. 29. Signal White NOW Campaign 2010 BEST PRACTICES Project Objectives Results Promote the brand new Signal White NOW Attractive brand presentation and engaging toothpaste and the extended product range of promo activities on a massive scale the brand. Stimulate sales and reward every nationwide. purchase. Associate the brand with the concept that Signal defines customers’ Over 100% achievement rate of assigned personal care and lifestyle. sampling and sales targets. Solution Massive positive response towards the re- - Samples of Signal White NOW toothpaste emergence of the extended portfolio of distributed at unconventional out-store Signal. Recognition of the brand as one of locations. quality and style. - BUY & WIN sales approach in-store to encourage and reward sales of the entire 8 promo weeks – 160 promo days – 15 cities portfolio range of Signal. across Bulgaria – 100.3% achievement of - Attractive promo teams and presentation of sales targets. Signal to enhance the lifestyle concept . - Guaranteed gifts for each purchase of Signal for complete and instant personal care.
  30. 30. BEST PRACTICES First NEXT Store OpeningProject Objectives ResultsCelebrate the opening of the first store of NEXT in Bulgaria Grand opening of well-recognized brand ofand create a genuine image impact. stylish apparel and accessories.Solution Generated interest in the brand of beautifulIn line with the style of NEXT, the opening event had: lifestyle and high-style experience.- Celebrities and VIP guests;- Welcoming speech by NEXT management reps; Positive buzz about the long awaited brand.- Cutting of NEXT ribbon to officially open the store; Personalised engagement with NEXT and- Entertaining music by jazz band; positive emotions for the audience.- Presentation of NEXT collections of womenswear,menswear and childrenswear over cocktails and lightcatering.Live interviews with first customers of the store to sharetheir first impressions.The first customer of NEXT in Bulgaria was awarded aspecial gift card for shopping at the store.Media coverage of the official opening ceremony.
  31. 31. BEST PRACTICESSHELL Discount Vouchers Distribution Project Objectives Results Effective nationwide distribution of SHELL Nationwide coverage and reached vouchers for discounts on selected fuels. distribution targets over short timelines. Solution Increased brand awareness and customer Distribution of SHELL discount vouchers at attention to the services of SHELL. central areas of pre-selected cities, downtown areas, parking lots and residential districts: 10 promo days – 17 cities across Bulgaria – 76 promoters nationwide – 550 000 - on the windshields of parked cars; vouchers. - to passers-by along the streets who have showed immediate interest. The execution of this project was entrusted to Promo teams positioned across Bulgaria to TTL agency thanks to our partner agency Graffiti execute promo mechanics simultaneously at BBDO. each city. Active engagement with target customers wherever possible to inform them about the terms of the campaign first hand.
  32. 32. adidas Originals Street Party BEST PRACTICES Project Objectives Results Present adidas Originals in an inspiring place. Over 1, 200 young people attended the party Make a genuine image impact. Empower and actively engaged in all Originals activities. original connections with the brand. Solution Extraordinary positive response from the The first open-air street party of adidas Originals audience and interaction with the brand. in Bulgaria to gather together young people of original lifestyle and expression: Raised brand awareness and association of - branded space, setting, staging and decoration adidas with original experiences. - adidas shoe-box stands for dancers & pictures Immediate outreach and bigger potential for - guest DJs, free-style and break dancers the brand to rediscover new consumer profile. - performance demos and audience engagement with skaters, bladers, bikers, free-runners, yo-yo Watch the Originals Street Party at: performers and graffiti wall masters. That one-of-a-kind event was communicated to TPs the desired audience exclusively through social media and viral channels of communication.
  33. 33. BEST PRACTICESWINSTON Disco Sensations Party Project Objectives Results Offer true pleasurable moments with the brand of Dominant and diversified brand presence WINSTON to young people in an throughout the nu disco event. The brand of unconventional urban location. WINSTON owned the party. Solution Entertaining interaction between the brand and WINSTON invited young party-goers to nu disco the target audience. party in Sofia at the underground parking lot, Engaging setting and atmosphere for smokers to Debarcader, NDK: associate WINSTON cigarettes brand with - Branded setting, staging and decoration modern and premium lifestyle. - Provocative promo team engaging consumers in WINSTON coupon draw with instant prizes - Attractive professional dancers with branded urban-style outfit among the party audience - Off-trade sales of WINSTON cigarettes - ‘Branding’ of WINSTON smokers in the audience
  34. 34. BEST PRACTICES PLUS Discount: Private Labels SamplingProject Objectives ResultsProduct sampling of Chuden and Bay Mezan - active interaction with customers feelingprivate labels simultaneously at 24 outlets in 21 welcome to sample the presented productscities across Bulgaria during mid-April weekend - higher customer awareness of these key private2010. labels of PLUS - significantly higher sales of Chuden and BaySolution Mezan products during and after the executionIntegrated execution over 2 consecutive days for of the sampling activitiesthe sampling activities at each outlet of PLUS:- introduce customers to selected dairy and meatproducts of Chuden and Bay Mezan labels- branded setting & exquisite presentation- sampling of the selected products for customersto get to know and recognize their tasting features- well-trained and knowledgeable teams at 24outlets across Bulgaria to boost on-the-spot salesof the sampled products
  35. 35. BEST PRACTICES CIF & Domestos Spring Cleaning Campaign 2010Project Objectives ResultsAssociate the brands of CIF&Domestos with Impressive brand visibility and engaging promorational and effective home care and relate them activities on a massive scale the forthcoming traditional spring cleaningbefore Easter. Boost sales of both brands. Every THIRD customer we have contacted directly has purchased CIF&Dom products forSolution the traditional spring cleaning.- BUY & WIN sales approach to encourage andreward cross-sales and single sales of CIF/Dom.- Flagship sales proposition including both 7 promo weeks – 34 working days – 664 promoCIF&Dom products, retail price discount and gift days – 30 cities across Bulgaria - 70% sales offor Easter. total targets of 31, 040 SKUs.- Attractive Easter-themed guaranteed gifts toreward every customer whichever salesproposition they choose to take advantage of.
  36. 36. BEST PRACTICES CAMEL TOP 100 DJ PartyProject Objectives ResultsIntroduce the new brand image of CAMEL to Dominant brand presence throughout theyoung people in an unconventional urban event. The brand of CAMEL owned thelocation and associate the brand with premium party. Entertaining interaction between theexperience, quality lifestyle and iconic genuine brand and the target audience. Engagingtaste. setting and atmosphere for smokers to associate CAMEL cigarettes brand withSolution modern, confident, independent andCAMEL invited young party-goers to the TOP premium lifestyle.100 DJ party in Sofia:- Branded setting, staging and decoration- Provocative promo team engaging consumers inCAMEL coupon draw with instant prizes- Attractive professional dancers with brandedurban-style outfit among the party audience- Off-trade sales of CAMEL cigarettes- ‘Branding’ of CAMEL smokers in the audience
  37. 37. JIM BEAM Taste Challenge 2009 BEST PRACTICES Project Objectives Results Active personal contact with the brand of JIM Effective communication of the BEAM and focused communication of brand distinctive taste and superior attributes. quality of JIM BEAM to consumers. Provocative and Solution confident approach of blind tasting to strengthen brand Blind tasting in bars and corporate offices in Sofia image. Focus on experiencing for the duration of 6 weeks: and enjoying the product. - Blind degustation of JIM BEAM vs. Jack Daniels Consumers tested their and engagement of consumers in product drinking taste in an dialogue to establish preferences after tasting entertaining and educational - Present branded giveaways: brochure and gift way. The tasting encouraged - Present special pricing offer on the promotion sustained interaction with lively discussions between evening consumers. - Engage bar staff in active participation in the blind tasting activity
  38. 38. BEST PRACTICESPLUS Openings in Bulgaria Project Objectives Results PLUS Discount was to officially open 24 - an atmosphere of excitement among outlets in 21 cities in Bulgaria in 2009/2010. customers - feeling of having a special day at the Solution stores Integrated execution over 2 consecutive days - active interaction with customers & for each opening event: giving away promo materials to introduce - official opening by PLUS management the brand more personally representative and community officials - branded setting, staging & decoration - community awareness and regional - attractive leaflet distribution in city centres media buzz about PLUS being the first - distribution of branded materials with international discount chain entering the purchase Bulgarian market - welcoming cocktail & sampling with private label products
  39. 39. BEST PRACTICESDRAMBUIE: The Secret Elixir Shooter Contest Project Objective: Results: Bartenders don’t know what DRAMBUIE Revealed the mystery about DRAMBUIE. stands for and what mixtures to use it in. Unlocked the hearts of the bartenders. Created Consumers in Bulgaria have never heard of curiosity around the brand. Found the DRAMBUIE and have never tried it. successful shooter and ritual to popularize the brand among consumers. Reached out to Solution: consumers through bar staff. Built initial brand awareness. Pushed product rotation. Increased - Introduce bartenders to the product, reveal sales. the mystery, the passion, the risk, the rebellion. - Challenge the bartenders to experiment with the product, to learn about different tastes and types of drinks that can be served with DRAMBUIE. - Reach out to Consumers.
  40. 40. We are looking forward to serving your brand! Thank you for your attention!TTL Agency t: +359 2 868 05 66 | f: +359 2 862 95 3515A Krum Kjuliavkov Str., fl. 6, office 12 office@ttlagency.comSofia 1172 web: through the line | concept | coverage | execution