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John burton

  1. 1. Pre University Arts.Umalat Gadaborshev"The E.U. is more than just a trade organization or a common market;it is a guarantee of democracy, freedom, justice, and human rights.Nations cannot stay in the E.U. if they do not respect theseguarantees"John Gerard Bruton.I confirm this assignment is my own work .Student nameSigned
  2. 2. "The E.U. is more than just a trade organization or a common market;it is a guarantee of democracy, freedom, justice, and human rights.Nations cannot stay in the E.U. if they do not respect theseguarantees"John Gerard Bruton.This statement of former Prime Minister of Ireland was unique. This short statement capturesthe essence of the European Union. Of course, this quote was included in the history of theEuropean Union. In this paper I shall try to analyze the meaning of citations and assess. I givemy opinion, true or not the statement of Mr. Bruton. Again, this is just my personal opinionbased on my personal experience. So, first I will describe my vision for the structure of theEuropean Union.Today, the European Union includes 27 countries, it brings together nearly 500 millionpeople on the continent. Their union was built on an institutional system which is quiteunique and is much more than just an international organization. The EU countries have setup common institutions to which they have transferred their respective powers of thesovereign power, so that decisions on specific matters of joint interest can be madedemocratically at European level. The European Commission is the founder of the EUlegislation. Accordingly, the Commission monitors and defends the interests of the EU. AllEU member states have their representatives in the Council of Europe. The EuropeanParliament is elected by the citizens of the European Union.The European Union is directly participates in a number of policy areas - economic, socialand financial. The European Union also affects to legal regulation. All this directly benefitsthe EU countries. For example the EU has developed and promotes a policy of solidarity(also known as cohesion policy) on the regional, agricultural and social issues. Another of theareas of EU policy is the introduction of new technology, which brings with it newtechnologies in areas such as environmental protection, scientific research, energy andinformation society.The European Union finances are part of the policy through annualappropriations in excess of 120 billion euro. This is largely paid by the participatingcountries.EU on the world stage, more and more is a common policy of EU member states. It showsunity and consensus of all 27 EU member states. This is particularly evident with regard toglobal trade negotiations. Also, EU countries are developing military cooperation ininternational peacekeeping missions, even if the defense policy remains a nationalcompetence in the field of individual countries. Here I can see the collective position of allcountries.The European Union has two parallel political programs on conducting relations withneighboring countries, depending on whether there are one or the other country in the list ofpotential candidates for EU membership:
  3. 3. A. Agreement on Stabilization and Association Agreement gives the opportunity to becomea candidate country for EU membership at the end of the negotiation process. The first suchagreements were concluded with Croatia and of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.They were followed by Albania. Other potential candidates in this context, Bosnia andHerzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.B. Under the umbrella of the EU Neighborhood Policy has concluded trade agreementswith countries that are not included in the EU, it is the Mediterranean and the South Caucasusand Eastern Europe.The criteria that I outlined above fully comply with the saying John Gerard Bruton"... it is a guarantee of democracy, freedom, justice, and human rights ..." In fact, to becomea member of the EU candidate country must meet the "Copenhagen criteria".In my opinion, if that speak the informal language, EU accession candidate countries mustcomply specific criteria for development. These include human rights, economicdevelopment, political system and democratic development. If some do not meet the criteriaof the values the EU, candidate countries should be at a certain time to solve the problem ofinconsistency. Often it concerns legal inconsistencies and economic indicators. For thecandidate countries from Eastern Europe also is an issue of human rights. In my opinion, thisis the correct policy of the EU to new members. The question is in another - what methodsthe candidate countries to decide whether compliance with the required criteria. Countrieshave to make tough economic and political measures.Trying to become one of "chosen" countries redraws budgets and introduce new laws,unusual for the local population. Such steps may eventually lead to disastrous consequences.That we can see by the example of Greece. Initially, the country was not ready to meet theEU criteria. The economy could not provide the EU profitability. A main item of income tothe budget of Greece is a tourism, depended by the season. Industry of Greece was in a badlevel. In my opinion, the main role in the adoption of the European Union has played ageographical position of Greece. Today we see the result of hasty steps. Certainly we can saythat the wines throughout the world crisis. But the crisis has exposed the internal problems ofthe country.Of course, the main advantage of the situation and undeniable European Union is that the EUis open to all European countries with a democratic, market economy and with the necessaryskills to administrative management, to monitor the rights and obligations of members.I agree with that. But it seems too cruel when the government tries to adjust its budget fromits own citizens. And we are here to see prices hostages European market. This other side ofthe historical quotations by John Gerard Bruton: "The EU is more than just a tradeorganization or a common market." And we have become hostages of a pan-Europeanbanking market. Giving out billions of euros to keep banks, allocating credit to countriesmembers of EU, we have to pay for it. In fact, the state takes money from us for errors orfraud banks. But the interesting thing, even during the deepest financial crisis, businessleaders from banks received multi-million bonuses.
  4. 4. In this section I will describe the main advantages of the single market in Europe.Neighborhood Policy.Neighborhood Policy contains the effective protection of intellectual and industrial property.This is a very good effect on economic development and investment levels.The best investment climate could increase software predictability and simplification of theregulatory framework in the EU. Also for business development can be done to reduceadministrative barriers.Economics.John Bruton suggested that the EU is not just a market and global market. contains muchmore than just a trading platform. The task of EU is to improve the economic and socialconditions in the EU partner countries. How? Developing the political, social and economicsystem. As a result of economic integration with the EU neighboring countries cansuccessfully complete the program of national reform policies and conduct of democraticdevelopment.The EU also provides profitable trade relations and the strengthening of financial andtechnical support. The EU encourages all member countries share a perspective of theinternal market, involvement in a number of EU programs and improved public relations.Economic profit will spread to all countries in various spheres of socio-economicdevelopment, including employment, social policy and structural reforms:reduce poverty,create jobs,establish standards of working conditions,reduce inequality and raise living standards,improve working conditions,increase the efficiency of social assistance andreform of national social security system.Infrastructure.The EU is trying to strengthen such aspects as a transport service and infrastructure to fostertrade and investment. In this direction work logistics centers throughout Europe. TheEuropean Commission and the Council allocate money to find ways to minimize transportcosts.Environment.Today the pollution takes a catastrophic nature. Therefore, this issue is best solve together,working on international, regional and national projects. Enhanced protection of theenvironment will benefit people and businesses in the EU and in neighboring countries.EU actions aimed at preventing environmental pollution. To protect human health and themore rational use of natural resources. Of particular importance is the quality of water, thecollection and disposal of waste, air pollution.
  5. 5. Privacy Policy.For this area the EU has a special relationship. From the safety of life is directly dependenton the entire European continent.To security policy includeinternational and regional projects on securityconflict prevention and control in a crisis situation,common security threats such as terrorism and international organized crime, customsand taxation fraud, nuclear dangerous and environmental hazards, and infectiousdiseases.To fight against organized crime should be taken as internal measures and external. Thisincludes cooperation with countries not members of the European Union. Particular attentionis paid to trade in drugs, human trafficking, smuggling, fraud, falsification of money,"laundering" of money and corruption.Conclusion.No doubt the EU has brought many positive aspects in the life of Europe. Of course there areproblems of economic and social issues. But the goals of EU is to improve the interactionbetween politicians and the leaders of European countries. Also, to improve relations betweenEU citizens and citizens of neighboring countries. Indeed, such contacts would strengthen thepolitical, economic and civil ties.Unification of Europe gives citizens an opportunity to better understand the culture, history,values and mindset of the people of another country. This helps to maintain the importance ofrelations between the residents of EU. From my report follows the quote "The EU is morethan just a trade organization or a common market; it is a guarantee of democracy, freedom,justice, and human rights. Nations cannot stay in the EU if they do not respect theseguarantees" by John Gerard Bruton, truthful and not be questioned.
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