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    Films Films Presentation Transcript

    • What kind of film is this?
      • Western
      • Where is the story set?
      • Who stars in the film?
    • What kind of film is this?
      • Historical film
      • Action film
      • Where is the film set?
      • Who stars the film?
    • What kind of film is this?
      • A comedy
      • Animated film
      • A cartoon
    • What kind of film is this?
      • A thriller
      • Who stars this film?
    • What kind of film is this?
      • Science-fiction
      • Who directed this film?
    • What kind of film is this?
      • A musical
      Action Detective
    • What kind of film is this?
        • Adventure
        • Drama
        • Love story
    • What kind of film is this?
      • War
      • Where is the story set?
      • Who plays the main part?
      • Action and adventure
      • Who stars the film?
    • Films
      • Detective film
      • Starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening
      • When is it set?
      • 20th century/ How/know?:
      • Modern bath, woman´s hairstyle, the nudity of the actress
    • films
      • Historical film
      • Starring Mel Gibson
      • When is it set?
      • 14th. Century:
      • the medieval costume, the man´s hairstyle, the torches that are used for light.
    • Plot: " They may take our lives but they'll not take our freedom ," said William Wallace, a hero who inspired his over-matched and undertrained fellow Scots' to stand up against English King Edward Longshank's oppressive rule in 14th century Scotland.
    • films
      • Adventure and historical film
      • Starring Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet
      • 20th century:
      • the electric light, the style of clothes they are wearing, the modern hairstyles
    • Jack is a third class passenger who wins his ticket to Titanic in a lucky round of poker. Rose DeWitt Bukater is a first class passenger, engaged to the proud and disgusting Cal Hockley . The family deeply needs the money that will be provided by Hockley in marriage since he was heir to a wealthy estate.
    • Jack and Rose meet as Rose threatens to throw herself off the Titanic, after her grim realization of her life to come. Jack, however is a penniless free spirited artist who captures Rose's heart. Titanic strikes an iceberg hundreds of miles at sea causing pandemonium aboard. They were not able to get into a lifeboat. The ship sinks
    • films
      • Historical film
      • Starring Russell Crowe
      • 2nd Century:
      • The clothing of the figures.
      • The shield and weapon used
    • WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Maximus is a well-loved and trusted general in the Roman army, as well as a close friend to the ailing Emperor Marcus Aurelius . After the emperor's jealous son orders Maximus and his family killed, Maximus escapes death only to be sold into slavery. Becoming a fierce gladiator, he then seeks revenge .
    • Film mistakes: Casablanca
    • Film mistakes: Key largo
    • Film mistakes: Kill Bill next shot
    • Film mistakes: Gladiator
    • Mistakes. Matrix
    • Lost in translation
    • Pirates in the Caribic
    • Ronin