Gartner user survey analysis customer rate their cpm vendors, 2012


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Gartner user survey analysis customer rate their cpm vendors, 2012

  1. 1. Gartner User Survey Analysis: Customers Rate Their CPM Vendors, 2012Executive Summary: Gartner surveyed 275 end users, including 23 Oracle customers located around theglobe, about their experience with the Corporate Performance Management Suite (CPM) vendors. In general,most survey participants were satisfied with their CPM vendors (see Figure 1). On a scale of 1 to 7, theaverage rating was 6.09. All three of the megavendors (IBM, Oracle, SAP) were slightly below the overallaverage with Oracle scoring approximately a 5.65 out of 7 which translates to an grade of 80%. However thestandard deviation was fairly high (0.94) meaning that some of the 23 Oracle customers surveyed could havesatisfaction grades as high as 94% or as low as 67%. It is important to note Oracle’s variance in these areaswas much lower than the other vendors included in the survey. The high degree of variance can be mostlyattributed to differences in perception of their overall value for money (possibly due to increased awarenessnew of low priced CPM options), the ease of applying upgrades/fixes/patches, and responsiveness oftelephone support, which had the most significant impact on Oracle’s score.Market Segment: Gartner believes the CPM application suite market is mature with vendors deliveringsolutions that are widely adopted by both large and midsize organizations (midsize is roughly defined asbeing between 100 and 1,000 employees with annual revenue of less than $1 billion).Action: Be aware of the existence of this report, particularly in competitive situations both with smallervendors and IBM and SAP. Oracle has not obtained distribution rights to this report. In situations where thisreport may arise, point out that Oracle is positioned ahead of all the other vendors in Gartner’s MagicQuadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites (CPM)
  2. 2. Additional Points to Consider: The range in overall scores ranged from approximately 5.4 to 6.5 out of 7with a standard deviation of .94, the actual differences in scores is very narrow. With an 80% grade, Oraclehas some room to improve, but is generally viewed favorably by our customers.Cloud based solutions vendors such as Host score very high due to ease of deployment and upgrades.Likewise Tagetik and Longview also scored high with highly customized all in one solutions.The report highlights that Oracle has the largest deployments, longest usage and more modules being usedthan IBM and SAP. This demonstrates the dedication of the Hyperion customers and breadth of usage.
  3. 3. The report suggests that Oracle implementations have the highest overall costs vs. other vendors, howeverGartner commented that using Oracle with largest user footprint the costs per user are the lowest compared toother vendors.Oracle has made improvements to our upgrade/fix/patch process and our telephone support over the pastyear. This should result in improved scores in these areas in the next report.Oracle will be introducing cloud-based EPM applications later this year, we should see our scores improverelative to other vendors in future reports.