Appendix 4

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  • 1. 68 Appendix 4: Some authentic materials used for data collection Penpal letter
  • 2. 69
  • 3. 70 Irregular verb sentences for homework in Intensive English
  • 4. 71 Irregular verb tests from the regular group
  • 5. 72
  • 6. 73
  • 7. 74 Texts from Intensive English students
  • 8. 75
  • 9. 76
  • 10. 77
  • 11. 78
  • 12. 79 Victoria is Dead ! Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Victoria Garlin. She lived in Golight village. She had long blond hair with a broken beige dress. She had a cute monkey. He was brown and black. It was named Packo. Her job was a cleaning lady in a haunted palace. It was haunted because the family got killed by a weird animal. She finished her job and she went to her house. Suddenly, Victoria forgot her key at the haunted palace. Now she was stuck outside. It was raining hard and it was lightning. And her umbrella was in her house. After one hour the lightning was stronger and stronger. Suddenly, Victoria was touched by lightning. After the lightning
  • 13. 80 touched Victoria, she felt very strange! Two hours after Victoria changed of personality. She was Victoria the malicious girl. Like each day, she went to work at the haunted palace to win her life. After, one week she noticed that Packo was very weird! That evening Packo changed of personality. It was now a BAT. It was black and it had long teeth. After three days Victoria didn’t see Packo. But Packo was in the house. It was in the corner of the ceiling! At ten o’clock Victoria went to bed. After, one hour and forty- five minutes, Victoria heard a sound. She went in the kitchen and in the bathroom. She didn’t see Packo.
  • 14. 81 Victoria went to bed. And she saw Packo eating her feet!!! And Packo ate everyone in the Golight village!!!!!!! The End !!!
  • 15. 82
  • 16. 83
  • 17. 84
  • 18. 85