Teaching philosophy


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Teaching philosophy

  1. 1. 1Teaching Philosophy~Mae Guerra, Experienced EducatorAs I reflect upon my teaching career, it is evident that my philosophy in managementsystems has been greatly influenced by my mentors and colleagues. They have influencedmy teaching philosophy because they have developed strong pedagogies with theknowledge to support it, they have set high academic standards for students and forthemselves, they have respected intellectual diversity inside and outside the classroom,and they build trust among their students.My management system philosophy is created from these ideas which are divided into sixareas: (1) a positive learning environment, (2) clear expectations, standards and goals, (3)differentiated instruction through modification, (4) ongoing assessment, (5) self-improvement through lifelong learning, and (6) presenting a variety of learning materialsto all students.I believe in creating a positive learning environment in which respect for others isfundamental in promoting intellectual diversity. Respecting and promoting intellectualdiversity requires a deeper understanding of how diversity manifests inside and outside ofthe classroom. Because students bring a diverse set of worldviews to the classroom, Ibelieve that it is the teachers responsibility to take neutral stances on controversialmaterial, political issues, and general societal issues as well. I play the role of moderatorand mentor instead of activist. Taking a neutral stance also acts to challenge studentsintellectual abilities. Consequently, it presents students with a positive learningenvironment where they must use logic and reason to develop positions and counterpositions.I also believe that teachers should set specific and clear expectations, standards and goalsfrom the very first day of the class. Once they are set, they should be adhered to throughoutthe remainder of the year. I believe setting high standards for students is an important wayto get students to rise to their potential. Teachers should also set specific goals for students.Long term goals for students should be set early and should continue over time, allowingstudents to use what they are learning later in life.Along with setting standards for students, I create standards for myself as well. Oneimportant standard that I have set for myself is giving students a clear indication on howthey will be graded. Overall, setting clear standards helps limit grading bias and instanceswhere students may try to take advantage of a teachers generosity. Teachers should makean extra effort to present class materials in a variety of formats to aid in differentiated
  2. 2. 2instruction. Students learn at different levels and times so I constantly modify instructionto meet individual needs. I have used hands on activities, investigations, labs, lectures,visual learning aids, charts, and diagrams to present the information being learned.Assessment is the backbone to quality education in that it gives the teachers a perspectiveas to where the student is academically and where the teacher needs to begin instruction. Itis critical to give ongoing assessments throughout the year to track the students progressand modify instruction accordingly.The final area of my teaching philosophy is my view towards self-improvement. I firmlybelieve that any good teacher remains a good student throughout life. I have completedover 151 hours of professional development and trainings which I believe havestrengthened my teaching abilities. I am also a graduate student studying Information andLearning Technology, it is my belief that technology works as a powerful tool that can aidteachers and benefit students in their learning. I am constantly learning new things and asa teacher I am eager to use this acquired knowledge to help me become a better teacher.In sum, my management system philosophy is one which strives to give all students anequal opportunity to learn by promoting intellectual diversity in the various ways itmanifests itself in education. It is through my respect for intellectual diversity that Iconduct myself in a professional manner to create a positive learning environment wherestudents can develop their critical thinking skills. My philosophy rests on the idea that Imust set high standards for students and for myself to help foster the intellectualdevelopment for all students.