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MADWD - Crime and Justice, Sarah Drummond
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MADWD - Crime and Justice, Sarah Drummond


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A presentation by Sarah Drummond of MyPolice on open data in the crime and justice sector and how design can help make data relevant and useful in people's lives.

A presentation by Sarah Drummond of MyPolice on open data in the crime and justice sector and how design can help make data relevant and useful in people's lives.

Published in: Design

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  • 1. Making a DifferenceWith Data#madwdCrime and Justice- Sarah Drummond
  • 2. +(my )police
  • 3. we want to strike a balancebetween qualitative andquantitative feedback
  • 4. “Crime mapping bringsaccountability to the armchair foreveryone who wants to monitorcrime on their street.”
  • 5. Where is it?Don’t hide your data, be proud of it and share it
  • 6.
  • 7. gov websites
  • 8. police sites
  • 9. gov initiatives (
  • 10. providing APIs(Application programing interface)
  • 11. America/.eu sitesMore like a market place
  • 12. make it easier for us tofind your data and stats
  • 13. How is it being used? It’s not all crime maps
  • 14. “Watching this in live time can show you therelationship between topography and crime.The lower you go, the higher the crime is”
  • 15. “Essentially this data can tellyou where to buy drugs”
  • 16. AT&T 12:34 PMWhere’s my Settings Where’s my drugs at?drugs at? Drug free zone Where’s my dealers? Watch out, cops about
  • 17. Get home safe App“You can check the map forstreets to avoid”
  • 18. local paper
  • 19. AccuracyPeople take this stuff seriously
  • 20. “We centre point mark, that’staking a crime to happen at themidpoint between two junctions”
  • 21. AT&T 12:34 PM AT&T 12:34 PM Settings Bargain Bin Property Bargain Bin Property Burglary up by 30%. House prices at all time low Burglary up by 20%. House prices falling. See more £- £+“I actually used the crime map tochoose the flat I would rent”
  • 22. How do we get fromspreadsheet to chart?
  • 23. We’re not all ‘stattos’ anddevelopers...
  • 24. Who’s role is it anyway? State versus public
  • 25. 11-13 March 201148 HOURS TO DESIGN A NEW SERVICE
  • 26.
  • 27. Jailbreak 2010
  • 28. Rewiredstate.orgCrime and justice day
  • 29. Postcode lottery
  • 30. visualising policecomplaints
  • 31. priorities and crimerates in the same page
  • 32. complaints comparison
  • 33. make your data easyto use
  • 34. Doug Mccune,revisualising SF
  • 35. Guardian worked data
  • 36. tweetbox
  • 37. +(my )police
  • 38. Justice and Home office datapublished in PDF and Excel,which was a little like trying tomake a soufflé using fried eggshidden under a pile of flat caps
  • 39. So;Keep it simpleEngage often and earlyAddress common fearsMake it easy for people
  • 40. sarah@mypolice.org