How to become a publisher @madvertise.


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You have a mobile app or mobile website? You want to earn money with your mobile app? This is how you can do it!

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How to become a publisher @madvertise.

  1. 1. DeveloperPresentation
  2. 2. Why we are betterTop 5 reasons why you should integrate us! 1 2 eCPMs up to 10x higher Free cross-promotion 3 4 Total control over running Well-known advertising brands campaigns 5 24 /7 tech & business support
  3. 3. Don’t just take our word for it…Read what is really being said: If your app targets Germany, UK or Spain, go and use madvertise! We are happy to have a partner who monetizes The customer service is also great, while it our apps. We choose them because we can is almost not existent at the competitors. decide which campaigns run as well as we can see in real-time how much revenue we are generating with them.“ Johannes Borchardt in www., Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der ANDLABSHolger G. Weiss, CEO, AUPEO! – Personal Radio „madvertise has been a partner with us for a year and a half now, and they have delivered great campaigns from high quality advertisers on our network. Mikko Linnamäki, CEO, Liquid Air Lab GmbH
  4. 4. Ad Network Comparisonmadvertise offers better eCPMs and Personal ServicesNetwork eCPM* Service Revenue ShareNetworks like € 0,15 Self-Service & 60%AdMob / Adfonic / Local Sales,Inmobi… No Personal SupportNetworks like € 1,30 Central Sales, 60%iAd… US based Supportmadvertise € 1,50 Local Sales Teams & 60% Central Personal Support *based on AdImpressions
  5. 5. Promote Your Apps for Freetreat yourself on us with madvertise Cross Promotion Your App 1 Your App 2 Cross-promote your other apps or sites for free. Leads to more downloads and users of your app or site You make more money through additional monetization
  6. 6. High-quality CampaignsNo Adult or Mobile Content automotive industry Games & Entertainment Food & Retail Industry and many more And this is just a small fraction of our extensive portfolio of advertising clients!
  7. 7. It can‘t be more transparent than thisTotal visibility of and control over running campaigns See all ads that are running on your inventory Reporting of each ad’s individual performance Free choice to opt out of campaigns This is what you’ll see in your account Ad text / banner AIs Clicks CTR eCPM Income Action 732.171 10.982 1,5% 3,75€ 2.745,50€ 5.384 59 1,1% 1,64€ 8,85€ 1.534 32 2,1% 3,96€ 6,08€
  8. 8. We’ll help if you get stuck24/7 tech and business support madvertise in general your payment status Business Support your app performance ... and any other questions Information about general integration guidelines ad request specifications Technical Support madvertise reporting ... and any other tech issues
  9. 9. Sign up now!...and Integrate us in 3 Easy Steps! 1. Sign up here 2. Create your app or mobile site in your account 3. integrate our SDK or Code Snippet Android SDK, click here iOS SDK, click here Code Snippets, click here
  10. 10. Summary madvertise Networks like Networks like AdMob iAd Personalized service 24h Full control of your campaigns Free cross-promotion No mobile content eCPMs of approx. not less than 0,50€* * In the following markets: D, UK, ES with a CTR of approx. 1%
  11. 11. madvertise ads
  12. 12. Smartphone Ads Medium RectangleMMA Banner & (300 x 250 Pixel) Rectangle < 40 KB filesize < 40 KB filesize MMA 6:
  13. 13. Tablet Ads Fullsize Portrait (766 x 66 Pixel) < 50 KB filesize Fullsize Landscape(1024 x 66 Pixel) < 50 KB filesize Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 Pixel) < 40 KB filesize Super Banner (728 x 90 Pixel) < 40 KB filesize MMA Banner File format:. gif .png, .jpeg (static) / .animated gif (animated) In case of delivery of animated banners, please provide static banners as fallback.
  14. 14. Tablet Ads Full Screen(768 x 768 Pixel)
  15. 15. Rich MediaWhat does this mean for you? Ads of quality for your quality websites Ads appeal to your users Higher click rates --> higher eCPMs Example of Rich Media:
  16. 16. Elevate Your sending us additional informationLocation Demographics Your app uses the device‘s You know the age and/or gender of location? your users? Send us the GPS-data with the ad Great! We‘ve got campaigns request and we can provide you targeted at specific profiles that will with location based advertising make the ads more valuable for campaigns! your users!
  17. 17. If you‘re not fast you‘re last…So join us!
  18. 18. madvertise Partner Development UK DE ES Jana Sievers Antje Gallo Cristina Ferreiro Gutiérrez +44 7415 133827 +49 176 15 00 38 34 +49 176 15 00 38 34
  19. 19. THANK YOU.madvertise Mobile Advertising