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Personal Relationships in a Wired World
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Personal Relationships in a Wired World


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  • 1. PersonalRelationshipsin a WiredWorldPhoto: Barbara GilhoolyBy: Maddie Wright
  • 2. Technology has significantly changedour understanding of personalrelationships.Photo: Franz Schuier
  • 3. The concept of identity- how we seeourselves and how others see us- altersthe relationships of dating and friendshipPhoto: Eva Mc Dermott
  • 4. One’s identity comes into existence onlywhen it is recognized by others. (Erik Erikson)Photo: Gavin Schaefer
  • 5. Today, “we usetechnology todefine ourselvesby sharing ourthoughts andfeelings as we’rehaving them.”-Sherry TurklePhoto: Steve Garfield
  • 6. Technology may drive us away from faceto face interactions, as it now seems toserve as the preferred method ofcommunication.Photo: gato-gato-gato
  • 7. It is easier to communicate online, peopledevelop an online confidence, one theirreal-life identity doesnt necessarily sharePhoto: Helga Weber
  • 8. Photo: R ReevesTexting and email let us present the selfwe want to be; we can edit and deleteand retouch until its just right (Sherry Turkle)
  • 9. But what happened to the rich, messy giveand take of real-life communicating?(Sherry Turkle)Photo: Sarah McGowen
  • 10. Social Networks containpersonal information thatfacilitate “connection”but not “conversation”(Sherry Turkle)Photo: Thomas Coulton
  • 11. While taking inthis personalinformationmay create theillusion of abond, theseleaks ofinformation arein fact just anappearance offriendship.Photo: Scott Wills
  • 12. People collect“friends” online-work contacts, oldclassmates,“content friends”but they are nottrue friends, rathercyber friends.(Anthony Wing Kosner)Photo: Loren SztajerPhoto: Loren Sztajer
  • 13. Old-fashioned courtship rules no longerapply in the online dating worldPhoto: Ali Elangasinghe
  • 14. Online dating offers choices but also risksand uncertainties, raising concerns abouttrust and identity. (Mariann Hardey)Photo: Whybealone1
  • 15. People canbe whoeverthey want tobe onlineby craftingtheir profilesaccordingly.Photo:●Christoph Aigner
  • 16. “One of thedifferencesbetween our self-image in real lifeand online ismore ability tochange our look,and also maskour identity.”- Christine EricksonPhoto:Silentmind8
  • 17. Without the social or verbal clues of faceto face communication, e-daters must learnto decode online profiles. (Mariann Hardey)Photo: Grant Hutchinson
  • 18. The things we choose to share in onlineprofiles “are inevitablytelling those around us something aboutwho we are as individuals." - Graham of the Universityof Texas, AustinPhoto: Colin Dunn
  • 19. Social networks often read like adiary. People can learn certainfacts about any given person whichthey wouldnt otherwise know...Photo: Jessica Garro
  • 20. “But the uncertaintycan sometimes be themost exciting partand if said person-of-affection manages topass a thoroughstalking... Goodbyebutterflies andexcitement, I alreadyknow everythingabout you.”-Allison McCannPhoto: Olivia Markström
  • 21. This over-share of personal informationcan have detrimental consequences.Photo: SimonQ
  • 22. “Disclosing a high degree of personalinformation online...will likely negatively affectyour romantic relationship,"-Juwon Lee of the University of KansasPhoto: Olivier Kaderli
  • 23. let’s start the conversation.”- Sherry TurklePhoto: circulating“So I say,look up, look atone another, and