Social Media Madness - join or die
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Social Media Madness - join or die



From my latest lecture at Medie- og Journalisthøjskolen 2010

From my latest lecture at Medie- og Journalisthøjskolen 2010



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Social Media Madness - join or die Social Media Madness - join or die Presentation Transcript

  • Social media madness –join or die
    MadsFuhrFrederiksen – @madsfuhr
    November 2010
  • Humans – what’s up with them?
    We love to talk
    We love to engage in passionate matters
    We love to respond to other peoples passionate comments
    We love to mirror ourselves against others
    We love to reinsure our own raison d'etre (existence)
    We love to talk in order to be heard
    We love to express our opinion
    We love to be “seen”
    We love to socialize
  • Agenda
    • What is social media?
    • Why should you engage in social media?
    • Monitoring you social media activities
    • What tools should you use
    • YouTube – what can video do for your business?
    • Visual case stories
    • Questions & Discussion
  • What type are you?
    • influential
    • first mover
    • early adaptor
    • passive
    • aggressive
    • involving
    • observant
    • loud
    • value-adding
    • ambassador
    • anonymous
    • ?
  • Kindly borrowed from
  • Social media
    What happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube
  • Definition af “social”According to
    “refers to a characteristic of living organisms (humans in particular). It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.”
  • Definition af “media”According to
    “tools used to store and deliver information or data”
  • Definition af “social media”According to
    “Social media are media for social interaction,
    using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.”
  • “…a responsibility to understandthe use of standards and the importance of makingWeb applications that work with any kind of device.”
    • Sir Tim Berners-Lee
    Inventor of the world wide web
  • Lots of platforms/channels
    • Blogs/Forum/RSS (Wordpressplugins)
    • Video and Image-sharing sites (YT, Flickr…)
    • Review sites (, etc.)
    • SNS (SocialNetworkServices, Facebook Social Plugins)
    • Bookmarking sites (,…)
    • News aggregator sites, Wikis…
    • Music, entertainment sites
  • Lot of reasons to get involved
    • Improve image/brand (reputation)
    • Brand awareness
    • Input for product development
    • Improve customer service
    • Closer dialogue with customers
    • Increase turnover
    • Generate leads
    • Other?
  • Social Business
    What does this mean for your business?
  • Conversations are here – are you a part of it??
  • Types of activities online
    • Positive/negative comments on brand/product
    • Customers service questions/dialogue
    • Ideas/tips for product improvement
    • User-user input
    • Campaign/bonus requests
    • Social media at its best!
  • Social media ROI
    Return On Ignoring?
  • The boring formula
    Gain from investment – Cost of investment
    Cost of investment
    ROI = x100
  • Some clever words…
    “Personal recommendations and consumer opinions
    posted online are the most trusted forms of advertising globally”
    Source: Nielsen Online press center, 07/09/09: “The Nielsen Company reveals the most..”
  • Google Analytics (traditional metrics)
    Hard facts, numbers/figures, CTR, visits, pageviews, goals etc.
  • Social Media Analytics (non-financial)
    Soft metrics, comments, Likes, conversation volume, social graph size, RT etc.
  • Impact
    Social Capital
    Social activity, campaigns,
    SNS, profiles etc.
    Followers, Friends, Likes,
    Brand likeability, Links, reputation
    Website conversions, signups,
    lead generation etc.
  • Before & After measurements
  • Social media strategy
    Do YOU have a plan for US?
  • 5 quick…
    Understand the different platforms/channels
    Define how/why social media can boost your company
    Cover your market/market shares – how is the relevant communication shaped today?
    How do we interact with our market and target groups – now and later on?
    Be social, be active, be realistic – have patience…
  • Activity goals / Criteria for succes
    What is is, that you would like to improve, reach, obtain?
    Which points are measureable (Key Performance Indicators, KPI)?
    • Sales, signups, cost reduction , customer service, reviews, reputation, leads?
    Get an overview of what to measure, before you roll out your campaigns.
    Client expectation matching!
  • Market & Target groups
    Market situation, competitors etc. – how do they do it (good/bad)?
    Define your target group(s) + behaviour online
    • Define and discover influential's, ambassadors, first movers etc.
    Where on the internet are your target group?
    How can we “charge” theme in the best possible way?
    • YouTube activity, Facebook ads, Banner ads, subject-related podcasts?
  • Platforms/Channels
    Which platforms should we utilize?
    • A new blog, existing website, podcasts, Twitter?
    How are these platform connected to eachother – does it make sense?
    Understand their full potential – are you capable of doing so (competence)?
    Connect the different platforms to your own company value chains?
  • Dedicate ressources
    Who’s responsible for the daily updates/communication with customers on e.g. a corporate Facebook Page?
    • What if it has to do with technical issues, who’s is competent to answer these profesionally?
    Define how many hours a day, you will spend for social media activity engagement, such as updates, events, news, thoughts from the company, links, articles etc.?
    How often will you be monitoring your market buzz?
    Response time – max. 24 hours on weekdays on e.g. a Facebook Page
  • Image
    Tone of voice (1st, or 3rd person speech, smart guy, trustworthy, a pro, serious, happy, too happy?)
    Update frequency (avoid SPAMMING the walls!)
    Events, new activities to sustain customers (make an activity plan/overview)
    Customer online – how will you manage this?
    How much/often should you interfere in the dialogue online, which you are in fact facilitating and who is competent to estimate this situation?
  • Activities for building traffic
    Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Banner Ads, viral campaigns, events, Flashmob?
    Offline channels?
    Does it all make sense to you/your potential clients?
  • Roll out timeplan
    Make a simple time plan for each of your rollout activities
    How fast will you approach the market?
    How aggressive?
  • YouTube
    What happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube
  • ”What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube”
  • Traffic & Demographics
    Source: Nielsen Online, The Global Online Media Landscape, April 2009
  • Usage & Spending
    Source: Nielsen Online, The Global Online Media Landscape, April 2009
  • Traffic & Demographics
    Traffic and Stats
    • 2 billion videos viewed every day, globally
    • Hundreds of thousands of video uploads daily
    • Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube
    • 2nd largest search engine worldwide
    • Age range 18-55
    • Evenly divided between males and females
    • Spanning all geographies
    • 51% percent of our users go to YouTube weekly or more often
    • 52% of 18-34 year-olds share videos often with friends and colleagues
  • Who’s using YouTube? U.S. ONLY
  • Visitors & Streaming
    Monthly unique visitors
    May 2010: 103.817.689 visitors
    November 2009: 88.695.191 visitors
    May 2009: 81.396.365 visitors
    Streaming video
    • 5.799.702.000 videos streamed in the US in June 2010!
    • had 598.812.000 videos streamed in the same period
  • Top 5 most viewed channels
    Vevo (Music channel)
    Expert Village (answers to life)
    Machinima (entertainment, gaming)
    Hollywood Records (entertainment, music)
    Fail Blog! (entertainment)
    Conclusion: People want to be entertained!
    People will easily spend hours on videos, which are either:
    a: relevant to them
    b: simply entertaining, shareable content
    Source: +
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
    How do we improve and optimize our activities?
  • SMO: “social media optimization”According to
    “Social Media Optimization (SMO) or Social SEO is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content. SMO is one of two online methods of website optimization; the other method is search engine optimization or SEO.”
    - RohitBhargava, 2006
  • Social Media Optimization
    • Step 1
    • Monitoring online ”talk” e.g. via TweetDeck
    • Keyword-based monitoring
    • Step 2
    • Involve in the medium
    • React to the talk (positive/negative)
    • Engage in dialogue
    • Step 3
    • Facilitate new conversation, increase your overall conversation volume through e.g. subject-related, questionbased posts
    • Build a foundation for dialogue/communication
    • Respond quickly to new comments, activity
    • Step 4
    • Start all over…
  • TweetDeck desktop app
    Sourcetracking: TwitterMentions, Messages, Followers, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare etc.
    Sourcetracking: Microblogging, Networks, Images, Video, Audio, Blogs etc.
    Sourcetracking: Microblogging, Networks, Images, Video, Audio, Blogs etc.
  • Adjust, Optimize, Correct
    Are you “in sync” with your customers?
    Are you “in sync” with the actual conversation?
    Is this conversation moving in the “right” direction, as intended or should you get involved to adjust direction?
    Is the progress fulfilling?
    Do you need to optimize, adjust on your own engagement on all your platforms and channels?
    Do you follow and obey conventions, code of conducts for your own defined online presence?
    How are your hard and soft numbers and fact moving along?
    Are we on time according to time plans?
    Are we foreseeing seasonal activities, which we need to prepare for?
  • Thanks!