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  • 1. 98.7% Customers Satisfied with Green DIY Energy
    Very few GDE customers ask for a refund …indicating that the vast majority are very happy with the product
    Source: http://r.ecommended.com/November 2010
  • 2. Leonardo Da VinciForecast the Use of Solar Power in late 1500’s
    In the late 15th century Leonardo Da Vinci already conceived of an industrial use of solar power by employing concave mirrors to heat water
    Source: Wikipedia, December 2010
  • 3. More energy falls on the earth in one hour in the form of sunlight than is used by the entire population in one year
    We should be looking to use this, currently wasted resource, more effectively.
    DIY Solar Energy is available NOW
    Source: Wikipedia, November 2010
  • 4. Solar Energy Saves CO2
    The energy output of a 1 KW solar energy unit is roughly equivalent to the burning of 170 pounds of coal and 300 pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.
    Source: www.alternate-energy-sources.com, November 2010
  • 5. Worlds Largest Solar Power Plant
    The world’s largest solar power plant is located in the Mojave Desert covering 1,000 acres of land with solar reflectors.
    Source: www.alternate-energy-sources.com, September2010
  • 6. $3 per kwInstalled Solar Costby 2014
    A forecast states that solar energy will become self-sustaining when the consumer price reaches sub $3 per kilowatt and that this is likely to be by 2014
    Source: www.southernstudies.org, July 2010
  • 7. Price of Oil increased by 400% in 10 years
    Cost of Solar Energy has DECREASED over the same period by the same amount.
    Source: Various, November 2009