The past continuous tense


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To teach past continuous tense.

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The past continuous tense

  1. 1. Positive form:S + was/were + verb+ing + CNegative form:S + wasn’t/weren’t + verb + ing + CQuestion Form:(Question Word) + was/were + Subject + verb +ing + C?
  2. 2. A.The past continuous tense expresses action at a particular moment in the past.The action started before that moment but hasnot finished at that moment.For example, yesterday I watched a film on TV.The film started at 7pm and finished at 9pm. At 8pm yesterday, I was watching TV.
  3. 3. B. We use it to describe the background situation at the moment when the action begins. Often, the story starts with the past continuous tense and then moves into the simple past tense. " James Bond was driving through town. It was raining. The wind was blowing hard. Nobody was walking in the streets. Suddenly, Bond saw the killer in a telephone box..."
  4. 4. C. We use it to indicate that a longer action in the past was interrupted. The interruption is usually a shorter action in the Simple Past. I was watching TV when she called.When the phone rang, she was writing a letter.
  5. 5. D. Parallel Actions: we use it with two actions in the same sentence, it expresses the idea that both actions were happening at the same time. I was studying while he was making dinner. While Ellen was reading, Tim was watching television.
  6. 6. These verbs are usually things you cannot see somebodydoing. These verbs are rarely used in continuous tenses. Abstract Verbs: to be, to want, to cost, to seem, to need, to care, to contain, to owe, to exist... Possession Verbs: to possess, to own, to belong... Emotion Verbs: to like, to love, to hate, to dislike, to fear, to envy, to mind...
  7. 7. Example:Michael was watching the World Cup match.Yesterday at 3 pm the following people were in themiddle of an action.Write positive sentences in past progressive.a. you / play / cardsb. Alice / walk / around the lakec. Caron / listen / to the radiod. we / read / a book about Australiae. Linda / look for / her ringf. Fiona and Sam / visit / the castleg. Ben / wash / the carh. Kim and I / wait / in the parki. My sister / feed / the birdsj. Greg and Phil / count / their money
  8. 8. Somebody believes that yesterday at 3 pm the followingpeople were in the middle of an action. However thesepeople were not doing those things.Write negative sentences in past progressive.a. Sarah and Luke / not / workb. Mister Miller / not / teach / chemistryc. Barry / not / drive / a lorryd. Mandy / not / have / lunche. Albert / not / play / tennisf. Taylor and Bob / not / cycle / homeg. Annie / not / clean / the tableh. Benjamin / not / write / an e-maili. Jane / not / exercise / in the gymj. Robert / not / buy / flowers
  9. 9.  Write questions in past progressive.a. Rachel / feed / the catb. the children / paint / a picturec. Clark / repair / his computerd. Hazel / swim / in the poole. Lucas / have / a showerf. Jason and Aron / run / down the street Ask for the information in the bold part of the sentence.a. Henry was living in London last year.b. Anita was working at a restaurant last week.c. Joe was reading a book.d. At six oclock, Myriam and her family were having dinner.
  10. 10. (run)
  11. 11. What were they doing last Sunday?Dance /Have fun
  12. 12. watch
  13. 13.  Aim: Review of past continuous tense when describing a picture.
  14. 14. Cut herself /Peel an apple
  15. 15. Watch TV/ arrive
  16. 16. Play soccer/ rain
  17. 17. Last Sunday at 8:00o´clock there was anearthquake, thesepeople live happily inthis building. It was 7:30pm and they were doingdifferentactivities. Say whatwere they doing whenthe earthquake began?Example:When the earthquakebegan the lady in flat 4 Awas knitting.