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Must See in January 2014
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Must See in January 2014


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  • 1. Jan. 28, 2014: Commuters jump between the roofs of trains as they attend the final prayer for the Bishwa Ijtema on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Jan. 26. Thousands of devotees from home & abroad gathered on the banks of the Turag River for the Bishwa Ijtema, or World Muslim Congregation.
  • 2. Jan. 28, 2014: Team AS Monaco's Emmanuel Riviere celebrates after scoring against Olympique Marseille at Louis II stadium in Monaco
  • 3. Jan. 28, 2014: A visitor walks near the receding waters of Folsom Lake, currently at 17 percent of its capacity, in Folsom, Calif., on Jan. 22. California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a drought emergency, & the dry year of 2013 has left fresh water reservoirs with a fraction of their normal reserves.
  • 4. Jan. 28, 2014: A competitor dressed as a knight runs through a fire during the Tough Guy Challenge in Telford, England,
  • 5. Jan. 28, 2014: A competitor waits after completing the Idiotarod race in New York City on Jan. 25. Idiotarod race organizers received a cease-&-desist letter from organizers of the similarly named Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska, due to the likeness of the name. The New York-based race consists of costumed participants pushing modified shopping carts through the streets of New York.
  • 6. Jan. 27, 2014: A beachgoer poses on Bondi Beach as part of the 2014 Australia Day celebration in Sydney on Jan. 26. Australia Day, formerly known as Foundation Day, is the national day of Australia & is celebrated annually on Jan. 26 to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet to Sydney in 1788.
  • 7. Jan. 27, 2014: Three greyhounds wear winter coats on Jan. 24 in Munich, where recently there has been heavy snowfall & temperatures have dropped below freezing.
  • 8. Jan. 27, 2014: India's Border Security Force soldiers ride their camels in front of India's presidential palace, Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi, on Jan. 27 during a rehearsal for the 'Beating the Retreat' ceremony, which is held every year on Jan. 29. The ceremony symbolizes retreat after a day on the battlefield & marks the official end of the Indian Republic Day celebrations.
  • 9. Jan. 27, 2014: An African migrant gestures during a protest, held by women & children of the migrant community, against Israel's detention policy toward migrants, in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Jan. 15. Israel has recently passed a law allowing for indefinite detention of migrants without valid visas while it pursues efforts to persuade them to leave or enlist other countries to take them in
  • 10. Jan. 27, 2014: A laborer takes a break at a coal dump site outside of Kabul, Afghanistan, on Jan. 23
  • 11. Jan. 27, 2014: Chinese artist Li Hongbo displays one of his sculptures, which is made of 6,000 pieces of paper, while raising it at his studio on the outskirts of Beijing on Jan. 20. Born into a simple farming family, Li says he has always loved paper, invented in ancient China. Beyond his sculptures, he has spent six years producing a collection of books recording more than 1,000 years of Buddhist art .
  • 12. Jan. 27, 2014: People work on the Olympic rings during heavy snow at the 'Laura' Cross-Country Ski & Biathlon Centre near Sochi, Russia, on Jan. 24
  • 13. Jan. 27, 2014: A visitor views ice lanterns at the 2014 Olympic Green Ice Lantern Cultural & Art Festival in Beijing on Jan. 23. The festival displayed hundreds of ice lanterns & sculptures
  • 14. Jan. 27, 2014: A Russian Orthodox woman takes an ice water bath as part of Epiphany celebrations in Narva, Estonia, on Jan. 19. Thousands of Russian Orthodox Church followers plunged into icy rivers & ponds across the country to mark Epiphany, cleansing themselves with water deemed holy for the day
  • 15. January 24, 2014: A diver films a sculpture of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, also known as Lenin, at the "Alley of Leaders" underwater museum, created by diver Vladimir Borumensky, at Cape Tarkhankut, located in the Black Sea in Crimea, Ukraine, on Jan. 24. After the fall of the Soviet Union, thousands of busts of former Communist figureheads were thrown out, so Borumensky created an "Alley of Leaders" featuring the likes of Lenin, Stalin & Karl Marx. The museum has expanded over the last 20 years,
  • 16. January 24, 2014: Members of the Beijing Aquarium's "Marine Idols" band, the first underwater costumed band in China, stage an underwater show at the Beijing Aquarium in Beijing, on Jan. 24. The band, whose members dress in shark, sea lion, sea star, dolphin & Chinese sturgeon costumes, made its debut Friday at Beijing Aquarium to mark an upcoming Spring Festival
  • 17. January 24, 2014: Lanterns are lit at the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Jan. 23. The Thean Hou Temple held the light-up ceremony to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Jan. 31 this year.
  • 18. January 24, 2014: Soldiers from 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery mark their recent return from Afghanistan with a parade through the streets of Doncaster, England, on Jan. 24. Around 250 soldiers from the regiment were led through the town by 22 horses from the ceremonial King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery. The return of the soldiers brings to an end a decade of constant deployments
  • 19. Jan. 24, 2014: Lulu the poodle is groomed before being judged at the Rose City Classic Dog Show in Portland, Ore. The show is one of the largest in the United States, with five days of specialty & all-breed shows representing more than 175 breeds .
  • 20. Jan. 24, 2014: Kids play along the shoreline of the polluted waters of Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro on Jan. 21. The iconic bay will be the site of sailing events during the 2016 Olympic Games. Although Rio's Olympic bid included the promise to clean up the bay, industrial & human pollution still remain a major problem. According to the Deputy State Secretary of Environment, just 34 percent of Rio's sewage is treated, while the remainder flows untreated into the waters.
  • 21. Jan. 24, 2014: A vegetable seller navigates a semi-frozen lake as he heads toward the main market in Srinagar, India, on Jan. 23. Kashmir remained cut off from the rest of the country for a second day on Thursday due to snowfall, the heaviest January has seen in a decade.
  • 22. Jan. 24, 2014: Addison Narloch, 7, of Hermantown cradles a northern pike caught by her dad while fishing on Fish Lake, Minn., on Jan
  • 23. Jan. 24, 2014: The dancers of New York City Ballet pose in 'The Eye of New York City Ballet,' created for the ballet's Art Series, on Jan.
  • 24. Jan. 24, 2014: Indian Army soldiers march during the full dress rehearsal for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Jan. 23. India will celebrate its Republic Day on Sunday.
  • 25. Jan. 23, 2014: Pakistani Shiite protesters block the main highway to the capital to express solidarity with family members of the pilgrims who were killed on Tuesday by a bomb blast in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • 26. Jan. 23, 2014: A boy holds a girl’s hand as they check out penguins during the winter holiday at Lanzhou Baihe Ice & Snow World in Lanzhou, China.
  • 27. Jan. 23, 2014: Chinese entertainers perform a dragon dance to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival at a community in Zhoushan city in East China’s Zhejiang province on Jan. 22. Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival falls on Jan. 31. It is the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac
  • 28. Jan. 23, 2014: A dolphin jumps out of a wave at Black's Beach in San Diego as large surf starts to roll in around surfers on Jan. 20.
  • 29. Jan. 23, 2014: A boy sits in a flooded bus stop in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Jan. 22. In the capital city, some displaced people have started returning home to clean their houses as the flood recedes
  • 30. Jan. 23, 2014: Dorothy Nichter, left, & Bettie Cooley get a close-up look at a dead pilot whale before it's transported to a facility for a necropsy by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service on Jan. 21 in Estero, Fla. The whale was one of eight pilot whales that died after their group swam into the shallow waters near Lovers Key State Park.
  • 31. Jan. 23, 2014: A worker inspects the Christ the Redeemer statue, which was damaged by lightning, in Rio de Janeiro on Jan. 21. Lightning strikes damaged the head & right hand on Jan. 17
  • 32. Jan. 23, 2014: Russian curlers compete in the men’s Red Square Classic during Week 24 of the 2013-‘14 Asham World Curling Tour in Moscow on Jan. 22.
  • 33. Jan. 23, 2014: One of six winter lights is displayed from an installation by artist Bruce Munro at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, England, on Dec. 21, 2013. The streaks of light are from children walking by holding colored glow sticks & flashlights.
  • 34. Jan. 22, 2014: Former Trappist monk Justo Gallego collects a rope from the unfinished dome of his self-built cathedral on Jan. 21 in Mejorada del Campo, Spain. Gallego, 88, has been building his cathedral from salvaged materials since 1959, with the help of occasional volunteers.
  • 35. Jan. 22, 2014: An elderly woman walks away from riot police as they block a street during unrest in Kiev, Ukraine, on Jan. 21. Antigovernment protesters held their ground through a night of violent street clashes in the Ukrainian capital.
  • 36. Jan. 22, 2014: A driver risks his life, traveling across the frozen Yellow River in Inner Mongolia, China, on Jan. 18. It took the driver 10 minutes to get from one bank to the other.
  • 37. Jan. 22, 2014: A schoolteacher who did not want to be identified attempts to catch snowflakes while leading her students to a library from school in Harlem
  • 38. Jan. 22, 2014: This Arctic polar bear was so chilled he barely moved as a boat filled with explorers cruised past
  • 39. Jan. 22, 2014: Lieutenant Simon Stuhde kisses his girlfriend, Katharina Benner, goodbye before the corvette 'Magdeburg' puts to sea from home harbor Rostock-Hohe Duene, Germany, on Jan. 20. In the coming four months, the ship will take part in maneuvers in the Standing NATO Maritime Group.
  • 40. Jan. 22, 2014: Sterk the lion is king of the rink. The 18-month-old male has become the star attraction of the Canadian zoo Oaklawn Farm, as visitors flock to watch him take on zookeepers in a game of one-on-one. Hockey-mad fans have watched in awe as the talented feline proves to be more than a tough opponent for zookeepers.
  • 41. Jan. 22, 2014: Liu Hongxin composes an angel-themed light painting using a flashlight in his studio in Fuzhou, China, on Jan. 20. An electrical engineering major, Hongxin fell in love with the art of light painting in the summer of 2010 .
  • 42. Jan. 21, 2014: An actor dressed as Berlin Bear walks in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Jan. 21.
  • 43. Jan. 21, 2014: Pro-European integration protesters carry Molotov cocktails during clashes with police in Kiev, Ukraine
  • 44. Jan. 21, 2014: Monster waves, whipped into a frenzy by a fierce storm, are caught frozen in time after freezing in sub-zero temperatures in Senj, Croatia, on Jan. 19. The sea climbed to heights of over 15 feet before crashing over benches & lampposts on a promenade & freezing on impact. It left the seaside covered in solid layers of ice, which was up to several feet thick in places.
  • 45. Jan. 21, 2014: Paramilitary policemen wrestle as they take part in a winter training session at a military base in Chaohu, China,
  • 46. Jan. 21, 2014: A dog named Caique wears a hat & shirt on Arpoador Beach in Rio de Janeiro on Jan. 18. Caique's owners said they like to dress Caique up for dog parades & that they enjoy pedestrians taking his picture during his daily walks.
  • 47. Jan. 21, 2014: Skiers wearing witch costumes participate in the 32nd Ski Downhill Race at Belalp-Blatten in southwestern Switzerland on Jan. 18. The event is called Hexenabfahrt (meaning downhill of the witches) & many of the 1,500 participants race down the four-mile-long slope dressed in colorful costumes.
  • 48. Jan. 21, 2014: A baby is baptized during a mass baptism ceremony on Epiphany Day in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Jan. 19. About 600 children were baptized by the Georgian Orthodox church during the 32nd Mass Baptism Ceremony on the feast day, at the country's main cathedral, Holy Trinity
  • 49. Jan. 21, 2014: Uniformed tamborilleros rest on a bench in the traditional La Tamborrada during El Dia Grande, the main day of San Sebastian feasts, in San Sebastian, Spain, on Jan. 20. For 24 hours straight, companies of perfectly uniformed marchers parade through the streets of San Sebastian, playing drums & barrels in honor of their patron saint.
  • 50. Jan. 20, 2014: An LED screen shows the rising sun on Tiananmen Square, which is shrouded with heavy smog, in Beijing, on Jan. 16. The Beijing Municipal Government issued a yellow smog alert, which means the smog had reached the most polluted level. As a result, residents donned air masks & children & the elderly were told to stay inside.
  • 51. Jan. 20, 2014: A family takes a self-portrait at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, in Washington, DC, on Jan. 19, the day before the national holiday honoring the legacy of the slain civil rights leader & Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
  • 52. Jan. 20, 2014: An acrobatics student practices in Chongqing, China, on Jan. 15. Some 20 children, all members of the Chongqing Sanxia Acrobatic Art Troupe, start practicing at 6:30 a.m. every day as part of a five-year basic training program
  • 53. Jan. 20, 2014: A worker stuffs a toy bear with cotton at a toy factory in Wuhan, China,
  • 54. Jan. 20, 2014: A child dressed as a Hindu god at Sangam in Allahabad, India,
  • 55. Jan. 20, 2014: Hot-air balloons float above the temples in the ancient city of Bagan, Burma, on Jan. 16. Bagan, which was a capital city between the 11th & 13th centuries, contains more than 2,000 ancient ruins from its heyday.
  • 56. Jan. 17, 2014: A baby rests on a hammock inside an indoor basketball gym, which has been turned into an evacuation center for flood victims in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte on the island of Mindanao, Philippines, on Jan. 17. More than 300,000 people in the area have been displaced due to flooding & landslides, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council
  • 57. Jan. 17, 2014: Surfer Cole Clisby rides his surfboard off the shores of Leucadia, Calif.
  • 58. Jan. 17, 2014: Students pour water on each other as they take a holy bath on the occasion of Magh Purnima in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad on Jan. 16. The ceremony was organized to resemble the annual month-long religious festival held during the Hindu month of Magh, when thousands of Hindu devotees take a holy dip in the waters of the Sangam, the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati, in the northern Indian city of Allahabad.
  • 59. Jan. 17, 2014: A new Search & Rescue (SAR) boat design is put to the test in stormy weather during sea trials in Cork Harbour, Ireland
  • 60. Jan. 17, 2014: Indian schoolchildren perform a Pulikali (tiger dance) during a rehearsal for the Indian Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Jan. 15. India will celebrate its 65th Republic Day on Jan. 26 with a large military parade.
  • 61. Jan. 17, 2014: A tree kingfisher is perched on a branch in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • 62. Jan. 16, 2014: A Romanian man plays the accordion in North London. On Jan. 1, Romanians & Bulgarians were granted the same right to work in the UK as other EU citizens. Relaxed immigration continues to be contentious across Europe, as many economies have still not recovered from the 2008 crisis.
  • 63. Jan. 16, 2014: Charles Guldemond takes a practice run before the start of the men's snowboard slopestyle qualifications for the US Snowboarding Grand Prix on Jan. 9 in Breckenridge
  • 64. Jan. 16, 2014: Spectators watch the men's singles match between France's Gael Monfils & Ryan Harrison of the US on Day 2 of the 2014 Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on Jan. 14.
  • 65. Jan. 16, 2014: Activists from a human-rights group known as National Commission for Justice & Peace form a peace sign during an anti-terrorism protest in eastern Pakistan's Lahore
  • 66. Jan. 16, 2014: Displaced people carry water containers on their heads at Tomping camp, where some 15,000 people who fled their homes are sheltered by the United Nations near the South Sudan capital of Juba
  • 67. Jan. 16: 2014: A man is seen through a destroyed car windshield as he walks next to the damaged facade of a courthouse following an explosion before polls opened in the Imbaba neighborhood of Cairo
  • 68. Jan. 16, 2014: A sled dog is pictured before the start of a stage of the Grande Odyssee sledding race in Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval, France
  • 69. Jan. 15, 2014: Crowds watch bulls fight during the Maghesangranti festival at Taraka village in the Nuwakot district of Nepal on Jan. 15. Thousands of spectators travel from surrounding villages to witness the spectacle that features 14 buffalos paired off to compete. The winner is the bull that grounds or chases off its opponent
  • 70. Jan. 15, 2014: Model Lina Sandberg gets her hair done before the presentation of Lena Hoschek's Autumn-Winter 2014 collection during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin
  • 71. Jan. 15, 2014: Reef HQ staff member Krystal Huff gets a close-up look at a baby flatback sea turtle in Townsville, Australia, on Jan. 13. The hatchling is the latest of several hurt by cars along a busy seaside strip known as the The Strand. Local council & wildlife care groups are pressing the government to install special LED streetlights that won't lure the turtles to the road.
  • 72. Jan. 15: Vigilantes stand outside the municipality after entering the town of Nueva Italia, Mexico, on Jan. 12. Mexico's government has pledged to take control of the violent western state of Michoacan after days of fighting between masked vigilantes & members of one of the country's most powerful drug cartels.
  • 73. Jan. 15, 2014: Migratory birds fly above children taking a boat ride on the River Yamuna during the Makar Sankranti festival in Delhi, India,
  • 74. Jan. 14, 2014: A man looks at Mount Sinabung spewing ash from Jraya, Indonesia, on Jan. 13. More than 25,000 villagers have been evacuated since authorities raised the alert status for the volcano to the highest level since November
  • 75. Jan. 14, 2014: Egyptian security forces clash with supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi in front of Cairo University
  • 76. Jan. 14, 2014: 3-year-old wildlife ranger Charlie Parker watches as 60-year-old 'Crunch' the crocodile gets settled into his new million-dollar, state-of-the-art enclosure at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia, on Jan. 8. The 16-foot-long crocodile is known for his unwelcome habit of getting up close & friendly with his human pals. The croc escaped from crocodile farms three times after he was removed from the Lockhart River in North Queensland due to his preference for lounging
  • 77. Jan. 14, 2014: Tony McCoy (dressed in all white) rides Royal Boy on the way to winning the Tolworth Hurdle Race at Kempton Park Racecourse in Sunbury, England
  • 78. Jan. 14, 2014: Bride Fatme Inus, her face painted white & decorated with sequins, emerges to present herself to villagers toward the end of her two-day wedding to Mustafa Sirakov in Ribnovo, Bulgaria, on Jan. 12. The practice of painting & decorating the bride's face is called 'gelena' in Bulgarian & is a centuries-old tradition. Ribnovo weddings only take place in the winter & the entire village participates with group dances on the main square.