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Infusionsoft twitter-partnered-social-media-book

  1. 1. Supercharge Your Event Marketing with TwitterBy: @MichaelRHunter at @Infusionsoft and The @TwitterSmallBiz Team at @Twitter
  2. 2. Table of Contents The Game Has Changed 3 Why Twitter? 4 What Types of Events? 4 Creating Your Event Marketing Strategy 5 Implementing Your Twitter Event Marketing Strategy 8 Promotion 8 Pre-event 11 Pre-event Checklist 13 During Event 14 After Event 16 Recap Tips 18 2Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter
  3. 3. We help small businesses succeed. 3Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter NEW TECHNOLOGIES ARE CHANGING THE GAME FOR EVENT PROMOTION AND PARTICIPATION.
  4. 4. We help small businesses succeed. 4Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter The Game Has Changed Event marketing used to consist of PR, direct mail, and traditional media including television, newspaper, and radio. While you can still have some success utilizing those channels, it’s important to recognize that the way people consume media has drastically changed over the past decade. Social media and mobile technology have significantly impacted the way we search, discover, consume, and share information. According to a recent Pew Research study, 56% of all American adults own a smartphone. This means that over half of your audience has a computer in their pocket that can access the Internet and social media with the touch of a button. Twitter has 241 million active users, 76% of which use Twitter from a mobile device. (Source: Twitter internal data) These two statistics will consistently grow as mobile technology exponentially improves, year after year. This eBook will help you discover the untapped potential that currently exists for all of your live and virtual events, and how you can use Twitter to drive awareness, increase attendance, and facilitate engagement for your next event. 76% 56% Twitter has 241 million active users, 76% of which use Twitter from a mobile device. 56% of all American adults own a smartphone
  5. 5. We help small businesses succeed. 5Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Why Twitter? Instead of turning on the television, tuning into the radio, or opening the newspaper, audiences turn to search engines and social media for event information. Before registering for an event, people often search social channels to hear what others are saying about the event. Many people turn to Twitter for this information, since hashtags and advanced search capabilities make it easy to find conversations around any given topic. Since Twitter users are limited to 140 characters in their tweets, people know they’ll be able to find content that is direct and to the point. Within a matter of seconds, a person can read several tweets around any topic and get a decent understanding of their peers’ opinions about a specific product, service, or upcoming event. With the strategies and tactics outlined in this eBook, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage Twitter to facilitate conversation around your event. It’s these conversations that will drive more awareness, skyrocket your engagement, and ultimately increase the attendance to your next event. What Types of Events? Live Events Virtual Events • Workshops • Seminars • Conferences • Keynote Speeches • Association Meetings • Fundraisers Galas • Awards Ceremonies • Networking Event • Trade shows • Radio show • Virtual Conferences • Virtual Tradeshows • Live Webcasts • Webinars • Podcasts • Tweetchats
  6. 6. We help small businesses succeed. 6Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Changing Your Event Strategy The key to any successful event—online or live and in-person—is planning. It’s important to make sure that your marketing strategy becomes part of your planning process for all of your events. Below are some of the key components of your marketing strategy that you’ll need to consider to maximize the success of promoting your event. 1. Determine Clear Objectives 2. Define Your Target Market 3. Discover Conversations Already Happening 4. Detect Influencers 5. Develop Authentic Relationships 6. Distribute Quality Content 7. Demonstrate Thought Leadership 8. Devise Compelling Incentives 9. Direct People to Share 1. Determine Clear Objectives What are you looking to accomplish with your event? Are you simply seeking to educate? Create brand awareness? Increase attendance from last year? Whatever it is, it’s important that you set clear objectives, because you will be designing your promotional strategy to achieve them. Without clear objectives, it’s easy to get off track and invest time and resources into ideas that aren’t aligned with what you’re ultimately looking to accomplish. Determine different objectives for before, during and after your event. Once you’ve determined your objectives, make sure they play a role and influence how you make decisions moving forward. Ask yourself, “Is this in alignment with my objectives?” 2. Define Your Target Market This step should be fairly easy since you probably have a good idea of who your customers are and what market you are serving with your products and services.
  7. 7. We help small businesses succeed. 7Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter That being said, maybe the target market for your event is a subset of your business’s target market; maybe it’s a new target market altogether. It’s important to define whom your event is designed to serve in order to more easily identify individuals and communities who are most likely to be interested in your event. 3. Discover Conversations Already Happening In most industries, there are already conversations happening on Twitter. Twitter is based on open and public conversations…don’t be afraid to jump in and add value to someone else’s conversation. Using tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite, you can monitor conversations taking place around specific hashtags and keywords, in real time. These tools make joining the conversation extremely easy. Take note of specific keywords that are being used, frequently used terms, and topical interests of your target market. 4. Detect Influencers In most industries there are several well-known people that have the ability to influence and persuade a significant percentage of the marketplace. These are people that you may want to consider bringing in to speak at your next event. If you’re unsure of whom the influential people are in your industry, don’t worry, it’s usually quite easy to find them. These people are often referred to as gurus or experts, and often have a celebrity-like following. These influential industry leaders tend to surface within a few days of monitoring the conversations your target market are having. You can also use Twitter’s “Who To Follow” feature to search for influencers on specific topics and interests. 5. Develop Authentic Relationships It sounds trivial and obvious, but relationships are the most essential component to pulling off any type of successful social media campaign. Social media has the ability to spread messages far and wide. The key ingredient to accomplishing this is people—people have to spread your message. And people are more likely to promote a person, a product, or a brand, if they have a relationship with the company or can identify with their story.
  8. 8. We help small businesses succeed. 8Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter There are no shortcuts to relationship building…it requires consistency and some heavy lifting. Here’s a resource that will help you if you’re just getting started: build-your-base 6. Distribute Quality Content Quality content and thought leadership (number seven on this list) go hand in hand, but there’s one key distinction. Thought leadership involves sharing content that you’ve created, whereas distributing quality content has more to do with curating content from other credible sources that your audience will find valuable. Twitter is based on conversations, so it’s important for you to think in terms of a face-to-face conversation. No one likes people who only talk about themselves. Don’t make that mistake on social media. 7. Demonstrate Thought Leadership Thought leadership in the digital age really comes down to positioning and creating quality content consistently. An easy way to begin to position yourself as a thought leader is to interview other people in your industry. If you’re able to produce a quality interview, the person you are interviewing will typically share that interview with his or her network. This will generate more exposure for you and your business. 8. Devise Compelling Incentives More times than not, people just need a little extra incentive to take action. Come up with some creative ways to incentivize people to purchase tickets early, share your event on twitter, etc. Early bird discounts, exclusive offers, and free upgrades are some of the more common incentives in the event space. 9. Direct People to Share Usually, when people register for an event, it’s a purchase they are excited about. People like to attend events with friends or co-workers, so, after someone has registered, find creative ways to get people to share your event with their Twitter followers. Make it easy for people to share your event with their followers by providing pre-written tweets that can be copied, pasted, and tweeted.
  9. 9. We help small businesses succeed. 9Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter YOUR HASHTAG IS YOUR EVENT.
  10. 10. We help small businesses succeed. 10Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Implementing Your Twitter Event Marketing Strategy Now that you’ve created your objectives for before, during and after your event, it’s time to map out the tactics of implementing your strategy to make your objectives a reality. To make this easier on you and your team, it’s best to divide your event into four sections. Keep in mind that the tactics that drive results leading up to your event are different than the tactics that will drive results at your event. 4 Areas of Focus Promoting Event Pre-Event During Event After Event The rest of this eBook will be full of ideas and ways for you to maximize the results for each of the four areas above. Keep in mind, you don’t have to do everything outlined in this eBook. Determine what’s most important and do the important things well. Doing a few important things and executing with excellence is much better than trying to do it all and executing poorly. Promotion Create a #Hashtag for your event early A hashtag allows you and your attendees to find and get involved with the conversation taking place online. It’s important that your hashtag is short and easy to remember if you want people to actually use it. For example, the hashtag #SocialMediaWeek2014 or #InfusionsoftConference2014 is way too long.
  11. 11. We help small businesses succeed. 11Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Instead, use something like #SMW14 or #ICON14. Before you make your final decision on the event hashtag, do a simple search on Twitter to make sure that hashtag isn’t being used for something else. The purpose of the hashtag is to organize a conversation around your event; you don’t want to accidently dilute the conversation by choosing the wrong hashtag. Market your event hashtag It may seem obvious, but if you don’t make people aware of your event hashtag, they won’t know to use it. To increase the awareness of your event, it’s important to market and facilitate conversation using your event hashtag. Here’s a list of some ideas and ways you can market your event hashtag • Website • Promo Materials • Emails • Direct Mail • Pre-event tweets • Newsletters • Blogs • Videos • Marketing Materials • Advertising • T-shirts, stickers, posters • Event signage • Name badges Collect attendee’s Twitter Handle during the registration process Collecting Twitter handles in the registration process makes it really easy to find and interact with your event attendees. After someone has registered for your event, give them a shout out on Twitter. It’s an extremely simple tactic, and it’s a great way to personalize your event. Leverage social validation We all like to make good decisions, and social proof is one ways we determine whether or not we are going to participate. Embed a Twitter feed on your event website to show what other people are saying about your event.
  12. 12. We help small businesses succeed. 12Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Contests exclusive offers A great way to increase traffic to your Twitter page is to create a contest for free tickets or have an exclusive discount code that can only be found on Twitter. If you have a compelling incentive, contests are a great way to extend the reach of your event’s promotional campaign. Facilitate word of mouth (WOM) marketing As you probably know, word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing out there. Social media platforms like Twitter can be word-of-mouth marketing machines for your event if you’re strategic. One small but crucial tactic is to have social sharing capabilities at the end of your event’s registration process. Include a Twitter button on your checkout page to make it easy for people who have just registered to share your event with their friends. Twitter buttons allow you to include pre-written tweet that can be published with one click. Leverage your guest speakers Twitter following by tweeting them and igniting conversation around a relevant topic. You can even include a 1-hour Twitter chat session in your speaker’s contract to bring the conversation into focus on a specific date and time. If you have a team, partners, sponsors, and/or guest speakers, create a series of pre-written tweets (with your event hashtag) so they can easily copy, paste, and publish to their network. Tweet-chats Tweet-chats are scheduled conversations on specific topics that usually last between 30 to 60 minutes. There are tweet-chats taking place every week on topics like branding, social media, content marketing, entrepreneurship, small business, etc. One of the best ways to build a following on Twitter is to add value to conversations that are already taking place. Tweet-chats are the perfect opportunity to join a conversation and have your tweets be seen by other people who are passionate about specific topics. If there’s an existing Tweet-chat that has participants that match up with your target market, it might be worth your time to develop a relationship with the facilitator of that Tweet-chat. If you have a decent size following or promotional partners with a big reach, it may be in your best interest to facilitate your own Tweet-chat.
  13. 13. We help small businesses succeed. 13Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Twitter Ads Use Twitter’s Advertising platform to amplify your efforts and drive additional awareness. There are three types of advertisements you can run on Twitter: • Promoted Accounts • Promoted Tweets • Promoted Trends For more details on Twitter Ads, visit: Pre-Event Build buzz anticipation Share “behind the scenes” pictures of your team setting up for the event, speakers arriving before the event starts, etc. This is one tactic that music artists use to build their following; they take pictures backstage before they preform you can only see those pictures on Twitter. Another simple way to build buzz among attendees is to tweet and retweet people that are talking about your event on Twitter. Post countdown tweets from your Twitter page letting people know there are “X number” of days left until your event. Provide content teasers and quotes from your speakers and presenters. Remember to use your event’s hashtag in all your buzz-building efforts on Twitter. Determine 3-5 key moments during your event to amplify Pre-determine several key moments during your event that you would like to generate a lot of attention around on Twitter. You can schedule tweets in advance, using tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite, to make your life easier the day of the event. Depending on the size, structure and duration of your event, this number may vary. A weeklong conference will most definitely have more key moments than a one-day workshop.
  14. 14. We help small businesses succeed. 14Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Be creative strategic with local partnerships Are you hosting a regional, national or international live event where you’ll have people traveling to attend your event? If so, think about creative and strategic partnerships you can form with local vendors to add value to your attendees. Reach out to trendy, local transportation companies like Uber or Lyft and have them issue you a unique discount promo code in exchange for the promotion of their services to your event attendees. Restaurants and entertainment venues are some other types of businesses that are usually willing to offer discounts in exchange for promotion. You can integrate these discounts with your event by making the discounts available only to people who tweet about the local vendor and include your event hashtag. The venue will be able to verify by looking at the Tweet on the attendees phone and requesting to see their conference name badge. Stay organized with a pre-event checklist If you’ve run any type of live event before, you know that once the event starts there’s little time to think. The better your pre-event planning, the smoother your event will go. Use checklists to stay organized and to ensure you’re completing everything that needs to get done in order to have a successful event. Lucky for you, we’ve thrown a couple large-scale events and have created a general checklist for you to use at your next event. Every event is a little different, so feel free to expand upon what we’ve created for you… or use it for inspiration to create your own checklist that makes sense for your event. Example Promo Tweet: “It’s lunch time at #ICON14. Send a Tweet to @YardHouse include the hashtag #ICON14. Show server to get a 20% discount!” Example Attendee Tweet: “Heading over to @YardHouse for lunch. The morning session at #ICON14 was off the charts!”
  15. 15. We help small businesses succeed. 15Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Pre-Event Checklist 6-10+ Weeks Communicate your objectives strategy with your team Decide on the official event hashtag start to use it Set up your social monitoring tool to track your event hashtag Make sure your venue has Wi-Fi that can handle the size of your audience Establish discounts with local vendors: transportation, restaurants, entertainment 4-6 Weeks Create a Twitter list for attendees, speakers, sponsors tweet them Conference Mobile App: Load all links content Promote Mobile App to Attendees Make sure event signs have the hashtag prominently displayed Make sure all of your social media channels have accurate information and links that work. 2-4 Weeks Include the event hashtag in all of the presentation slides Determine 3-5 key moments during the event to amplify 1-2 Weeks Hold a training session with all event staff who will be using social media Print out a tips sheet/posting guidelines the event schedule for your team Pre-schedule tweets for time-specific events the 3-5 key moments Pre-schedule shout outs to sponsors partners
  16. 16. We help small businesses succeed. 16Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Days leading up to the event Test digital displays with the Twitter feed for your event hashtag Test your live streaming setup days before the start of your event Post “behind the scenes” content Engage with attendees facilitate excitement Delegate specific responsibilities to individual team members Each Day During Your Event Print and distribute an updated schedule to your team Double check scheduled posts Remind your emcee about the event hashtag any Twitter contests Amplify (tweet retweet) your key moments Post pictures Have fun! During Event Make sure the event hashtag is on all event signs and materials Keep the hashtag top of mind by including it on all signs, print materials, and slide decks. At Infusionsoft, our annual small business sales and marketing conference is branded as #ICON14 this year. Yes, our event name and brand has a hashtag in it. Have your emcee repeatedly mention the hashtag from stage Even though you have the hashtag on signs and handouts, people will still forget to tweet. Make sure the emcee mentions the hashtag throughout your event.
  17. 17. We help small businesses succeed. 17Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Have the live event hashtag feed displayed in a prominent location Typically the best place to display the live hashtag feed for your event is at the entrance to your event space. This keeps Twitter top of mind every time people enter and exit the room. During breaks you may consider projecting the live hashtag feed on the main presentation screens at the front of the room. Incentivize audience participation on Twitter Sometime people need a little extra incentive to get over their “tweet-phobia”. People love to win prizes or free products. The prize doesn’t have to be crazy or expensive; keep it simple. Give away a book on a topic related to your event, a free product, or a gift card to a nice local restaurant. You can even work with sponsors to donate awesome giveaways. At #ICON14 this year, we will have hotel room upgrades and 4 VIP seats in the front row that will be awarded to people actively participating on Twitter during the event. Both of these prizes have big value, but cost us nothing. Double check tweets scheduled in advance At live events, the only thing you can be certain of is that something unexpected will happen. Schedules change, speakers’ flights get delayed or they go over the time they’ve been allotted. To avoid causing confusion, double-check your schedule every morning and a couple times throughout the day. Live-tweet presentations and retweet attendees quotes comments While the majority of your focus should be on amplifying the 3-5 key moments of your event, you can also Tweet quotes and stats while a speaker is on stage. Be sure to include the speaker’s Twitter handle and the event hashtag in your tweets. Remember to retweet people who tweet out useful takeaways from the event or share positive experiences. If you have an active audience posting on Twitter, retweet 2-3+ tweets for every tweet you publish.
  18. 18. We help small businesses succeed. 18Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Live video feed? Involve your virtual audience on Twitter Are you live-streaming your event to a virtual audience? Don’t forget to include them too. At other event’s I’ve attended, they’ve sometimes taken questions from the audience via Twitter, which included virtual attendees as well. Even if a question isn’t chosen during the event, it’s best if you make sure to answer everyone’s questions via Twitter to the best of your ability. Promote nearby restaurants entertainment Give local restaurants a shout out on Twitter to help attendees find great places to eat nearby. Even if you don’t have discounts arranged with places to eat in the area, your attendees will appreciate you taking the guesswork out of finding a nearby place to get a quick bite to eat. Promote your sponsors during the event Don’t forget to show your sponsors some love on Twitter during your event too! Depending on the size of your event, this can be a big value-add for sponsorship. Tweet out photos from the event Posting event photos on Twitter are the best way to share what’s going on at the event. When this is done well, you’ll make people wish they had been at your event themselves. Capture video of your event Capturing video is always a great idea. Not only can you package the video of your event into a product for sale, but you can also create a highlight recap video of the event to post on Twitter after your event. This footage can also be used to create a promo video to help get people to your next event. After Event More times than not, this section is forgotten. The event is now over, it was a success, but most event hosts don’t realize the event is still very much alive on Twitter.
  19. 19. We help small businesses succeed. 19Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Many events take place over a weekend and end on Sunday afternoon or evening. Especially for larger regional and national events, attendees will catch a plane the next day; so, even though the event just finished, attendees are still tweeting about the event. Here are a few tips on what to do after your event is “over” to take full advantage of the successful event you just completed: • Thank your attendees – It’s simple, but it’s an important gesture to express your gratitude for the people that made your event a success. • Retweet Tweets from attendees • Publish Event Highlights – Images of key moments – Recap video, blog, or infographic – Embed tweets attendees published during the event • Share the slides from speaker’s presentations – Upload presentation slides to Slideshare and Tweet a link to the slides using the event hashtag • Tweet out a survey asking attendees for feedback to make your future events better Other things to consider: Launching a quality content campaign in conjunction with your event With all the people tweeting about your event, your brand and website will most likely experience a spike in traffic before, during, and after your event. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership with a quality content campaign that aligns with the main focus of your event. The content could be a blog, a video series, or even a podcast. As long as the content aligns with the main focus of your event, tweet links to this content using the event hashtag for up to a week or two after your event. Internal Debrief Unrelated to Twitter, it’s really important for you to get together with your event team to debrief the event. It’s easy to push this off, but you will find it highly beneficial to get everyone in the same room within 24 hours of the event ending.
  20. 20. We help small businesses succeed. 20Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter Answer these questions while the event is fresh on everyone’s mind: • What worked well? • What didn’t work? • What can be improved upon? • What new things can we do next time? Recap Tips There are many different ways that you can integrate Twitter into your next event. The key to using Twitter effectively is to start planning in advance and incorporate Twitter into your event early in the process. If you just do the things listed below, you will be already be far ahead of most other people when it comes to leveraging social media for events. For your next event, don’t feel like you have to do EVERYTHING outlined in this eBook; select 5 or 6 elements from this eBook and start there. Choose a short, unique, and easy-to-remember event hashtag Collect Twitter Handles during the registration process Interact with attendees on Twitter in the weeks leading up to the event Try to keep Tweets retweet friendly (120 characters or less) Set up a listening tool to monitor participate in the conversation Create compelling incentives to drive more results Display a live feed of your event hashtag in a high-traffic area Put the hashtag on all event marketing materials email communications Make sure to promote the hashtag before, during after the event THE BOTTOM LINE….
  21. 21. We help small businesses succeed. 21Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter IF YOU DON’T MAKE MOBILE TECHNOLOGY YOUR ADVANTAGE, IT WILL BE YOUR COMPETITION.
  22. 22. Peter Shankman CEO, angel investor and networking expert @petershankman Simon Sinek Leadership expert and author, ‘Start With Why’ @simonsinek JJ Ramberg MSNBC Anchor, ‘Your Business’ @jjramberg Seth Godin Best selling author and entrepreneur @ThisIsSethsBlog Want to hear world-class speakers and see world-class Twitter event marketing in action? Attend #ICON14! #ICON14 brings you some of the brightest minds in the world of small business today. Get ready for groundbreaking ideas, powerful strategies, actionable insights and more ways to grow, manage and prosper. Join us April 23–25, 2014 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Representatives from Twitter will be at #ICON14, you should be there too! Go to and use promo code: SUPERCHARGED100 for $100 off your #ICON14 ticket. Save $ 100 on your #ICON14 ticket!
  23. 23. We help small businesses succeed. 23Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Twitter About the Authors Michael R. Hunter founded a Social Media Marketing company in 2010 at the age of 21, and has designed and implemented successful social media strategies for a wide range of small businesses. He has experience with local restaurants, large-scale regional events, an array of authors and speakers, and industry experts. He specializes in transforming businesses with no social media presence or ad budget into brand powerhouses with thousands of likes and followers using only creative social strategy and execution. In August 2013, Michael joined the Infusionsoft team as their Social Media Strategist, and now plays a crucial role in the direction of Infusionsoft’s social initiatives. Michael also trains and consults Infusionsoft customers, partners and employees on how to leverage the power of social media, to achieve their long-term business goals. @MichaelRHunter | @Infusionsoft Twitter Small Biz is the official team dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed on Twitter. Follow them on Twitter as your go-to resource for tips, best practices, product updates and case studies. @TwitterSmallBiz | @Twitter Michael R. Hunter Like this e-book? Read more! Explore our learning library for even more e-books, videos and webinars with small business sales and marketing tips. Explore Now