The friends of madison munro


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This a power point of all of my best friends.

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The friends of madison munro

  1. 1. MY CRAZY FRIENDS By: Madison Munro
  2. 2. ELLIE! Ellie here is hands down the best friend that I could ever ask for, we’ve only been in one actual fight in the 6 years we’ve been inseparable. Besides the fact that she’s hilarious she also has a sensitive side that means well. Oh and she's Mexican.
  3. 3. AVES Aves is my number one bff. Shes hilarious and weird at the same time. Aves and I hangout all the time considering we never leave our house. Sometimes we can’t stand each other so we stay on the opposite sides of the house but that’s only like 2 a month.
  4. 4. MIKERA Mikera has been one of the most faithful friends that I have. Although we’ve gotten each other into a lot of chaos. When her and I hangout there’s never a dull moment, literally. She moved away from me for 2 years and I finally convinced her to move back into my life.
  5. 5. COURTNEY Oh Courtney Sue, although we’re not as close as we used to be way back when but she’s my cousin. I love this girl, she can always make me crack a laugh.
  6. 6. MARILYNN Marilynn has been my bestfriend since preschool. We’ve been through a whole lot together and I plan on going through a whole lot more. She’s my other half and I don’t know what I would do if I wouldn’t have ever met her.
  7. 7. CONNOR Green bean is the best guy that anyone could have, he is always there to make you laugh of if you need a shoulder to cry on. He’s been by my side since kindergarten and he hasn’t left yet.
  8. 8. V-RON Veronica and I we inseparable of freshman year, like every weekend we were with each other. Then something happened and we drifted. Her and I have gotten over it but we never went back to normal. Veronica is a fun, loving beautiful soul.
  9. 9. SIERRA Sierra is my ghetto friend. Even if I have only known her for four years she’s a great friend and not afraid to knock someone out. She’s very bold and straight forward and that’s a big reason as to why she’s my friend.
  10. 10. HAYDEN Booty, I grew up with him having his dad and my dad both on the fire department I seen him all the time at cook outs and get togethers at the fire hall. Him and I have grown into great friends.
  11. 11. JAKE Jake and I don’t get along sometimes. We used to be the 2 best friends ever, then we grew apart once he got a girl friend. We still talk during school and are always laughing, and he’s a good friend. Hopefully one day we become as close as we used to be.