EDET793 Shelby Simmons Portfolio Artifacts

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  • 1. Portfolio ArtifactsShelby E SimmonsEDET 793, Spring 2013University of South Carolina
  • 2. AECT STANDARD 1:DESIGNCandidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, anddispositions to design conditions for learning byapplying principles of instructional systemsdesign, message design, instructional strategies,and learner characteristics.
  • 3. AECT STANDARD 1:DESIGNEach of these items were designed for a specificaudience, school district stakeholders and theAdvancED accreditation team, my districtsTitle IParents, and teachers who work withTitle I Families.Identifying these learners/audiences, their needs,goals, and abilities, technical constraints, andorganizational goals has taught me to look for abalance between the necessary and the desirable. Iam able to select an objectively "best" method whenavailable or scale down to a suitable delivery whenrequired.
  • 4. Artifact 1AntiCyberbullying for Adults:http://ccis.ccsdtitle1.org/anti-cyberbullying-for-parents
  • 5. Artifact 2AdvancED Presentation Video:http://youtu.be/wJzWC1LPS1U/
  • 6. AECT STANDARD 2: DEVELOPMENTCandidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, anddispositions to develop instructional materialsand experiences using print, audiovisual,computer-based, and integrated technologies.
  • 7. AECT STANDARD 2: DEVELOPMENTThese artifacts represent two styles of onlinecommunication, the first demonstrates how I modifiedinstruction to use a variety of materials and formats to teachthe same lesson I had previously presented in person and in alow-tech format.The accessible newsletter demonstrates acommitment to accessible technology, professionalpresentations, and professional knowledge.Additionally, the portfolio itself, addresses indicators2.0.1, 2.0.7, 2.2.1, and 2.4.5 because I used the ADDIE designmodel process as required by EDET 793 to design anddevelop the portfolio site, using the AECT standards toinform my decisions as to the artifacts to include and deliverymethods.Within this site you will find a wide variety of linksto other websites, videos, pdfs, and images.
  • 8. Artifact 1Motivating Children Online Session:http://parents.ccsdtitle1.org/motivating-children/
  • 9. Artifact 2Accessible Online Newsletter:http://735final.shelbyesimmons.me/
  • 10. AECT STANDARD 3: UTILIZATIONCandidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, anddispositions to use processes and resources forlearning by applying principles and theories ofmedia utilization, diffusion, implementation, andpolicy-making.
  • 11. AECT STANDARD 3: UTILIZATIONThese artifacts were designed during different timeperiods, for different audiences, for differentpurposes and those differences are evident.The essays identify policies and procedures tomanage technological resources and instructionalimplementation and include evaluation of localresources.The parenting lesson is still in progress but clearlydemonstrates identification and application ofcreators rights (copyright, etc.) and take advantageof fair use and application of relevant policies.
  • 12. Artifact 1EDET 746 Policiesand ProceduresEssays:http://www.shelbyesimmons.me/managementpolicies/
  • 13. Artifact 2Creating ContentLesson:http://ccis.ccsdtitle1.org/creating-content/
  • 14. AECT STANDARD 4: MANAGEMENTCandidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, anddispositions to plan, organize, coordinate, andsupervise instructional technology by applyingprinciples of project, resource, delivery system,and information management.
  • 15. AECT STANDARD 4: MANAGEMENTThese artifacts demonstrate two experiences in groupprojects, the latter is more recent, the first artifactproduced and acceptable product and taught methe basics of long-distance group work, includingwhat not to do.The second artifact reflects as successful, productive,collaborative working experience that was wellmanaged by and effective group leader that servesas a good example of what I plan to do in the future.
  • 16. Artifact 1Group Development Site:http://1edtechrocks.wikispaces.com/
  • 17. Artifact 2Group Development Site:http://breakingdesigns.weebly.com/
  • 18. AECT STANDARD 5: EVALUATIONCandidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, anddispositions to evaluate the adequacy ofinstruction and learning by applying principles ofproblem analysis, criterion-referencedmeasurement, formative and summativeevaluation, and long-range planning.
  • 19. AECT STANDARD 5: EVALUATIONThe first artifact for this section demonstrates the use ofWeb 2.0tools to design assessments that challenge, entertain, and trulyevaluate understanding.The quizlet activity is one of the assessments that can becompleted for the Anti Cyberbullying for Parents lesson (inaddition to a paper based pdf or game-style assessment alsoavailable via quizlet).The second artifact details my application of process analysisskills to improve instruction based on an understanding oflearner characteristics and instructional design.These artifactshighlight my understanding that todays learners value choiceand Universal Design encourages multiple means of action andexpression - more that one way to show what you know!
  • 20. Artifact 1Auto-Correcting, Differentiated Assessment:http://quizlet.com/15705864/test/
  • 21. Artifact 2Mini-Redesign Project:http://www.shelbyesimmons.me/miniredesign/