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i find this presentation good. i got the content from net when i was searching for some content on the book, 'our iceberg is melting.

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Our iceberg is melting.ppt

  1. 1. Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions S cceeding An Tammy Aagard University of Wyoming
  2. 2. Session Overview Story time The Eight Step Process of Successful Change Building the Team – Using Strengths to Build and Manage the T h Team The Role of Thinking and Feeling in the Change Process Implications for Your Organization Safeguarding your Penguins Questions
  3. 3. The Fable ofthe Penguinsth P i
  4. 4. Eight Step Process of SuccessfulChangeSet the Stage 1. Create a Sense of Urgency 2. Pull together the Guiding TeamDecide What to Do 3. Develop the Change Vision and StrategyMake it Happen 4. Communicate for Understanding and Buy-in 5. Empower Others to Act 6. Produce Short-Term Wins 7. Don’t Let UpMake it Stick 8. Create a New Culture
  5. 5. Create a Sense of Urgency Help others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately Gather and Present Your Facts
  6. 6. Pull Together a Guiding TeamMake sure there isa powerful groupguiding thechange – one withleadershipskills, credibility, communicationsability, authority, analytical skills anda sense of urgency
  7. 7. Identifying the Penguin Team What strengths does each member bring to the team? The Head Penguin Respect from the colony Decision-maker Delegator Enough experience to be wise Patience Not easily flustered Smart (but not intellectual heavyweight)
  8. 8. More Penguins Alice Practical Aggressive Makes things happen Doesn t Doesn’t care about status and treats everyone the same Impossible to intimidate so don’t even try Smart (but not intellectual heavyweight) Fred Younger Amazingly curious and creative Level-headed
  9. 9. Still More Penguins The Professor Logical Well read Fascinated by interesting questions Not the most social of birds Buddy Not the slightest bit ambitious Well trusted and liked Relates well with the average bird
  10. 10. Managing to StrengthsExecuting Influencing Relationship Strategic Building ThinkingAliceAli Fred F d Buddy B dd Professor P fProfessor (No-No) Alice Head PenguinSource: Rath, T., & Conchie, B. (2008) Strengths-Based Leadership. NY: Gallup Press.
  11. 11. Decide What to DoDevelop the Change Vision and Strategy Clarify how the future will bedifferent from the past and howyou can make the future a reality
  12. 12. Make it HappenCommunicate forUnderstandingand Buy-in Make sure as many others as possible understand and accept the vision and Don’t Rely on Facts Alone Speak to the heart and dispel the strategy rumors
  13. 13. Make it HappenEmpower Othersto Act Enough with Remove as the talk, let’s do something many barriers as possible so ibl that those who want to make the vision a reality can do so
  14. 14. Make it HappenProduce Short-Term Wins Create some visible, unam , Recognize the quiet heroes biguous along with the visible ones successes as soon as possible
  15. 15. Make it Happen Don’t Let Up Press harder and faster after the first successes Be relentless with initiating change after change until the vision is a reality
  16. 16. Make it StickCreate a New Culture Hold on to the new ways of behaving, behaving and make sure they succeed, until they become strong enough to replace old traditions
  17. 17. The Role of Thinking Thinking differently can help change behavior and lead to better results Collect data, analyze it Present information logically to change people’s thinking Changed thinking, in turn, can change behavior
  18. 18. The Role of Feeling Feeling differently can help change behavior MORE and lead to even better results Create surprising, compelling, and if possible visual experiences The experiences change how people feel about the situation A change in feelings can lead to a significant change in behavior
  19. 19. Implications for Your Organization Follow the 8 Steps What is the most challenging for you? 1. Create a Sense of Urgency 2. Pull together the Guiding Team 3. Develop the Change Vision and Strategy 4 Communicate for Understanding and Buy-in 4. Buy in 5. Empower Others to Act 6. Produce Short-Term Wins 7. Don’t Let Up 8. Create a New Culture Dealing with No No’s in your Organization
  20. 20. Don’t forget to safeguard yourpenguins!
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Kotter, J. & Rathgeber, H. (2005) OurIceberg is Melting: Changing and SucceedingUnder Any Conditions. NY: St. Martin’sPress.Rath, T., & Conchie, B. (2008) Strengths-Based Leadership. NY: Gallup Press.