Skelta BPM Enables Process Applications at a High-tech Manufacturing Firm


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Roland DGA needed to automate and improve
several core organizational processes, while
leveraging its investments in existing
technology infrastructure.

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Skelta BPM Enables Process Applications at a High-tech Manufacturing Firm

  1. 1. C A S E S T U DY Skelta BPM Enables Process Applications at a OVERVIEW High-tech Manufacturing Firm LOCATION: North and South America INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, High Technology PRODUCT: Skelta BPM As a worldwide leader in signmaking, graphics arts, fine art reproduction, CUSTOMER PROFILE vehicle graphics, UV printing, engraving and 3D modeling industries, Roland DGA relies on Roland DGA is a world-wide leader in sign, human centric business processes to be efficient and profitable. By using Skelta BPM as graphic arts and allied industries and relies on the Business Process Management platform, Roland DGA kick started an initiative to human centric business processes to be efficient and profitable. become a process driven organization. SITUATION THE SITUATION AT ROLAND DGA Roland DGA needed to automate and improve several core organizational processes, while Roland DGA’s Information Systems strategy is to use Microsoft technologies for infrastructure and leveraging its investments in existing productivity needs. Roland DGA undertook an initiative to leverage its investments in these technology infrastructure. technologies by automating business processes across the organization. One such initiative, a process portal, was aimed at automating and improving several common organizational processes SOLUTION Roland DGA uses Skelta BPM to build a using centralized technology that worked closely with its intranet – Microsoft Office SharePoint process portal to host cross-functional Server (MOSS). The process portal would host cross-functional processes and become a central processes, make relevant information centrally location for employees to complete tasks and manipulate process content including documents, accessible to stakeholders and interface with reports and forms. An Employee Performance Evaluation process was designed as the first step Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). towards deploying the process portal. . BENEFITS Complete n Process visibility EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PROCESS AT ROLAND DGA n on Focus Fixing Bottlenecks At Roland DGA, employee appraisals are taken very seriously, and in most cases require the Easy Access n to Information n based Rights Access approval of the employee’s supervisor, the next level manager and the Human Resources(HR) Increased n Productivity & Efficiency department, each of who might review and comment on several drafts of a performance evaluation before they are in agreement. To enable the process, hard copies of documents were manually routed to and between managers and the HR department. Appraisal status had to be maintained in spreadsheets and there was no way for the HR team to proactively know about bottlenecks or delays.
  2. 2. AUTOMATING THE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PROCESS USING SKELTA BPM WHY SKELTA BPM Roland DGA deployed the process portal using Skelta BPM integrated with existing Microsoft technologies. Roland DGA analyzed more than 70 solutions before deciding to go with Skelta BPM. The rigorous assessment was based on the categories of workflow, document management, ease of use, Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, MOSS integration, technical architecture, notification alerts, reporting/data access, support capabilities, total cost of ownership and the vendor’s overall vision. Skelta provides a flexible platform that allows us to build what we need while still taking full advantage of our existing Microsoft technology AUTOMATING THE PROCESS investment. A cross-functional team from Roland DGA, and members of Skelta Professional Services designed Diane Bullock, and deployed the automated Employee Performance Evaluation process on the Skelta BPM & Business Systems Manager, MOSS based process portal. Skelta BPM’s visual development tools like the Skelta Process Modeler and Skelta Forms Designer enabled rapid (when compared to starting from scratch) Roland DGA Corp. design and deployment of the new Employee Performance Evaluation process. The deployed solution used MOSS for managing documents, accessed employee information from Microsoft Active Directory to determine routing rules and employee hierarchy, and used Skelta BPM for the process flow and to integrate the various pieces of the application. THE PROCESS IN ACTION Via the portal, the reviewing manager starts the evaluation by selecting an evaluation template based on the employee’s current status as exempt, non-exempt, supervisor or non-supervisor, which defines the content of the document. While completing the evaluation the supervisor works directly in the Microsoft Word template on MOSS which gives them the ability to track changes in the document as well as save versions of the document as a whole. The document is then routed to the next level manager for further comments. Collaboration can take place back and forth between the managers and the HR department until the final version of the evaluation is sent to the HR department for record keeping. The process is browser based and automated, including email notifications of assignments, reminders & escalations, appraisal version control, and the archival of appraisals upon completion.
  3. 3. BENEFITS The solution has streamlined the performance evaluation process at Roland DGA: ! The HR department has complete visibility into the status of an performance evaluation at any moment, and doesn’t need to maintain error prone spreadsheets. Everything seems to be going ! HR teams don’t need to spend time sending reminders since the solution automatically does that for them. Instead the teams can focus on identifying true bottlenecks in the perfectly with the Automated process and fixing them. Performance Evaluation Process. ! Managers can better plan their work, since performance evaluation content is online and I am getting copied in on all changes to the evaluation documents are automatically tracked with version control. notifications, and the approval ! Performance evaluation documents are automatically archived and easy for the HR department to search and query for information later. All information is kept confidential process is running smoothly. We are and only people with the appropriate access rights can view it. also getting nice feedback from the ! The entire organization has benefitted from a more efficient performance evaluation users. Great job! Thank you! process. Sue Grove, Director- Human Resources, Roland DGA Corp. FUTURE PLANS Roland DGA has just begun its journey in becoming a process driven organization. Besides enhancements to the Employee Performance Evaluation process, in the future Roland DGA plans to automate dozens of core and supporting processes using the process portal. Of the wide range of processes being planned, some examples are: Roland DGA is looking forward to efficiently automating 30+ ! Employee expense reimbursement submission and approval business processes using the Skelta ! Addition, modification and deletion of new product SKUs BPM system. Bob Castle, ! Employee On-boarding, Status change and Off-Boarding VP Operations & CIO, ! Creation, updating and approval of Purchase Orders Roland DGA Corp. ! Requisition of standard and non-standard office supplies ! End-to-end vendor document management ! Dealer On-boarding, Status Change and Off-Boarding
  4. 4. ABOUT ROLAND Roland DGA (Digital Group America) Corporation is the U.S.-based marketing, distribution and sales arm of Roland DG Corporation of Hamamatsu, Japan, a worldwide leader in the sign, graphic arts, fine art, vehicle graphics, UV, photography, engraving and 3D modeling industries. Roland DG, listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, is the world’s number one provider of wide-format inkjet printers for the durable graphics market. Roland DG is also affiliated with Roland Corporation, renowned in the music world for developing MIDI technology and for producing sophisticated digital music equipment including keyboard synthesizers, recording equipment and other related technologies. Roland DGA employs approximately 100 individuals and generates approximately $100 million of annual revenue. For more information about Roland DGA go to : ABOUT SKELTA BPM Skelta BPM is an enterprise class Business Process Management (BPM) platform that eliminates the risk of process initiatives, enables communication amongst all process stakeholders and drives innovation by fostering business ownership. Skelta BPM empowers business analysts to quickly build end-to-end, feature rich, process centric, composite business applications using a web interface. Skelta BPM enables quick automation and improvement of processes without any coding. Skelta BPM components support every step in the lifecycle of a process based application, namely – Envision & Model, Execute & Deploy and Optimize & Analyze. Innovation Center: Salarpuria Touchstone Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, For more information about Skelta BPM go to : Bangalore - 560087, India Tel (India): +91 80 4060 2600 Tel (USA): +1 678 306 4110 ABOUT SKELTA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Email: Web: The Skelta Professional Services division is an extension of Skelta BPM and has been designed to meet all offshore or onsite, post sales needs for optimal support on software that run our clients’ mission critical functions. Skelta’s suite of services include Consultation, Application Development, Application Integration, Customization, Implementation Services & Product Training. These services can be tailored to suit customer’s specific requirements. Skelta is a ‘Gartner - Cool Vendor’ for BPM, 2009 © 2002 - 2009 Skelta Software. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.