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  • super brain is super. little souls is angel sent to us we would like to implement that in our centre
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Little souls school

  1. 1. Objective :Little Souls, is a holistic workshop for the overall development of children, focusing on creating abalance between the heart, body, mind & soul of a child .This programme has been designed to help you improve child’s happiness, general behavior,concentration, confidence, creativity, intelligence, social skills.This programme has been designed to be easy, enjoyable and relaxing for the children. Each setof weekly tasks are simple and can be completed within a short span of time..Each session comprises of an exercise, an affirmation and an activity to enforce values in thechild. The exercises give the children a focus, this might be a visualization, a stretch or abreathing exercise. The affirmations help them develop their self awareness, confidence andpositive outlook. Lot of brainstorming and group discussions are encouraged to help childrendelve deeper into themselves and question their own actions and in turn discover their truepotential and unearth their hidden talents.Meditation is a key activity in every session. Children experience peace and release all thestress that helps them focus better.They are given certain tools to tackle daily life challenges. The sessions enhance their mentalintelligence and aids in developing awareness towards self & othersWe are Pranic healers and have got our inspiration for “Little Souls” from the teachings of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. Currently "Prana Kids" is being practiced in USA by Pranic healers & wewould like to introduce it in India under the name " Little Souls".We hope to instill values in children which today seem to be getting lost in this busy world oftechnology.
  2. 2. Superbrain YogaWhat is Superbrain Yoga ?Superbrain Yoga® is a simple and effective technique to energize and rechargethe brain. It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture.How does it help us ?Whether young or old, We can use Superbrain Yoga for healthier and happier life.Improved memoryImproved focus and concentrationIncreased mental clarityIncreased energy levelActivated brain centersHow to do it ?1. Face east, for old people face north2. Connect your tongue to the palate3. Preferably invoke for Divine Blessing (Optional)10. Repeat steps 8 & 9 ( 7 times per session)11. Release your fingers from your ear lobes Take from:12. Say a short prayer of thanks giving (Optional) Master Choa Kok Suis Super Brain Yoga
  3. 3. ZNMDLets find a little more about ourselves through a game.We will say certain words and you all have to write the first word thatcomes to your mind on hearing that word.Are we all ready, lets play FunFightLoveHonestyHard workAngerGenerousJealousyHappinessFear/devilAngels
  4. 4. Badge MakingRealizing the unique quality in their own self throughBadge MakingLets make a badge for ourselves -Think of one quality you want in yourselfMake a badge with that quality as the theme
  5. 5. Affirmations of the weekI am beautifulinside andoutside I am healthy and filled with energy.
  6. 6. Breathing ExerciseDeep Breaths - Close your eyes and sit comfortably with your backstraight. As you sit there, spend some time observing yourbreathing. Feel the in-breath and watch what happens when youbreathe back out. As you sit there, try to make the breaths longer.Take in a longer in-breath and then breathe out slowly and gently. Asyou breathe out, feel as if all your worries and problems are blowingaway, leaving you feel relaxed and calm. Repeat this a couple moretimes.
  7. 7. Visualization MeditationFeather in the Wind - Imagine you are a feather floating in the wind.Feel yourself becoming so light that you can feel the wind carryingyou along. You enjoy feeling light and free. Imagine yourself floatingfurther and further into the air, feeling totally supported by the wind.
  8. 8. Feeling Energy We have an energy body around our physical body called the aura. Now its time to do something new & exciting. We all have heard the word “Energy” but do you all know that we can even feel energy So lets now feel energy & learn a little more about the wonderful world of energy
  9. 9. Fear ReleasingWe all would like to get rid of our fears , right ?So lets do a small activity which will help us release our fears.We will take a piece of paper, write down our fears, tear it & thenburn it.
  10. 10. Some ways to release fearTeach children to meditate :Children are perfect candidates for meditation because they have such vivid imaginations. A simple wayto begin is to have your child find a quiet spot where they wont be disturbed. Have them lie down or sitin a chair. Have them close their eyes. Ask them to take a deep breath in through their nose and feelthe breath travel down into their belly. Have them hold the breath for several seconds and exhalethrough their mouth. Repeat this 3 times. Also teach them to do this type of breathing whenever theyare having a fearful moment. Then have them begin counting backwards from 10 to 1. After they are inthis relaxed state, have them imagine themselves blowing up a balloon, placing all of their fears in theballoon, and then releasing their fear-filled balloon to the universe. Once they have released their fearask them to imagine the highest outcome for any situation they are fearful of.Have children write out their fears in a journal :If they are too young to write have them dictate the words to you. By writing fearful thoughts down theyare no longer a part of them. After writing out their fears have them answer several questions:What can I learn from this fear?What can I change that will help me feel safer?What are five blessings in my life?Spray Monster Spray :Also works for bad dreams, thunder, and any other scary thoughts. Tell your children that when youspray this spray they will be safe and protected. Many health food stores sell aromatherapy sprays.Ones that are especially calming are vanilla, lavender, and orange. Please make sure that you use onlyones that are essential oil based and not chemically based. Also please do not spray near your
  11. 11. A Flower A DayOnce upon a time there were two friends who lived in a palace with their families, who worked in serviceof the King. One of these boys knew a girl he liked so much that he wanted to give her a present.One day, he was walking with his friend in the main palace hall, and he saw a big vase filled with theloveliest flowers you could imagine. He decided to take one to give to the girl, thinking that no one wouldsee him do so. He did the same thing the next day, and the next, and the next... until, one day, the Kingnoticed how few flowers were left in the vase. He was so angry that he called everyone in the palace toassemble.When they were all before the King, the boy thought he should say it had been him who took the flowers.However, his friend told him to be quiet, because the King would be terribly angry with him. The boy wasparalyzed with fear, but when the King came near he decided to confess.As soon as the boy said that he had done it, the King went red with anger, but on hearing what the boyhad done with the flowers, a smile appeared on the Kings face, and he said,"I couldnt have thought of a better use for my flowers."And, from that day, the boy and the King became great friends. They went to the vase and took two ofthose wonderful flowers, one for the girl, and the other for the Queen.
  12. 12. Make a wishTime to make a wish… Excited !!!!Write a wish on a piece of paper & we will bless iteveryday
  13. 13. Affirmations of the weekI release all fear,doubt and angerin positive ways. I am calm, relaxed and happy in every situation.
  14. 14. Surya Namasker
  15. 15. Story Time - The Origin of HappinessThere was once a boy who hardly had any toys or money.Nevertheless, he was a very happy little boy. He said that what made him happywas doing things for others, and that doing so gave him a nice feeling inside.However, no one really believed him; they thought he was loopy.He spent all day helping others, dispensing charity to the poorest, and lookingafter abandoned animals. Very seldom did he ever do anything for himself.One day, he met a famous doctor who thought the boys case was so peculiarthat he decided to investigate him. So, with a complex system of cameras andtubes, the doctor managed to record what was happening inside the boy. Whathe discovered was surprising.Each time the boy did something good, a thousand tiny angels gathered aroundthe boys heart and started tickling it.That explained the boys happiness, but the doctor continued studying until hediscovered that we all have our own thousand angels inside us. Unfortunately, hefound that, as we do so few good things, the angels spend most of their timewandering about, bored.And so it was that the secret to happiness was discovered. Thanks to that littleboy we now know exactly what we have to do to feel our hearts being tickled.
  16. 16. Generosity &Sharing Generosity = giving and sharing for the joy of giving and without expecting something in return. It is one of the best ways to show love and friendship. There is always enough for everyone. I give freely, with joy and love in my heart You are practicing GENEROSITY when you …. • Are thoughtful of the needs of others • Notice when someone needs help • Give freely without expecting a reward • Share things • Are willing to make sacrifices for others Sharing = If you share with others, you will also get more. Empty box vs Full box… No space to put more. If you give then there will be space for new things. If you share you will make new friends
  17. 17. Creative Activity – Generosity Piggy BankWe will now make generosity piggy banks . . . We will give you wooden boxes , write a message related togenerosity on itDecorate it the way you wantEveryday put some money in the generosity BoxAt the end of the month do some good deed with the money
  18. 18. Affirmations of the weekI am kind. I look forways to help others. I give freely and joyfully. There is plenty for everyone including myself
  19. 19. Tips for Parents:Look into reducing sugar and additives in your family’s foods as a healthydiet can improve behavior and concentration significantly.Ensure your child is getting their 5 a day to keep their body and mindhealthy. Nutritious food also helps emotional and behavioral management.Talk to your child about anything they might feel stressed or anxious about.Help them break down tasks into mini-goals that are manageable. This willhelp them feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed.Take a walk or go to the park after school. Let children run around and letoff steam before coming home and relaxing on the sofa.Laugh! Simply make sure you spend sometime laughing together. It is agreat way to relax.
  20. 20. Root Values & OutcomesExamples of Root Values & possibleoutcome: Many friendsIf you are a truthful person and you Help people inlearn the value of honesty, you will be need SuccessRespected in society & people will value Word will beyour word. valuedIf you are a generous person then youwill be able to help people in need & actas a savior to them. Hones ty Love &If you are a person with true love and Compassioncompassion for people then you will Generou shave many friends who will also love Hard work &you and thus happiness will come easily disciplineto you.If you learn the value of hard work &discipline and make it a root value in
  21. 21. Thank you for giving us your valuable time.If you feel we can touch the hearts of the little souls inyourSchool and make a difference, then please allow us totry to make that difference.For any further details, kindly contact us at :Mrs. Anu Kothari – 9339491625Ms. Madhurima Agarwal - 9830954355