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Madhouse Seminar - April 17 2012

Social Media Marketing: How can you make the most of it?

Claire Lancaster of Social Boutique delved into the depths of social media marketing, looking at how it can be used in a B2B environment as well as B2C.

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  • It’s difficult to imagine the maritime industry getting to grips with social media, but Shipserv, one of the leading industry marketplaces, proves that in can be done very successfully. As part of a wider marketing strategy and customer engagement strategy, various social approaches were taken, resulting in greater site traffic, alongside increased brand awareness and lead opportunities. From an initial $30,000 social media marketing investment, it’s estimated the overall results achieved would have cost more than $150,000 through traditional media.
  • Social Media Marketing - Claire Lancaster

    1. 1. Social Media MarketingHow can you make the most of it?Claire Lancaster – Social Boutique
    2. 2. Introductions• I am NOT going to say: “Engage your audience with relevant content”• I am going to share my enthusiasm for social media marketing• I am going to share some of my favourite examples of social media marketing• I hope to simplify what often seems to be unnecessarily complicated• I hope you gain some ideas of useable strategies and activities you could undertake
    3. 3. Background• Marketer for over 15 years• 2007 started blogging – Top Wikio ranked parenting blog• Early 2009 - Hello Twitter @Cheshire_Claire – Top 10 UK Parents on Twitter 2011 – Broadcaster & influencer of influencers – Specialist in Blogging, Family (via Klout)• 2009 starting working with brands as a blogger• 2010 established “Social Boutique”
    4. 4. What we are going to cover• The scale of social networks• Reasons not to fear social marketing• Is your brand social marketing ready• Profiles – what could / should you have?• Who is using social media• What are people doing with social media• Some of my favourites• What does it deliver• My long list of things brands can do
    5. 5. The Scale of Social NetworksTotal visits, March 2012: Total users, March 2012:1. Facebook: 7 billion • Facebook: 800 million2. Twitter: 182 million • Twitter: 100 million3. Pinterest: 104 million • Pinterest: 11 million4. LinkedIn: 86 million • LinkedIn: 147 million5. Tagged: 72 million • Tagged: 20 million6. Google+: 61 million • Google+: 90 million• Instagram: 10.2 million • Instagram: 32 million• Foursquare: 2.9 million • Foursquare: 10 millionSource: Source:The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark & Trend Report by Experian The Real Time Report, March 2012
    6. 6. Pinterest • Growing source of traffic – OMG! Lots of Traffic! • Analyse & understand – Where are visitors going, doing & converting? • Work traffic as you would from any source – Hit landing pages, go through a conversion path • Is Pinterest traffic valuable? – Might be! Test, track & adjust is the only way to find out. – Needs specific goals
    7. 7. Reasons not to fear social marketing1. Email & websites proved not to be scary2. It really isn’t rocket science3. These are just new communication tools4. You can take small baby steps5. There are successful case studies & learnings6. There are lots of tools to help7. There is lots of help available & you can ask questions8. Mistakes avoided with planning & often opportunities9. Learning should be constant, marketing must evolve10. Employees, consumers, clients & competition use it
    8. 8. Is your brand social marketing ready?• Does your brand answer the phone to customers, without knowing who they are, and say “P**s off, I’m busy”, before slamming the phone down?• Does your brand ignore the phone entirely?• Does your brand speak badly about customers behind their back (or to their face)?• Does your brand make racist, homophobic, sexist or other offensive references?• If the answer is NO, then welcome aboard!
    9. 9. Profiles: what have you got?• Personally & corporately
    10. 10. Profiles• What could / should you have? – Secure your brand name and identity online – Across ALL social networks & geographies – Simply state the account is not monitored – Link to your brand site• Why – Online customer experience – Search Engine benefits – Prevention e.g. Coca-Cola and “Dusty & Michael”
    11. 11. Profiles: If you can only have three• Facebook, Twitter & You Tube are now considered cornerstones of most social-media strategies in larger companies: – 94% Facebook top three platform priorities – 77% Twitter – 42% You Tube *• LinkedIn would be a joint third for B2B * Source: Search Engine Watch
    12. 12. Who is using social media well?Business to Consumer Business to Business• Dominates • Not new, it is more prevalent• B2C companies are more in than many realise the public consciousness • B2B social works differently• Social media lends itself to • Niche & focussed is effective creating a large volume of • Increasing addition to the fans and then engaging them marketing mix• Top of the “leader” boards • Can work very effectively & are big global brands with has for: their big global budgets! – American Express – Coca Cola – HSBC – Disney – IBM, Dell & HP – Starbucks
    13. 13. Some of my favouritesB2B B2C• Gorilla Glass • Princes Fruit Breakfast• Ship Serv • Zappos• Qui Recruitment • Nissan Leaf – 100 days
    14. 14. B2B• Extensive marketing campaign to introduce consumers to Corning® Gorilla® Glass and its exceptional damage resistance.• Aim was to encourage consumers to demand Gorilla Glass for their touch screens. Here are some examples of the marketing elements involved: Advertising Mobile Videos Social • Unconfirmed by Apple or Corning widely believed that Apple iPhone 4 & iPad 2 onwards now use Gorilla Glass
    15. 15. B2C• A blog outreach campaign was undertaken with no brand social profiles• Supporting above the line advertising activity, promoting canned fruit products as a great, healthy addition to breakfast• The objective was to raise the profile of canned fruit at breakfast and stimulate traffic to the Princes brand website• Activity – 8 week campaign focussed on influential parenting bloggers – 25 bloggers were recruited, provided sample goody box to review – Princes also supplied prizes for bloggers to run competitions – Day of radio interviews undertaken with 2 bloggers• Results – 31 blog posts published – 60k unique blog visitors – 2.5k comments left on posts – Over 800 tweets hashtagged #PrincesBrekkie – Over 250k profiles received hashtagged tweets in timeline – 60 pieces of national radio coverage
    16. 16. B2B• Leading e-marketplace in the • Key activities: maritime industry – Research customer needs• Providing technologies & – Revamped website services to support efficient – Created a blog global shipping – Developed a Quarterly content• Started using social marketing plan in 2008 with a focus on – Promoted & distributed content to: content socially – Increase traffic – Created a series of white papers – Drive awareness – Established an online industry – Attract new sales leads community on LinkedIn – Engage with the industry – Established a lead “scorecard” – SEO campaign informed by social insights
    17. 17. B2B Website Community Business•59% Increase in site visitors •378 LinkedIn group members •Improved conversion•70% increase in page views •300 blog visitors •Contact to lead up 150%•25% increase on visit duration •Over 600 video views •Lead to opportunity up 50%•1000+ white paper •LinkedIn & Twitter top traffic •Campaign mgt costs down 80%downloads sources •Sales ready leads up 400% •Significant lift in brand awarenessFrom an initial $30K investment it is estimated that the resultsachieved would have cost $150k through traditional media
    18. 18. B2C • Clothing and shoe retailer • Best in class example of how to do social & launched using Twitter • Entire business is aligned to social with a single mission to provide the best customer service possible • Entire team (500 users!) use every available channel to connect with customers & are genuine • Facebook is used for conversation, keep it active by spotlighting the "fan of the week" and chatting via wall posts • Regularly posts videos that give users an inside look at the companys unique culture
    19. 19. B2B• “Rec to Rec” Recruitment Consultancy – they place recruiters in recruitment agencies• Social platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter & Blog are primary platforms – Facebook is secondary platform• Content focussed plan – Created specific groups on LinkedIn – Calendar of blog posts & twitter communication plan – Follower strategy identifying & connecting with prospective candidates – Listening & identifying prospective client leads – Expanded to now writing monthly column for industry title• Results – Broke even on the first placement – Delivered incremental revenues – Connected with new candidates gone on to place – Connected with new clients where we’ve now placed candidates – Received PR opportunities never have found offline
    20. 20. B2C• 100 days, 100 facts, 100% electric driving• 40 hand-picked drivers take part in 10 electrifying challenges to prove Nissan LEAF is ready. Will they turn you on to 100% electric driving? #NissanLEAFTBTO #NissanLeafCar28
    21. 21. What does it deliver?• You’ll never know if you don’t track it! – At a basic level use custom URLs in your tweets, Facebook updates, Pins, Check-ins etc• Influencers – those who recommend you to customers. – When you find out who yours are, they’re out there and they will show themselves, give them some love. Give them some discounts.• Why likes & follows when I want sales? – Because then you’ll have more opportunities to sell to those people. – A Facebook “Like” is a billboard that pops up regularly in front of your target customer. If it’s interesting, they might even look at it more than once (that’s a big hint about the importance of content - make sure you have lots!)• But what if I make a BIG MISTAKE? – You’re not likely to! – Not everyone will agree with everything, that’s life – Make sure there is a valid reason to say it, do unto others etc.
    22. 22. My long list of things brands can do• Facebook • LinkedIn – Brand & product pages – Industry & community groups & forums – Content distribution – Recruitment – Campaign launch platform – New business generation – Social listening • Blogging – Customer service – Create own blogs & write posts – Community thought, feedback & input – Work with influential bloggers – Competitions & games – Specific blog ambassador programmes – Advertising & recruitment – Product trial & review• Twitter – Product launches and events – Social listening • You Tube – Customer service, acknowledgement & – You Tube virals management – Video blog “Vlog” posts – Following & interacting on a personal – Explain companys origins & history level – Tying in with major sporting & world – Highlight depts & employees events • Content – Shift to valuing expressions over – Branded content worth sharing impressions – Written blog posts – Driving traditional PR and media – Quick, momentary topical activities mentions – Informal, funny, PR “stunt” content – White papers and downloads
    23. 23. Thank you! You can find me in all the usual places...Link to me: me: me: @Cheshire_Claire @SocialBoutique_Call me: 07970 798802Write me: Just kidding!