RFCurrent2000A Wireless Current Data Logger


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http://www.madgetech.com/iq-oq-pq-on-site-services | Energy and DC current studies need the right equipment to gather reliable data. Choose the RFCurrent2000A wireless current data logger for your projects today.

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RFCurrent2000A Wireless Current Data Logger

  1. 1. RFCurrent2000A Wireless Current Data Logger
  2. 2. Data Loggers Data loggers do exactly what they sound like they do. The are used to record various types of data for many different industries such as: • Food and meat processing • Pharmaceutical • Energy • Manufacturing • Aerospace • Life Sciences And more! The sensors in data loggers collect information on parameters such as: • Temperature • Humidity • Pressure • Current / Voltage • Shock
  3. 3. What is the RFCurrent2000A Used For? The RFCurrent2000A is a wireless data logger that is used to record DC current levels. This device is able to connect to low-level DC sources which makes this data logger especially useful for: • Battery usage studies • Energy monitoring studies • Photovoltaic studies
  4. 4. Features Some notable features of the RFCurrent2000A include: • Wireless data transmission • Configurable alarms • Manual statistic reset option • The ability to record over 30,000 readings • Programmable engineering units • Ports for interfacing with a wide range of sensors
  5. 5. Benefits The RFCurrent2000A comes with a combination of benefits that other data loggers just don’t have. The device features a LCD screen that allows you to have instant access to current data as well as the min, max, and average statistics. Other benefits include: • Minimal long term maintenance • Continuous and real-time monitoring capabilities • Various alert options including texts, emails, visual and audible alerts
  6. 6. Software All MadgeTech Data Loggers come with MadgeTech 4 data logging software. This software is a powerful in depth analysis tool and is easy to install and use. All you need is a PC computer! Software features include: • Multiple graph overlay • Data annotation • Digital device calibration • Customizable reports • Ability to export to Excel
  7. 7. Maintenance Maintenance is easy with the RFCurrent2000A Wireless Current Data Logger. Annual calibration is recommended for this data logger. The MadgeTech support staff is prompt and courteous and happy to assist you with this. Typical battery life is 4 years with 15 minute reading interval and is user replaceable. We are here to help
  8. 8. RFC1000 Wireless Transceiver The RFC1000 is a wireless transceiver that makes networking your wireless Madgetech data loggers a breeze. This wireless transceiver is popular for its high power and long transmission range. This RCF1000 also features an external antenna, which allows for flexible mounting capabilities.
  9. 9. Order Today! Choose Madgetech for all your data logging needs. Browse through the diverse selection of data logging products and see the quality for yourself!
  10. 10. About Us MadgeTech, Inc 6 Warner Road Warner, NH 03278 Office: (603) 456-2011 Toll Free: (877) 671-2885 Fax: (603) 456-2012 info@madgetech.com Madgetech is a global leader and expert in the manufacturing of data loggers. All MadgeTech products are engineered and created in the USA and sold worldwide. Need help deciding? Call our technical sales staff to assist you with finding the best solution for your data logging needs.
  11. 11. Image Attributions 1. Slide 1: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 2. Slide 2: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 3. Slide 3: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 4. Slide 4: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 5. Slide 5: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 6. Slide 6: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 7. Slide 7: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 8. Slide 8: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 9. Slide 9: Courtesy of Madgetech.com 10.Slide 10: Courtesy of Madgetech.com
  12. 12. Presentation Summary Energy and DC current studies need the right equipment to gather reliable data. Choose the RFCurrent2000A wireless current data logger for your projects today.