Data Logging for Cyro Temperature Applications


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Data logging has given us the ability to monitor precise systems with a greater level of accuracy than ever before. The medical and shipping industries have particularly benefited from the advent of systems which can handle extreme colds. Not only do these systems add benefit to the institution, but they have become necessities that we can no longer do without.

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Data Logging for Cyro Temperature Applications

  1. 1. Data Logging for Cryo Temperature Applications What it is and ways it is used
  2. 2. What is Data Logging? • Data logging is the process of recording precise measurements over an interval of time. In this example, ultra-low temperature readings. • A data logger is used to collect and store the information being gathered. • Data loggers require regular calibration to ensure accuracy. • Alerts are configured to notify users when a specific condition has been reached. For example, if a temperature level is reached, an alert is raised. • Data logging software is used to analyze and share the collected data.
  3. 3. Medical Facilities • Cryo data logging is particularly important in the research and medical industry. • To monitor and maintain an ultra-low temperature environment , a device designed for cryo-temperatures is required. • Hospitals and medical facilities use cryogenic freezers to store highly valued samples, vaccines, blood and other specimens.
  4. 4. Blood Plasma and Stem Cells • Cord blood stem cells must be preserved in cryogenic temperatures for potential medical use. • These stem cells have been successfully used to treat many diseases and utilized in over 25,000 transplants worldwide. • Frozen blood plasma can only be preserved if the cryogenic temperature of the environment is kept constant. Temperature fluctuations will destroy the usability.
  5. 5. Vaccines • Vaccines must be kept at extreme cold temperatures to keep the bacteria inert and only specialized systems can maintain these temperatures. • Many vaccines are properly stored in cryogenic temperatures. An unmonitored supply of vaccines could mutate and be extremely dangerous.
  6. 6. Pharmaceuticals • The pharmaceutical industry has become a huge necessity in our society. • With so many people dependent on pharmaceuticals to maintain their health, monitoring systems are more important than ever. • Monitoring temperatures is critical, not only in the lab, but during packaging, storage and shipping as well. • Cryo temperatures are often required to maintain vital properties of pharmaceutical products.
  7. 7. Shipping Industry • The shipping industry is one that supports many other industries. • Data logging during transportation is crucial weather it be by road, air or sea. • Maintaining products during transit at cryo temperatures can be challenging and requires the proper equipment. • Cryo-temp data loggers are compact, portable and ideal for this type of application.
  8. 8. Frozen Foods • Frozen foods are one of the most common applications for a cryo temperature monitoring system. • Cryogenic freezers are used for many food processing applications. • Using Cryo-Temp data loggers, management can be alerted the moment temperatures start to change.
  9. 9. Shipping Containers • Frozen items are sometimes stored in bulk containers that are subject to the outdoor elements and changing environments. • When cryo-temperatures need to be consistently maintained during shipping a monitoring device is essential. • By using multiple data loggers in an example like this, you can be sure that all areas of each container are covered.
  10. 10. It’s Good for Business • The bottom line , if your business or product relies upon cryo-temperature maintenance, a Cryo-Temp data logging system is a necessity. • Any data monitoring system will need regularly calibrated devices. MadgeTech Cryo- Temp data loggers are expertly calibrated in a controlled lab. • The final piece that makes the system complete is the ability to see, analyze and share your results. Madgetech Data Logging software has all the right tools for the job. • For more information visit us at