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  • Welcome!
  • Mad Genius intro. Go through it pretty quickly.
  • Push our social! Like us, friend us, follow us, tag us!
  • In terms of advertising and promoting in the social space, there are 3 arenaa: PEO. But we’re gonna cover more than that.
  • We’re going to turn to some helpers to assist us in answering that question.
  • It’s where the people are.
  • What do Girl Scouts have to do with social media? Well, let’s see…
  • So who’s selling more cookies? The Girl Scout who sets up her own sale-site, or the Girl Scout who goes to the central marketplace?
  • Go through one-by-one, but don’t drag it out.
  • Go through one-by-one, but don’t drag it out.
  • Go through one-by-one, but don’t drag it out.
  • Go through one-by-one, but don’t drag it out.
  • Go through one-by-one, but don’t drag it out.
  • A brief history of social media… something not as foreign to you as you might think.
  • It used to be that if we wanted to immediately, directly engage with our friends, neighbors, potential clients – we had to do it face-to-face.
  • (And this ancient computer ultimately begat the evolutionary iPad.)
  • We’ve gone from face to face to Facebook… and beyond.
  • Don’t Panic. We can help. (And if even one person in here is a Douglas Adams fan, this graphic was totally worth it.)
  • Don’t panic. The truth is, you’re already social. We’ll show you a case study to prove this point.
  • Don’t panic. The truth is, you’re already social. We’ll show you a case study to prove this point.
  • You have a social life. Don’t let someone else live it. Manage your social life. E stablish a tone, take control, join the conversation
  • You have a social life. Don’t let someone else live it. Manage your social life. E stablish a tone, take control, join the conversation
  • You have a social life. Don’t let someone else live it. Manage your social life. E stablish a tone, take control, join the conversation
  • You can also now track impact/# of impressions on your FB page… this one only had about 12 RESPONSES (likes or comments), but it had 771 IMPRESSIONS.
  • Facebook also provides great insights with metrics and information on activity, views by post, weekly and monthly charts, etc.
  • You can also get analytics from Google…
  • … which looks like this
  • @ Example:
  • Sorry we couldn’t continue the F-word/Bird theme… if anyone has any brilliant ideas, email me.
  • Or in other words, to go back to our little cookie-selling friends…
  • It starts with unanswered comments, which lose you followers… and then, the spam-bots move in…
  • Which leads us to… risks and rewards!
  • The rewards outweigh the risks. Get on the bandwagon.
  • Push our social! Like us, friend us, follow us, tag us!

Social Media 101 - Mad Genius Social Media 101 - Mad Genius Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media 101
  • Meet Mad Genius.
    • What We Tell
    • People on Elevators
    • Mad Genius fuses marketing insight and strategy with design, interactive, social, video and animation wizardry to bring limitless ideas to our clients.
  • We’re Social. (Come say hello.)
    • @madgsocial
    • madgsocial
  • What we’ll cover today
      • What is Social Media?
      • Why Businesses Should Care
      • Social Media Snapshot: Impact
      • Social Media Basics
      • Risks & Risk-Fixes
  • Here’s where to find this presentation!
  • Let’s Get Started.
  • What is social media ?
    • Social media : media for social interaction that utilize web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.
    • Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare and LinkedIn are all examples of social media.
  • The 3 Types of Social Media
  • Image from m80 / Jon Thomas
  • Why Should Businesses Care about Social Media ?
  • A Tale of Two Girl Scouts (Or, Cookie Wars)
    • Our first Girl Scout knows her cookies are good (and well-branded!).
    • She sets up shop at home and waves cars towards her delicious cookies.
    • This Girl Scout
    • is a
    • cookie destination .
    • Our next Girl Scout knows everyone shops at the mall.
    • So she takes her cookies there .
    • This little Girl Scout brings her cookies to the people.
  • Who’s Selling More Cookies?
  • (This is a metaphor for Social Media.)
    • Think of your website as selling cookies at home: a destination for customers to seek out .
    • Think of social media as selling your cookies at the mall: going to where your customers are .
  • Let’s Look Closer. Your website requires customers to come to you.
  • Your social media lets you take your business to your customers .
  • Bottom Line: If you’re not engaging in social media, you’re not in the sandbox where everyone else is playing .
  • Social World: A Snapshot
    • 35 Billion  Tweets sent in one year (2010)
    • (Source: Royal Pingdom)
    • 30 Billion  pieces of content (link, photos, notes, etc) posted to Facebook each month
    • (Source: Royal Pingdom)
    • 200 Million  views on YouTube Mobile
    • every day
    • (Source: Google)
    • $3.08 Billion  will be spent on social media site ads in 2011
    • (a 55% increase from 2010)
    • (Source: eMarketing)
    • There are more than 500 million active users on Facebook alone.
    • (Source: Facebook)
  • In Girl Scout terms? That’s a lot of cookie-eaters.
  • Welcome to the Social Reality.
  • How Did We Get Here?
  • Social Media: History
  • B.C. Era “Before Computers” (This is what “social” looked like.)
  • E.I.A. “Early Internet Age”
    • Message boards and chat rooms were early-internet predecessors of modern social media.
  • Now: O.M.G.
    • The truth is?
    • You’re already social .
    • You’re already social :
    • A Case Study.
  • You’re Already Social. Facebook: 39 Entries 2 Business Pages 37 Places 112 Likes 200+ Check-ins.
  • You’re Already Social. Foursquare: 22 Individuals 51 Check-ins Mayor = Rebecca E.
  • You’re Already Social. Yelp: 4 Entries 1 Review (Positive)
  • So let’s meet the Big Players .
  • Facebook
  • What is Facebook ?
    • Social networking site utilized by more than 500 million people worldwide.
    • The largest social media platform: people create pages to share “status updates,” photos, videos, links to articles, and so on.
  • What is Facebook ?
    • In addition to individuals’ pages, there are professional pages on Facebook. These include:
        • Local Business or Place
        • Company, Organization, or Institution
        • Brand or Product
        • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
        • Entertainment
        • Cause or Community
  • How Do I “Make a Page”?
    • We’ll show you!
  • Twitter
  • What is Twitter?
    • Twitter is a “micro-blogging” site: all posts (aka “Tweets”) must be 140 characters in length or less.
    • You can “follow” other Twitter users (and have customers “follow” you) which means their Tweets will create your Twitter feed…
  • Twitter Signs
    • @ - this designates a Twitter username, and “tags” (alerts and links) that user to your post.
    • # - this connects your post to a Twitter conversation topic, making your post searchable to everyone interested in that topic (even if they don’t follow you)
  • @ Tagging People
  • # Tagging Conversations
  • How Businesses Use Twitter
    • CRM ( C ustomer R elationship M anagement)
    • Sales Promotions
    • “ Curating”
    • Social Engagement
  • Business Use: CRM
  • Business Use: Promotional
  • Business Use: Curating
  • Business Use: Engagement
  • The Tube
  • YouTube is Videos , Right?
    • Right.
    • And if you ever do commercials or video demonstrations, or share industry-relevant ones, you should have your own channel.
  • (Pssst… what’s Foursquare?)
  • “ Checking In”
    • Location Based Technology
    • Allows users to “check in” at a location, using their smartphone
    • Posts their check-in location information to other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Location Based Technology
    • As of March 2010, the most popular location based technology application, Foursquare, had 500,000 users.
    • When people “check in” axt your location, it can help draw attention to your business. If you have a social media presence, they can link directly to you when they check in.
  • These platforms work together .
    • You can link your Twitter & Facebook.
    • You can embed YouTube videos on Facebook or Tweet their links on Twitter.
    • Potential customers can connect with you through Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter…
    • And here’s the really important part:
  • None of them work without you!
  • Social media = only as effective as you make it.
  • Girl Scouts Again!
    • If our Girl Scout started a Facebook page, and someone posted the question: “Hey! Do y’all still sell thin mints?”
    • And no one ever responds to the comment… she didn’t just lose that customer. She probably lost everyone who saw the poor, ignored comment.
  • But what about the risks ?
  • Lack of Common Sense
  • Dormancy
  • Spam-A-Lot
  • “ Mr. Cohen”
  • The Risk-Fixes
  • Risk Fixes
    • The Common Sense Solution:
    • The Dormancy AND Spam-a-Lot Solution:
    • The Mr. Cohen Solution:
    • MOVE ON
  • The Biggest Benefit: E N G A G E M E N T !
  • Connect with Your Customers
    • Post a question, get a response – or dozens of them.
    • Instead of advertising TO your customers, engage WITH them, and you can cultivate vocal brand ambassadors to sing your praises in the social space.
  • More Social Benefits
      • Credibility / honesty / transparency
      • Buzz & Brand Ambassadors
      • Being relevant
      • Connecting with “influencers”
      • Selling more cookies!
  • Quick Recap (with cookies )!
      • “ Social media” definition? (Paraphrase away!)
      • The 3 Types of social media advertising are…?
      • The four major social media platforms we talked about today were…?
      • CRM is…?
      • Businesses should care about social media because…?
      • @ on Twitter will tag…?
      • # on Twitter will tag….?
  • Social Media 201 (yes, there’s always more)
    • More social sites:
      • Linked In
      • Digg
      • Reddit
      • Flickr
      • Digg
      • MySpace
      • StumbleUpon
  • Here’s where to find this presentation!
  • And let’s continue to social-ize.
    • @madgsocial
    • madgsocial