Where do good ideas come from?


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@sprinzette spoke at SheSays UK to give a perspective on where good ideas come from.

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  • thanks for that. There's something else. I heard Julian Fellows (Oscar winning screen writer) say this: 'Don't wait to be in the mood.' Good advice. After 20 years writing on brands and advising on Verbal Identity (www.verbalidentity.co.uk) the mood comes less often, but the habit comes more easily.
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Where do good ideas come from?

  1. 1. Where do good ideas come from?...one producer’s answer, or a proven hypothesisSheSays, 04 08 11
  2. 2. Ideas, they’re the holy grail
  3. 3. The secrets of some women I know
  4. 4. The secrets of some women I know @finalbullet
  5. 5. The secrets of some women I know @finalbullet @kbordwell
  6. 6. The secrets of some women I know @finalbullet @kbordwell @ohrworm
  7. 7. The secrets of some women I know @finalbullet @kbordwell @ohrworm @farrahbostic
  8. 8. Leila Johnston,writer, hacker, strategist "There is no formula for a good idea, but they arise naturally out of the right combinations of personalities, rather than "skills" in the employment sense of the word. Without everyone involved feeling positive about the process and goal -- and each other -- its very difficult to get to anything of real resonance."
  9. 9. Kate Bordwell,strategist, blogger "Good ideas come from intelligent creative people working together. The brief just sets the parameters of the direction and records the thinking."
  10. 10. Cath Richardson,strategist, maker, digital what-sit "Working with potential users introduces an element of chaos into the creative process. By bringing in this foreign element you set the scene for serendipitous discovery."
  11. 11. Farrah Bostic,strategist, lean planner, entrepreneur "Good ideas come from an almost delusional optimism about the problem to be solved, an openness to seemingly unrelated analogies, and a playfulness with both the sublime and the ridiculous. Good ideas also come from people telling stories over a drink or after watching a video of a hamster on a piano eating popcorn."
  12. 12. A sociologists view"An idea is nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements." Vilfredo Pareto
  13. 13. Ideas as a production line“The production of ideas is just as definite a process as theproduction of Fords; [...] the production of ideas, too, runs on an assembly line.”
  14. 14. Creatives as magicians “The creative people - the ones who have to come up with the magic.” Hegarty
  15. 15. As the non-magician, what now?
  16. 16. Except... I work with The Many
  17. 17. <title />
  18. 18. T-shaped?
  19. 19. A radial approach Solution n So tio Strategy lu lu tio So n Customer Solution Solution Sketching development Problem So n io lu t Technology tio u ol n S Solution
  20. 20. Many heads... make light work
  21. 21. Many heads... make light work
  22. 22. Many heads... make light work
  23. 23. Everyone can pick up a pen to sketch
  24. 24. Company-wide sketch-brainstorms
  25. 25. Stuck? Try working it out, backwards
  26. 26. Rapid, collaboration: Good, by ideas
  27. 27. Free ideas for #famineaid
  28. 28. Outdated: the lone idea creator
  29. 29. Having and executing an idea is not formulaic
  30. 30. Epilogue