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We were invited to talk at the Balanced Team event at Adaptive Path's offices in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2012. Paul Sims our service design lead took the floor for a 10 minute lightning talk about our take on Lean and service design at MxM.

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Sxsw balanced team-paulsims2

  1. 1. LEAN SERVICE DESIGN •10 minute lightning talk about the evolving service design practice at MxM
  2. 2. •I always wanted to be a strategist MONOLITHIC STRATEGY•But I was disabled by being good at making things (and too honest)•Old service design too many diverse touchpoints (we can’t make them all)•New Service design centres on contextual digital touchpoints (mobile & web)•As a result we can own more of the making process LEAN SERVICE
  3. 3. SERVICE DESIGN LEAN STARTUP AGILE•Nicked the best bits from all three•Service Design plays well with large orgs (handles big problems)•Service Design Good for managing innovation process (diverse disciplines in teams)•Lean for minimum viable prduct and and Launch & Learn product process•Agile for the specifying, making and managing process
  4. 4. MAKING STUFF•A practice not a dogma
  5. 5. DISCOVER YOUR PIONEERS•Look for evidence of the activity you need•Luckily we had Skype so near to face was easy•5 people is a good number for insights (more than that and your creating insight debt)•Insights with pairs of friends is best as they chat between themselves and make less up•Rolling insight and testing is the hardest bit but the most important
  6. 6. TEST NOW•Find the fastest way to a test•Take your assumptions and push them simple filter process
  7. 7. DRAW AND PLAY MORE •Use drawing as a brainstorming technique •Manufacture rapid paper prototypes •Keep working together for as long as possible
  8. 8. MAXIMISE AUTONOMY •Bring developers upstream in the process •Pair devs with designers •Use realtime designing and building •This is more risky but creates better teams
  9. 9. JUST IN TIME IA•Bring developers upstream in the process•Pair devs with designers•Use realtime designing and building•This is more risky but creates better teams
  10. 10. An offer Jim’s Design Co. Narrative Touchpoint Process Touchpoint Narrative Sarah’s florist “I want to sign in Login page Skype ID with my Skype ID” Password Redirect New Redirect user to existing user profile/new to users/id “I want to create an offer outlining Title how my company A web form to capture Description Topic items INVENT TOOLS can help other the key points of Jim’s SMBs with their offer Available time brands” Cost option Save as draft Save and to profile publish to live “I can search all View offer available the Sarah can see Jim’s details offer while browsing offers and and topics discussions” - logged in “I get an email if notify offer “I like the sound of someone is Jim’s offer, I’d like Sarah can save an Save link to owner - not She clicks ‘Request interested in meeting’ to have a quick offer she thinks might offer in logged in Alert meeting up” chat and find out be interesting profile ‘You need to be more” logged in’•Keep thinking of new ways to describe things Sign in / Sign•Prototype with realtime chat up to Sype•Create forums for designers and devs to collaborate.•Facilitate this experience
  11. 11. Charter Shared vision • Simple statement of goals / aims / intentions Current situation Success criteria Assumptions • Background and context • Testable expectations • Things that need validation • Competition • Customer satisfaction • Qualitative assessment • Sign ups / New users • Analytics / Trends • Sales increase • International reach • Social network reach USE CHARTERS Why Constraints • Business segments • Budget • Root-cause analysis • Available time Risks • Dilution / Control•Nicked from agile•Simple tool to define short/long term objectives•Creates focus
  13. 13. SKYPE WANTED SOME STORIES•3 slide case study•Skype knew teacherswere using it in theclassroom•We converted amarketing & PR strategyinto a service WE GAVE THEM A STORY ENGINE
  14. 14. •A collaborative utility•Generates amazing stories on it’s own•It’s easier to capture the need not theoutcome•About ideas in time not artefacts•(This page shows a teacher looking to workon a project about Inuits. She got a responcefrom a teacher from Yupik community)
  15. 15. BLUEPRINT THE FUTURE •Scale ambition - not the promise •Create small pieces of evidence •Create examples of future service ecologies •Then think what happened to get here •Work with the complexities of the large org stakeholders (help them with ‘elevator pitches’)
  16. 16. INSPIRING TEACHERS AMAZING PLACE TO EDUCATIONAL SKYPE BRAND EXPERIENCES•The outcome•A powerful utility•Everybody wins•This looks a lot like the triple bottom line...
  17. 17. PEOPLE PLANET PROFIT•The triple bottom line big part of service design agenda
  18. 18. NOTHING IS FOREVER NOTHING IS FINISHED NOTHING IS PERFECT NOTHING IS THE SAME•Reiterate... wabi•Embrace project diversity•No project is ever the same•One size fits all process is a myth•Have a few generic tools that are constantly customised