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Silicon beach d01

by on Oct 05, 2011





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  • JessicaGwenMa Jess M at erawan studios it started off interesting - soon as it goes into what they are doing I am completely lost. Can they actually be marketing well if they can't even clearly communicate what the hell they are actually doing?? 1 year ago
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  • tomatom Tomato Media at Tomato Media Fed up with crap social media marketing? Watch this. 2 years ago
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  • michaelmargolis Michael Margolis, Chief Instigator at Get Storied brilliant underlying premise and truth saying on the front end. And yet right after you talk about the shit being sold (which I loved!!!)...you jump right into selling us on your...well, you know....much rosier smelling...sunflowers, lollipops, process of visionary humanistic business design innovation prototyping entrepreneurial agile modeling -- which no doubt is legit, brilliant, and far more effective than the traditional shit. Truly. :-) Perhaps, I’m being a bit unfair in my challenge, and taking your beautiful and thoughtful deck out of context...I certainly see great wisdom in your 12 points. Just don’t see how they necessarily resolve the real issue of landfill marketing. Is the root cause of the shit out there really just the need for better PROCESS? Can I make a genuine suggestion? Consider choosing another hero for the story...beyond what appears to be yourself (i.e. invite the audience be the hero and you’ll have a better way to honor the soul/premise of your message...and ensure your motivations aren't questioned). Plus, you’ll have a story that’s even more worthy of telling and sharing. 2 years ago
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  • simonsaysso simonsanders at simonsanders Great deck! Strong views...well told 2 years ago
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  • ArunPrasanth Arun Prasanth, Freelance Design Expert at My Home Great Presentation... but the slide about shit could have been avoided. Too visual, I fear. 2 years ago
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  • sparkey Tim Sparke, Digital Coach at Congregation Partners/Sparke Enterprises Love it. Amazing stuff. Let me know where I can sign up to the charter : ) 2 years ago
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  • mixalis1 Michael Paredrakos, Strategic Planner at http://thecuriousbrain.com/ very interesting thanks for sharing its up at http://thecuriousbrain.com/ 2 years ago
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Silicon beach d01 Silicon beach d01 Presentation Transcript