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Made by Many is going to be in Sweden! This presentation explains why.

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    Hola el meu amic nou
    El meu nom és rita vaig veure el seu perfil en ( i m'encanta crec que podem fer clic així que si us plau m'agradaria a enviar de tornada a través de la meva adreça de correu electrònic així: perquè jo pugui et va dir més sobre mi i dono la meva imatge dolça, perquè pugui saber que em va bé.
    A l'espera de veure la seva resposta el més aviat possible encantadora.
    Miss rita
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Made by Many Sweden

  1. Wednesday, 9 March 2011
  2. We just opened a new Made by Many in Stockholm, SwedenWednesday, 9 March 2011
  3. Not *only* because we love herring, knackebrod, Plopp...Wednesday, 9 March 2011
  4. Although, we do love all those thingsWednesday, 9 March 2011
  5. It’s really because Sweden is a great place to do mobileWednesday, 9 March 2011
  6. For us, Sweden is like a lab ★ Advanced mobile ecosystem and infrastructure ★ Pool of incredibly talented developers and designers ★ Progressive consumer and media marketsWednesday, 9 March 2011
  7. So, now we’re going to make services and products that live everywhereWednesday, 9 March 2011
  8. And we’re going to carry on doing this... USEFUL & ENTERTAININGWednesday, 9 March 2011
  9. Like this...Wednesday, 9 March 2011
  10. But in two places instead of only oneWednesday, 9 March 2011
  11. WHY?Wednesday, 9 March 2011
  12. Because this is where products & services really start making senseWednesday, 9 March 2011
  13. And the world needs better apps & services brand/product-centric people-centricWednesday, 9 March 2011
  14. We say, use mobile as an experience, incorporating play, social values & utilityWednesday, 9 March 2011
  15. Because people behave differently on mobileWednesday, 9 March 2011
  16. Very differently...Wednesday, 9 March 2011
  17. And because *finally* we can make everyday magicWednesday, 9 March 2011
  18. Interaction with objects swinxs sphero androidWednesday, 9 March 2011
  19. New device form factors idkulWednesday, 9 March 2011
  20. Using play beyond games “Guiding people in enjoyable ways and a new approach to creative thinking. Surviving in the new world requires a playful mindset”Wednesday, 9 March 2011
  21. The instrumented world Billions of sensors around the world, all accessible by our mobiles Layer social dynamics, expert advice, community & game mechanics pachubeWednesday, 9 March 2011
  22. Indoor geo-location 79% of shoppers report using the web to look up product info before purchase Micro-location enabled apps are the next logical step IndoorLBSWednesday, 9 March 2011
  23. And more... • Face recognition • Augmented reality • Speech recognition Viewdle • Second skin Beyond ads and campaigns Falcon GunnerWednesday, 9 March 2011
  24. After a decade of predictions about when smartphones & mobile broadband will reach critical mass... it looks like we’re finally thereWednesday, 9 March 2011
  25. Contact We’ll all be hanging out in London & Sweden from now on. Please get in touch. London Tim Malbon Address Diespeker Wharf, Graham Street, N1 8JX Email tim (@) Phone +44 (0) 20 8133 8510 Stockholm Patrik Falk Address Sandhamnsg. 57, 11528 Stockholm Email patrik (@) Phone +46 (0) 70 092 8977Wednesday, 9 March 2011
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