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Synthesis project activity 3 Synthesis project activity 3 Presentation Transcript

  • Synthesis Quest Presentation Level 3 Activity By: Madeline Manuel
  • What motivated me to take this class? • - What motivated me to take this class was that I was interested in learning about using different technology devices, content, and the background information behind it. It can be overwhelming sometimes and I find some comfort in taking an informative class such as this. • -I really wanted to see how I could better my understanding for the different technologies that are offered to us in our generation. I would then value the information past on to me and would by able to use it in real life situations and scenarios. Just receiving knowledge in something I wanted to learn about is what really motivated me to take this class.
  • Personal Learning Preferences • Reflective- 1 • Sensing- 11 • Visual- 5 • Sequential- 7
  • Personal Learning Preferences • - Reflective: For reflective I scored the lowest (1) because I found that I don’t really look over my work over and over again to make sure that it is perfect. I like to do things right the first or second time because I find that if I change my thought process to much it ends up being to detailed. • -Sensing: for sensing I scored the most (11) because I found that I am more of a learner that is willing to know more about the different factual content that the subject has, rather then going deeper into the subjects. I find that this is more practical since I will be using this kind of factual information on a day to day basis. • -Visual: For visual I ended up scoring in the middle (5) because I find that I am able to learn different subjects through an interactive environment and an individual environment as well. • - Sequential: For sequential I scored a (7) on the sequential side because I am more of an individual learner and don’t necessarily prefer to work in groups.
  • What I think about my Learning Preferences? • -It is definitely an important part of this class to be able to understand and know your learning preference because we all have different learning preferences and we are able to understand the content better if we pick the topics that would seem more appealing to us. The great feature about this class would have to be that we are in control in to what we want to learn and how we want to learn it. • -After being able to find out the different learning preferences that I had, I am able to improve on what I am still pretty weak on and use what I am good at to my advantage.
  • Learning Pathway • The learning pathway that I chose in the beginning of this class is the Learning Warrior where I would go more in depth with the different topics and quest that this class has to offer. I believe that since I already have a couple gadgets that I am knowledgeable about, I find that this learning path is perfect for me because I will be able to learn more thoroughly to how all my devices work. I find that since I did chose the learning path as a Learning Warrior I will be able to really go in depth with all the different technologies offered to us in our generation.
  • Learning Pathway
  • Activities • I find that the most helpful activities that stuck to me the entire semester would have to be all the activities in the metacognition quests( Lifelong learning). By doing these activities I was able to really focus on trying to understand myself first before actually learning the different technologies at a basic level. This strategy was helpful because I could fully understand each topic more thoroughly since I was able to really understand what and why I needed to improve the way I learn. • The activities that helped me dig deeper into understanding the different aspects of each subject were all the level 2 and 3 activities. I find that these activities really helped me to become more engaged with my classmates as well so we would all have to same level of understand the different concepts and we would all put our input in to help better each other and ourselves.
  • Top Three Technologies Ipads and Tablets -The first technology that I was interested in learning first would have to be Ipad and tablets just because I actually own an Ipad myself. I figured it would be a good way to learn different ways and strategies to learn with my Ipad and further my understanding to how everything works when being concurrent with school work as well. What really helped me out was that I started to use my Ipad to take notes in class. My notes were unique because I was able to draw different diagrams which would aid me as a learner because I am a visual learner myself. It was a good way to use my Ipad because I was able to review my notes once I had to study for an upcoming exam.
  • Top Three Technologies • Podcasts • - I was a little hesitant about using podcasts to learn because I feel that it would take to much of my time. What really caught my attention and what really wanted me to give it a try would have to be the versatility that Podcasts have to offer. I was able to look up any topic that I was interested in learning and I was able to listen to the lesson at anytime and anywhere. It is convenient for people that are on the go like myself because having a lesson available to your continence gives a person no excuse to not understand the material thoroughly.
  • Top Three Technologies • Social Networking sites • -This technology I have had previous knowledge about but I wanted to broaden my horizons and find out what else social networking sites have to offer. I know that social networking sites really help me connect with people all over the world and it can really help motivate me into being more interactive with myself and the people that I communicate with. For example, I will be able to really express myself visually but it can also give me an opportunity to express myself actively and verbally as well. This is can help people that are shy come out of the bubble and will eventually be more comfortable talking to people in real life situations as well.
  • My Experience with Different Technologies • I would have to say my experience with the different technologies that this class had to offer that stood out to me would have to be the games and mmog one because I never thought that games can be as interactive and fun as can be will still being able to learn a concept or topic of interest. • The technology that really surprised me the most would have to be podcasts. For some reason I always thought that Podcast was just a radio segment that was used for entertainment and not for learning. Now that I understand Podcasts more I am able to truly understand why it can be used for learning. Podcasts provide many different channels and offer many different topics, so I can see why it can be useful for people on the go and even for people that like to multitask. • The technology that I found to be a little overwhelming would have to be social bookmarking because it is not a guarantee that the certain information is genuine or if the information is even correct.
  • Physiological Factors • I have really incorporated some physiological factors in my learning style since I am now exercising more to keep myself healthy and alert and I am also trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. • I will definitely try to incorporate getting more sleep and maintaining the 7 hours of sleep I receive per day. I will also bring more whole grains, fruits and vegetables through out my diet for the entire day. I feel that since I will be exercising and having a better lifestyle I will be able to be positive and more physically prepared for what lies ahead of me.
  • Future plan • I will continue using my Ipad and laptop devices in order to better enhance my educational journey throughout my college career. I will definitely use all the different strategies that I have learned in this class and even incorporate the different learning styles that I have practiced. I will definitely continue to practice my note taking skills and incorporate that into test taking and practicing and studying for exams. I will also continue with a healthy lifestyle such as getting adequate amount of sleep, exercising and eating healthy. Also another important physiological factor would to keep hydrated. I also will be more open into using social network sites as an ultimate tool into helping me stay connected with the world around me, even if I am not physically there.
  • As a Learning Warrior • I felt that I was ultimately able to achieve a more informative layout of the different technologies that we have in our society today. I now know that there are more ways to better our community and our understanding of the different technologies because we are in control of what we are able to do. • -As of today and in the future, I will have a better understanding of the different ways technology and how it has a great impact on how we learn.