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Maddie Janssen powerpoint


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. New Features of PowerPoint 2010
    By: Madison Janssen Hr. 3
  • 2. Backstage view
    Backstage view lets you gain access to tasks related to managing files. Such as viewing Document properties, setting permissions, and opening, saving, printing, and sharing presentations
  • 3. Co-author presentations
    This allows you and other collaborates edit the PowerPoint at the same time. It also prevents anyone from being locked out of the files. NO longer will you have to take turns editing a project or presentation.
  • 4. Automatically saves versions of you presentations
    With “Office AutoRevisions” you can automatically save different versions of your presentation. This is very helpful if you forget to manually save.
  • 5. Merge and compare presentations
    The “Merge and Compare Feature” helps you compare your current presentation with old presentations. You also have the option of merging them together to make one.
  • 6. Work from anywhere
    You can now store your presentation on a Microsoft web app and you can access it anywhere. You’ll be able to view it and edit. The web apps are available by logging into Windows Live.
  • 7. Powerpoint mobile
    If you own a Windows 7 phone, you can access your presentations from your phone. You are able to edit and even see your notes! You can save your presentation and it will be saved online. Using the SharePoint app on your phone will allow you to save your presentation online.
  • 8. Play Video in your presentation
    You can now play video on your presentation. You can trim videos and edit them accordingly. You can also apply borders, entrances, exits, and many other features.
  • 9. Trim an audio or video clip
    You can now trim parts of an audio or videos clip that does not pertain to your presentation. It will also make the clip shorter.
  • 10. Link a video from a website
    You can now link a video from social networking sites to your presentations. Usually the website allows a code that you can copy and paste into your presentation that will link you to the website.
  • 11. Apply artistic features
    You can now apply artistic features to your presentation. Some of the features are like Pencil Sketch, Pencil Sketch, Line Drawing, Chalk Sketch, Watercolor Sponge, Mosaic Bubbles, Glass, Cement, Pastels Smooth, Plastic Wrap, Glow Edges, Photocopy, and Paint Strokes.
  • 12. This website I got my content and screenshots from.