What the Social Media Revolution means for Healthcare HR


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[Presentation for 2014 Michigan Healthcare HR Conference. Join Maddie Grant, CAE in a robust discussion about the current social media landscape in healthcare, how to take advantage of social technologies for your own networking and professional development, and how to avoid the pitfalls. Share your experiences, learn from your peers about how they use social media, and talk through potential concerns such as managing the time suck factor and navigating the inherent risks related to privacy and the blurring of personal and professional boundaries.

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What the Social Media Revolution means for Healthcare HR

  1. 1. What the Social Media Revolution Means for You Maddie Grant, CAE www.socialfish.org
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Who am I?
  4. 4. Who am I? http://bit.ly/wt5DiM
  5. 5. Who are you? - I don’t use social media at all - I use social media personally, but not for work - I use social media for work only - I’m all over social media
  6. 6. Agenda 1. The Social media landscape A. Associations B. Healthcare C. HR 2. Opportunities and risks - open discussion 3. Other Questions
  7. 7. Associations are all doing it.
  8. 8. Associations’ adoption of social media Ref: Association Trends’ Association Social Media Report 2013
  9. 9. Associations’ adoption of social media Ref: Association Trends’ Association Social Media Report 2013
  10. 10. Social Media has fundamentally changed Healthcare.
  11. 11. Resource: E-patient 2015, by Rohit Bhargava and Fard Johnmar
  12. 12. What are some risks for healthcare organizations? - reputation issues - privacy issues - HIPAA - productivity issues - training and education issues
  13. 13. Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal The Mayo Clinic’s 12 word social media policy http://network.socialmedia.mayoclinic.org/2012/04/05/a-twelve-word-social-media-policy/
  14. 14. Don’t endorse as a matter of course. Supervisors: Don’t initiate an employee friend request at your own behest. Separate your circle of friends from patients you mend. Corporate logo in your username is a no go. Adding a disclaimer is probably saner. Don’t practice on the Internet, regardless of your good intent Always surmise that HIPAA applies. Speak on your behalf, not that of staff. Anonymity is really gimmicky. If you chat about your company, identify abundantly.
  15. 15. Thoughts? Questions?
  16. 16. Social Media has fundamentally changed HR.
  17. 17. 69% of HR departments use social media to assist with recruitment. Ref: BLR infographic http://bit.ly/1pkqPOD
  18. 18. How has social changed HR? Let’s discuss. - recruiting processes - internal communications - external communications - performance reviews - professional development - influence scoring - performance management
  19. 19. An important note: You MUST stay abreast of new legal and regulatory social media developments.
  20. 20. What about Healthcare HR specifically?
  21. 21. “The answer to me is clear: Healthcare HR leaders must start using modern tools for business if they hope to be taken seriously and get results. Millions upon millions of candidates, employees and industry leaders use social media, yet where are the healthcare HR voices in this space?” - Jay Kuhns, VP of HR for All Childrens’ Hospital, Johns Hopkins
  22. 22. How are YOU using social media? - the time suck factor - personal/professional boundaries
  23. 23. The key to smart management of social media activity is simply to make it part of your daily work.
  24. 24. You can rock social media in 30 minutes a day Ref: Marketing Tech Blog infographic http://www.marketingtechblog.com/social-media-in-30-min/
  25. 25. There is increasingly no personal/ Professional boundary.
  26. 26. Questions? Thoughts?
  27. 27. Thank you! Maddie Grant maddie@socialfish.org @maddiegrant