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Social Networking for Events Part 1 of 3: Designing a Strategy


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SocialFish present Part 1 of a 3 part series on Social Networking for Events and Tradeshows. In the first of three comprehensive sessions on social networking, our experts demonstrate how to create a …

SocialFish present Part 1 of a 3 part series on Social Networking for Events and Tradeshows. In the first of three comprehensive sessions on social networking, our experts demonstrate how to create a long-term strategy for implementing social networking into your show's marketing plan.

The recording is available here:

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Outline of our upcoming webinar.
  • Outline of what we’ll talk about
  • Survey to find out whether these folks have a social media strategy?
  • It’s not about the tools
  • No matter how fancy you get
  • It’s about the people.
  • Digital extroverts – they’re the people you need to know to do more things. You need to find them and socialize with them.
  • What are digital extroverts using social media for in relation to your events? (your participants, not you as organizers)
  • More broadly…what’s social media good for
  • How does that relate to your focus areas? Can you find sweet spots?
  • The more overlap, the more people care, the closer you can come to a bullseye.
  • Quick point about listening—should be central to any strategy. “social” is 2-way. Otherwise it’s just a traditional communications strategy, not a social media strategy.
  • WOM is the basis of any strategy related to building attendance or buzz. We’ll explain the 5 Ts of word of mouth, as Andy lays them out in his book. It’s the simplest strategy that will definitely work.
  • To conclude, each of us can give advice about the best place(s) to start. Stuff like: Build the capacity to listen & respond Figure out who your talkers are Know your objectives [We can change these, or make them up on the fly…and Tara might have something different. Just thought I’d put in what I was thinking.]
  • Q & A time
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Networking for Events: Designing Your Strategy Image credit: Eboy FooBar Poster Tara Dunion, CEA Lindy Dreyer, SocialFish Maddie Grant, CAE, SocialFish
    • 2. Today’s Session
      • Social media strategy for events
      • Strategies for building attendance
      • Social media at International CES
      • Where to start
    • 3. SURVEY: What stage are you in?
      • We have a strategy and it’s working great.
      • We developed a strategy, but then went no where
      • We’re using social media, but there’s not much strategy involved.
      • We’re experimenting with social media.
      • We haven’t started yet—but we want a good strategy in place first.
    • 4. Social Media Tools Brian Solis and JESS3
    • 5. Brian Solis and JESS3
    • 6. The more people you know, the more things you can do. Image credit: Jessica Hagy, Indexed Blog
    • 7. Visualization from MentionMap
    • 8. Three ways folks use social media around events Backchannel (digital note passing) Image credit: Naixn on Flickr Curating content (photos, video, blogs) Image credit: Tom Carmony on Flickr Remote participation (and anticipation)
    • 9. conversation collaboration collective action
    • 10. Marketing Expo Conference
    • 11. Marketing Expo Conference conversation collaboration collective action
    • 12. Launch Something Feed & Nurture Objectives & Strategy Measure & Evaluate Listening
    • 13. Author: Andy Sernovitz
      • Talkers
      • Topics
      • Tools
      • Take Part
      • Track
      Strategy for building attendance and buzz
    • 14. The International CES: a social media case study Presented by: Tara Dunion Sr. Director, Communications CEA/International CES
    • 15. The International CES
    • 16.
      • What is the International CES?
      • The world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow
      • Held in Las Vegas each January
      • Some 20,000 new products launched
      • Produced by CEA
    • 17.  
    • 18.  
    • 19. The 2009 International CES
    • 20.  
    • 21.  
    • 22. The 2010 International CES
    • 23.  
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27.  
    • 28.  
    • 29.
      • 24/7/365 days of the year
      • Interactive
      • Thinks with a green mind
      • Social media conscious
      • Revenue sharing – the best direct marketing
      • Real time media/trade show updates
      • Easy to Integrate
      • Enhances the attendee experience
      Follow me is …
    • 30. Stay on Track…Follow Yourself
      • Interactive tracking
      • Know who (Exhibitors) is near by and what they are all about!
      • Easily locate your friends
      • Route to your next booth!!
    • 31. The CES Social Circle
    • 32. CES Social Circle highlights the top tweets, images and contributors
    • 33. CES check-in locations on Foursquare
    • 34. What’s next: Strategy & Goals for 2011 CES
    • 35. THANK YOU! [email_address] Twitter: @taradunion
    • 36.  
    • 37. Lindy Dreyer SocialFish [email_address] @lindydreyer on Twitter Maddie Grant, CAE SocialFish maddie@ @maddiegrant on Twitter Tara Dunion Consumer Electronics Association [email_address] @taradunion on Twitter