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  • MADDIE INTRODUCTION Who we are. How YAP is our testing pond. Big picture ideas…later we’ll have a discussion where we can talk tactics.
  • LINDY DEFINES THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL Who sees themselves as a young professional? Cool. Now it’s time for some New Rules. You Bill Maher fans know what I’m talking about.
  • MADDIE ON HAVING A LIFE ONLINE Intro about how the distinction is less defined for YPs FB Twitter YAP Google Reader From a marketing POV, YPs expect your organization’s online presence to reflect the vitality and value that you have in the real world. Part of that means figuring out how to engage YPs online and earn their trust.
  • LINDY ON TRUST When you get really good at all of this, you’re enabling community… and that’s how you cut through the clutter and get your stuff noticed…because…NEW RULE…
  • MADDIE ON INSTANT GRATIFICATION They aren’t going to read everything you send them. They view information as a ubiquitous commodity. And they won’t pay for something they can find on Google for free. Associations provide value through filtering information and showing what’s good and what’s bad…assuming you’ve earned their trust. ;-) How’s your SEO? Google vets information by putting the best stuff on the front page. You need to be on the front page, or you’re taking a hit to your trustworthy-ness. Info starts digital. Print becomes an artifact of a digital entity. How does that change your publishing model? What’s life like when you can have everything right now? Think for a second about what instant gratification does to a person…because…NEW RULE…
  • LINDY ON CONTENT & REWARDS When did 25 year olds earn the right to have a crisis? Grew up with high expectations. Opportunity is in being sensitive to this phenomenon and being a trusted place to turn to get back on track. After all…they have the ability to constantly benchmark their success against their friends’ Facebook profile…That’s how YPs communicate with one another…which leads us to…
  • MADDIE ON COMMUNICATIONS VEHICLE Email is for work. Facebook is for personal…not work. Mobile is another way peer-to-peer interaction takes place. How can we participate in these spaces without butting in. By the same token, how can we use a personalized direct mail piece to change it up and get noticed?
  • MADDIE TO OPEN IT UP FOR AUDIENCE DISCUSSION Let’s open this up to questions and comments…we can keep talking big ideas or talk tactics…who’s first? If no one, we can do the YAP example.
  • New Rules For Engaging Young Professionals Slideboom

    1. 1. New Rules for Engaging Young Professionals Maddie Grant, Chief Social Media Strategist Lindy Dreyer, Chief Social Media Marketer www. .org
    2. 2. Definition Who’s a young professional? Life Stage Digital Orientation Generation
    3. 3. New Rule A virtual life IS a real life.
    4. 4. New Rule Trust everyone and no one. Find talkers Show personality Connect peers
    5. 5. New Rule Instant gratification or forget it. Attention Spam Information like water Value from vetting Google eyes Flows from digital
    6. 6. New Rule <ul><li>PERSONAL TO DO LIST </li></ul><ul><li>Become Sr. Editor for major magazine by 28. </li></ul><ul><li>Win a prestigious award for my novel at age 26. </li></ul><ul><li>Publish my first novel by age 25. </li></ul><ul><li>Get high paying part-time job/ write my novel. </li></ul><ul><li>Graduate with highest honors at 22. </li></ul>Mid-life crisis? Try quarter-life crisis. Validation Recognition Connections
    7. 7. New Rule E-mail is for old people. Email Facebook Mobile Be different!
    8. 8. You Rule What works for your organization? www. .org
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