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  • I have the background “fuzzy” in the beginning fading until it is clear because my theme is how I did not always know exactly what I was going to do with my life until about a year and a half ago. As I got older and started this class, my vision, dream and career got clearer, as shown with the background becoming clearer.
  • I added picture bullets (Never knew I could do this, so this is really exciting!!)Added a transparency feature to the background and the backgrounds of the rest of slides Added a animation to the entrance of the slide and then to the words and put an emphasis animation onto the picture
  • Added animation to the slideAdded animation to the title and textAdded a flying motion to the picture so it flies in from off the slide onto it (Never knew how to get the pictures to have the motion to fly in, so that was exciting!!)
  • Added emphasis to the text stars and pictures
  • Added emphasis to the lightbulbAdded animations to the incoming slide and to the text and quote
  • Added picture bulletsAdded animation to incoming slide and to the text
  • Added animations to the textAdded motion to the two pictures
  • Added animation to the text
  • Powerpoint madison

    1. 1. Characteristics of an Effective Teacher Fully Grasped Passion Building Rapport Relatable to Students Excellent Communicator Flexible Well-Prepared Positive Attitude Sense of Humor Working On Thinking Outside the Box Finding Teaching Methods to Reach All Students Patience
    2. 2. The “LighTbuLb” Moment In my 2nd grade placement classroom, there was a student that was struggling with knowing the difference between verb,
    3. 3. My Insights Sometimes unplanned moments become priceless teachable moments. Giving answers to students is not always a bad thing. It does not mean that you are making it easier for the student, it just might be that one thing that he needs to have that “lightbulb” moment.
    4. 4. " When you make them smile, laugh, think, write, explore, take notes, read, or give them a chance...you have taught them something everlasting.“ - Wayne Groves
    5. 5. Future Plans 1) Graduate from Beavercreek High School and Teacher Prep Academy 2) Attend Alderson-Broaddus University on the 5 year Masters program (double majoring in Secondary Education with a focus in history and Special Education) 3) Learn to juggle my classes and volleyball schedule 4) Have a smaller course load during the fall filled with mostly general education classes and a bigger class load in the spring filled with education classes 5) Freshman Year: Start observing in classrooms 6) Sophomore Year: Begin teaching in a real classroom setting 7) Junior Year: Begin teaching classes with less guidance from my mentor 8) Senior Year: Take over and teach a class full-time 9) After graduating from college, get a teaching job, and go back to school to obtain my masters
    6. 6. “Don't follow your dreams; chase them” - Richard Dumb QUOTES "Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love." - David McCullough