The unknow solution3


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story part 3

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The unknow solution3

  1. 1. Love meSomeone here sighs from yearning, search in feelings and get hard ?smart to do what Its nothing - all nothing but inlove we can do all with wishing to be thing She doesnt like to hear loves word too much but say it in your heart and she understands from your ways in speaking She is the most mental one I have been known because she forever says about anything belongs her- Im modest Everything is dark but your kind
  2. 2. heart creates a quite light to make me attracted ,all body can see thewaves frolic because your eyes just overlooking with the sea.... isntthat enough to attract me ,,,,how I can obtain your admiration? one can !answerThe story is too long not just days or words And the story is not just says about loveMore meanings I will recognize it after the exceptional hugging Love me is not word or just demand from girl you lovePreviously the girl will be angry if
  3. 3. you waist your dignityShe loves you but she wont say it by word she will keep you So that the love is not word its doing and actionAction from the heart and demand from the killerThe killer ordered me to be lonely with the eyes The killer in my heart, he is my way in all life People have to change the badhabits and use love between them Love is not shame but its something make you fear about existing of anther one being I think when you share with
  4. 4. someone her thoughts in private matters its create a good relation When you find confidential heart to sleep with your dreams safely its so goodEven you were different with yourgirl in some criteria this will makekind of trying to approaching from her conceptsLove makes the fact similar to the beauty of love Love is not nonsense but its our being in originally When someone refused your loveits not shame because love is like fate if you were mean with true
  5. 5. love end with marriage I have to explain something in common between us but I knowpreviously no one will understand this easily We love us not by the heart or mind !So strangeJust I know her as being as spirit and blood She is in my heart in the deep I cant use my heart to love her because its out my hand All my body organs know herMy heart has a mouth to say about her poetryThe lover boy as whole dreams to
  6. 6. get the other whole We aren’t friends or lovers or shedoesnt act any relationship for me She is me and Im here The far distances is just space between cells in the bloodI dont want to be a friend or lover or brother Im all and more Im not am without me (me is her) Its out of my hand to be selfish and proud because I love myself I think you are exceptional because of your unique life I can learn someone but I will be the studentModest adjective is created for her
  7. 7. When you feel that the life glorify you the best and find yourselfAvery good in the life you will feel self confidence Anther one can say about you lucky of comes from fate this nothingBecause the in fact there is no gain without pain The pain is not materialBut its like exam not to success or fail But you can expire yourself In the morals and your believe The princess is not honey wordbut it comes from the meanings in the fact
  8. 8. The beauty in not photo but you can create beauty from the implementation in the fact Don be hypocritical Love is not shame we created to love and worship AllahYou naturally love your mother or father You wont ask yourself way butyou forever stick to keep this loveYou dont love the parents because you have to repay the favor Im speaking about the love as a quality in the human spirit The flower ordered me keep love secret The flower likes the secret love
  9. 9. because she isnt anyoneShe likes jewel bright forever and dont need for light And Im involved by my promise so I write the story about me But the advice about the secret love dont mean me certainly But its advice if I loved anther thing And this the true love when youlove someone and you dont mind to find to him anther happy way until this way werent hold you Please understand me Im junior writerI hate the waiting so much pleasegive me enough strengthen to be
  10. 10. patientAll thing just being for you I cant see myself in front of the mirror Im just seeing the queen play in my paradise which I had made for her in my heartI wanna you now Im stronger than the killer if you wanna me But I like to be dominated from the killer to love youI dont want to ask about your love because I see the eyes without my eyes Ill wait for the killer to say his word in the end But Im still afraid from the fate because I will keep you from the
  11. 11. others also myself Allah with me to assert mygrateful feelings for you and prove that the killer sometimes is oppressedI believe the love is prohibited andI dont love you but Im just crazy to love you as a wifeAllah with you however the love is prohibited you dont want to abandon meHow come a mental character like ?you trust in a junior writer The killer threatened me If the flower didnt express about her love for you I will force herI told him in everywhere you cant
  12. 12. because I will tell her not to love me because I love her And dont think to face it without me because you will kill the killer as someone add fuel to fire I need you killer with me to face the days to find the flower in the end Now I see the hand creep from jewel Something not known The girl not flower now becausethe unkind peasant want to pick up her He has right excuse to think in it But the girl understand that the killer well be almost dead from
  13. 13. impact if she picked up And if she forget the searcher about her in desert The story will be not story love born she will become as death certificate Now I see the hand holds the starred thoughts to keep the boy stable ?Who is the boyThe boy some one like father want advice Although he just a boy but can help Did the princess want advice or ?help from the boy The boy said nope
  14. 14. But the princess said yeah The love is this action accuratelyWhen you want to disappear to be not important as exist in others life But the life runs to catch you foreverSwell place in hearts eye I paint itto find the mortal thing from this immortal lifeNo plane just remembers will give you ways and make your mind strong enough to immediate So comfortable to be mental And so comfortable to be mad Life want to ways So majestic when you find
  15. 15. someone you almost breathe like her smell noseYou crazy about her and she love you mental ?What a good buzz