2012 Sponsorship Opportunities


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2012 Sponsorship Opportunities

  1. 1. 2012 Strategic MarketingConference & AIME GalaSponsorship Opportunities
  2. 2. About MACUMACU is the only Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and recognizing the marketing efforts ofcredit union marketers. MACU was established in 1989 in British Columba and has become a national organizationthat reaches credit unions in every province. MACU membership is primarily based in BC and the Prairie provinces butawareness continues to grow throughout the rest of Canada.MACU is comprised of a volunteer board of directors that work either in credit unions, centrals or as a supplier to thecredit union industry.Each spring MACU holds an annual Strategic Marketing Conference that provides educational sessions and networkingopportunities over a 3-day period.In addition to the conference, MACU offers a pre-conference event, a welcome reception and the Achievement inMarketing Excellence (AIME) Awards gala dinner. The AIME dinner recognizes the best and the brightestachievements in marketing, advertising and communications in the credit union community.In 2012, the annual conference will be held from June 4 – June 6, 2012 at the Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls,ON .For more information on macu please visit www.macu.ca or contact info@macu.ca.
  3. 3. Strategic Marketing Conference Sponsor BenefitsReach your target audience. The Strategic Marketing Conference provides you with a unique opportunity toreach credit union marketers and decision makers from across Canada. All sponsorships are designed to helpyou Connect, Exchange and Ignite!Connect Exchange IgniteParticipate Registrant List WebsiteConference registrations are Provided to sponsors 1 week prior to the Create excitement about yourincluded in several sponsorship conference in PDF format allowing you to company by having your logopackages (see details for exact make direct contact with delegates. displayed on the MACU website.numbers). Sponsors will be listed on the Marketing site within a week of receivingNetwork Stimulate advanced conversation on your your contract.Stay at the host hotel to maximize company. Sponsor information is includedyour opportunity to meet and in a variety of conference promotionalnetwork with Strategic Marketing material including direct mail, online andConference attendees. email marketing efforts promoting the conference. Signage Depending on your level of sponsorship, your company will be mentioned on signage, handouts, on plasma screens or by other means.
  4. 4. 2011 Attendee ProfileThe 2011 Strategic Marketing Conference was comprised of:• 45% first time attendees• 39% attending the conference for networking opportunities• 95% of delegates that would recommend the conference“I liked it all! Great conference!” Attendees by location 2% 1% 1% 1%“Everything seemed to run like clockworks, speaker 2% ABvariety was good, food was great 7% 15%and the culture was one of engagement MB 5%and learning. “ ON 23% SK BC“Great speaking topics. Love that theconference is more about strategy than 26% NBtactics.“ NS PE 18% NF QC TN
  5. 5. What’s includedWe offer several levels of sponsorship opportunities for a variety of events during the conference.All sponsorships include the following: Two complimentary conference registrations for sponsorships of $7,500 and greater; one complimentary registration for all gold sponsors. Additional registrations may be purchased at the member early-bird discounted rate. Your logo on the MACU site (January – December 2012) Logo on pre-conference promotional materials including direct mail piece and online marketing Public recognition at several of the conference general sessions Ability to attend all networking events associated with the conference including welcome reception, after party and board/sponsor dinner before the conference. Access to attendee contact information (silver sponsor or greater) Endless networking opportunities Presenting sponsors have first chance to sponsor the same activity for the 2013 MACU conference. Access to MACU room block at conference host hotel (subject to hotel reservation deadline)
  6. 6. 2012 Marketing Associationfor Credit Unions (MACU) Sponsorship Options
  7. 7. Presenting Sponsor $7,500 +Benefits• Official recognition as a presenting sponsor in print advertisements promoting the conference• Complimentary use of the attendee list for mailing• 2 full conference passes (conference & AIME dinner)• 1 half page, full color advertisement in the AIME Awards Booklet• Opportunity to include a promotional item in delegate bag• Company logo on 2012 MACU website with link• Company logo on video loop to be place in general session screen while not in use by speakers or other conference related screen spotsWelcome Reception $7,500 (1 available) Conference $10,000 (1 available)One of the most important functions at any event Sponsor introduces the key-note speaker on both daysare the networking opportunities. Take the of the conference. Receive exclusive signage asopportunity to meet and greet prospective clients. conference presenting sponsor. Sponsorship includesBy sponsoring the Welcome Reception you will have your logo on all conference attendee name tags andthe ability to meet each delegate and provide them space in common area to set up a display booth.with a promotional item. AIME Awards $10,000 (1 available)Brand Tour $8,500 (1 available)Delegates will pre-register for this exclusive event and The ultimate event of the conference. This eventwill be taken by private charter to two locations in includes a formal dinner and presentation of thethe area to gain first hand marketing knowledge. highly-coveted Achievement in Marketing ExcellenceSponsorship of this event provides you with the awards. Sponsors receive podium time and theopportunity to provide a promotional item to opportunity to distribute an item to all dinnerparticipants, inclusion of company name on name attendees.tags.
  8. 8. Gold Sponsor $4,000 - $5,000Benefits• Official recognition as a gold sponsor in print advertisements promoting the conference• Complimentary use of the attendee list for mailing• 1 full conference pass (conference & AIME dinner)• Opportunity to include a promotional item in delegate bag• Company logo on 2012 MACU websiteConference $5,000 (6 available) After Party $5,000 (1 available)Raise your profile! This sponsorship includes the Ignite the party inside the delegates. Thisopportunity to donate a door prize to be given away sponsorship has you hosting the ‘must attend’ postduring one or both lunches. Your company can set up awards show event at an offsite venue to bea display booth in the common area and your determined. Sponsorship includes providing eachrepresentative will have the opportunity to introduce attendee with 1 drink ticket and a selection ofa speaker on day 1 or 2. appetizers up to $500. Your company can provide additional decor and prizes for attendees.AIME Awards $4,000 (unlimited)The highly coveted AIME Gala dinner will provide youwith great exposure in a great setting. The sponsorand representative will be introduced at the galadinner. You will also have the opportunity to provideMACU with a 1/4 page ad for inclusion in the winnersbooklet.
  9. 9. Silver Sponsor $2,000 - $3,000Benefits• Official recognition as a silver sponsor in print advertisements promoting the conference• Complimentary use of the attendee list for mailing• Ability to purchase a conference registration for the member early-bird rate• Company logo on 2012 MACU websiteConference $3,000 (unlimited) AIME Awards $2,000 (unlimited)Get noticed by announcing one of the great speakers. The always anticipated AIME Gala dinner is a greatIn addition to introducing a speaker on either day 1 opportunity to shine along with the award winners.or 2. Your company may also provide an item to be Sponsor will receive 1 AIME Gala dinner ticket andincluded in the attendee delegate bag and/or provide company logo will be displayed on the video screen.a door prize to be given away during the conference. Supply MACU with a 1/4 page ad for inclusion in the winners booklet.
  10. 10. Friends of MACU Sponsor $300 +Energy Breaks $1,500 each (3 available) Conference Tote Bags $400 (1 available)Revive everyones energy by sponsoring an energy Attendees receive conference materials in onebreak. A few snacks and beverages to carry the complete packet inside the branded tote-bagdelegates over until lunch or the end of the day. , provided by you– guaranteed for every delegate.Sponsors receive signage, announcedrecognition, and the opportunity to network withmembers.Room Drop $1,000 (2 available) AIME Winners booklet ½ page ad $500 (unlimited)Be the first company delegates will have exposure Go home with each delegate. MACU creates a bookletto each morning! Your literature or promotional that showcases all of the AIME award winners.item (1 piece or item) will be place outside the Booklets are distributed to each conference attendeehotel door of all attendees staying in the host after the awards show.hotel. (Limited to one room drop sponsor pernight).Delegate Bag Insert $300 (unlimited) Key Cards $1,200 (1 available)Insert your company brochure or special promotional Be the last company people see as they go back topiece into the delegate bags. This is a great way to get their rooms at night. Your name and logo will appearadditional exposure, make a special offer and keep on the card key. Don’t miss out on this chance to beyour name in front of everyone at the conference. the company attendees will tuck into their pockets (host hotel only).