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EXT 506 - Using YouTube to Build a Business


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This presentation was actually presented using, which doesn't work on, unfortunately. It is the culminating work that our group did

This presentation was actually presented using, which doesn't work on, unfortunately. It is the culminating work that our group did

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  • 1. Using YouTube to Increase Social Capital in Business How Cards R Us Can Benefit
  • 2. Agenda
    • Cards R Us
    • Cards R Us Would Like To…
    • About YouTube
    • Features of YouTube
    • Power of YouTube
    • Dark Side of YouTube
    • Cards R Us + YouTube
    • YouTube Samples 1 and 2
    • Wrap Up
  • 3. Cards R Us
    • Exclusive line of rubber stamps, inks and accessories for handmade cards, scrapbooking and other craft projects
    • In business 20 years and recognized leader in crafting industry
    • Sells products through demonstrators (Card Sharks) and Internet
  • 4. Cards R Us
    • Target market: Educated women, aged 25-39, in rural and urban environments
    • Survey: 88 percent are computer literate and 60 percent have Facebook account
    • Survey: Potential new market of 14-19 year-old women
  • 5. Cards R Us Would Like To…
    • Increase market share from 30 percent to 38 percent
    • Increase key product sales
    • Increase market access
    • Increase number of product demonstrations by Card Sharks
    • Help customers share creative ideas
    • Become an educational leader in the crafting world
  • 6. About YouTube
    • Bought by Google in 2006
    • 3 rd most-visited social media site in the U.S., after MySpace and Facebook
    • 9.62 percent of social media market share
    • ~100 million U.S. viewers each month
  • 7. Features of YouTube
    • Upload, view and share videos
    • Create channels, showcasing video content of their choosing
      • Sample
    • Embed YouTube content in profile pages on Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Bebo
      • Sample
  • 8. Features of YouTube
    • Tag and replay content on demand
    • Commenting feature
    • User-generated content
    • No registration process (easily accessible)
  • 9.  
  • 10.  
  • 11. Power of YouTube
    • Social media “can deliver measurable progress towards significant, strategic business goals” (Bernoff & Li, 2008, p. 38).
    • Cost-effective, especially in relation to TV
    • Enables new ways to connect with customers via a customer-driven, bottom-up strategy and creative new ways to redefine relationships with brands
    • Increases brand-building opportunities
  • 12. Power of YouTube
    • Commenting feature promotes dialogue and ‘friending’ practices, which creates or reinforces social capital
      • Sample
    • Opportunities to provide feedback, expand network of users, recruit Card Sharks and make sales
  • 13.  
  • 14. Dark Side of YouTube
    • Grainy, amateurish and poorly executed content
    • Potential for negative comments
    • Content creation and consumption can be chaotic
    • Inhibited search abilities
    • Spoof marketing and debunking videos
    • Copyright infringement, language and geographic restrictions, attracting viewers, sense of novelty rather than longevity, and how to monetizing free video content
  • 15. Cards R Us + YouTube
    • Audiences want authentic content
    • Customers want friendships (strong ties), acquaintances (weak ties) and sense of belonging (bridging ties)
    • Disseminating product information and demonstrations will
      • Build skills of customer base
      • Leverage social capital
      • Increase sales
  • 16. Cards R Us + YouTube
    • Cards R Us can post demonstrations on a branded YouTube channel, and encourage Card Sharks and regular customers to do same
    • Viewers can comment on demonstrations, which strengthens ties, and share favorite demonstrations on preferred social networks
  • 17. YouTube Sample #1
    • Carolyn Crafter
    • Card Shark since 1999
    • Top Cards R Us demonstrator, most popular booth in annual convention
    • High demand for her to share her skills
    • Carolyn Crafter Link
  • 18. YouTube Sample #2
    • Three teenage girls
    • Customers of Cards R Us
    • Desire to be on YouTube and share knowledge
    • Three Girls Link
  • 19. Wrap Up
    • Questions?
    • Comments?