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Lockwood classic brochure

Lockwood classic brochure

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  • 1. A Lockwood home willdelight your senses
  • 2. Welcome to Lockwood.In this edition of the LockwoodPlanbook, you’ll find 22 plans to whetyour appetite, from traditional Kiwiclassics to the very latest attractiveLockwood options.Choose your favourite plan and workwith our designers to adapt it to yourlifestyle. Or talk to us about creatingyour home from the very beginning.However you choose to use thisPlanbook, you’ll find that realisingyour dreams is what Lockwood is allabout. For more than 55 years wehave helped people both here andaround the world to transform theirvision into a home of enduring styleand craftsmanship. Lockwood’sexport division has included projectsas far afield as the Middle East andJapan as well as Australia, Tonga,Fiji and other Pacific neighbours.Choose Lockwood and you canrest easy. Your home will stand firmin the face of earthquakes, stormsand perhaps the toughest test of all– family life!Joe La GrouwChairmanNote: All plans, including those uniquely developed for aparticular purchaser, are copyright to Lockwood BuildingsLimited and are for the exclusive (single purpose) use ofLockwood purchasers (for one house at one time and forno other plans). To protect the value of these, and the integrityof the Lockwood system, any unauthorised copying or useof the plans, whether in whole or in part or in the constructionof any building, will result in criminal and/or civil action.Plans may be subject to alteration without notice.
  • 3. solid, secure, naturalExternal cladding Strength for earthquake Warm in winter, cooloptions. and wind protection. in summer.VG pine weatherboard Superwall® Walls are locked together - not nailed Eco friendly Solid timber cavity construction Engineered aluminium locking profiles Stable and durable Thermally efficient exterior Vertical tie rods in walls for strengthAluminium weatherboard Resistance to earthquakes and winds Foam insulation barrier No frequent painting required Flexible insulation properties Double the insulation Easy to clean and maintain Ideal for very hot or cold climatesLockwood’s new quartersawn pine Lockwood’s walls are locked together, The new Lockwood Superwall cavityweatherboards offer greater stability and not just nailed together. Our intricately system povides the ultimate in insulation.durability than ever before. Their unique engineered aluminium profiles slot into With an R value of 3.7, it is almost doublelaminated ‘vertical grain’ composition the machined corners of laminated pine, the legal requirement and the perfectmeans superior resistance to water so locking the wood into position. option for those trying to achieve achanges in humidity don’t cause the This patented system, combined with near zero heating energy use. Betweensame degree of expansion as normal the use of vertical tie rods in the walls, the solid walls lies the 90 mm cavity‘flat grain’ pine weatherboards. Yet all has proven resistant to earthquakes and which provides more benefits thanthe environmental advantages of being a cyclones all over the world, and have just insulation, it is also a great way tolow carbon, renewable building resource emerged from 22 simulated earthquakes conceal wall stiffening posts and lintels,remain intact. And, of course, Lockwood’s of up to 7.0 on the Richter scale with and streamlining the internal lines in therenowned low maintenance aluminium barely a scratch. Even glass remained house even further. But that’s not all; itsheathed weatherboards are still available intact and windows opened freely. By dramatically improves the acoustic ratingtoo. With either option you get the kiln-drying our timber, twisting, warping and makes a marked differencebeauty and warmth of pine interior panels and shrinking is reduced. in the external noise perceived insideavailable in choice of finishes. the house.
  • 4. index Standard Plan Range Area m2 B’rms Page Athenree 241.31 3 4 Barcelona 245.33 4 5 Bayview 205.33 3 6 Carribean 234.73 4 7 Courtwood 233.85 3 8 Dunstan 158.19 3 9 Endeavour 162.00 3 10 Governor 257.42 4 11 Jamaican 153.99 3 12 Kansas 145.86 3 13 Longridge 257.66 4 14 Miami 217.13 3 15Eco-friendly design Milan 126.88 3 16options. Nelson 100.16 3 17Lockwood homes help reduce global Parnell 224.29 4 18warming by storing CO2 in their solidplantation-grown timber walls and Phoenix 129.77 3 19ceilings. This benefit can be furtherenhanced with other Eco-friendly design Regency 227.10 3 20options, such as using the natural pine Rotoiti 171.68 3 21exterior finish to greatly reduce the amountof embedded energy in your home. You Vista 165.00 3 22can also increase insulation throughout the Wanaka 146.41 3 23entire home, by using low-e double-glazingand Lockwood’s patented insulated walls. Winton 160.90 3 24Coupled with designs that maximise theheat from the sun, a Lockwood Eco-home Woodland 206.26 3 25will not only help our environment, but savemoney when it comes to running yourhome.“Wood is our most sustainable rawmaterial. As a building material, itscredentials are unparalleled. Wood resultsin far less carbon dioxide emissions intothe atmosphere than competing buildingproducts.” - nzwood.co.nz Show home photos 26 - 29
  • 5. Athenree Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. A spacious three bedroom home with imaginative flow 20,388 and ideal dimensions for restricted urban sites. Level 1 3 spacious bedrooms Ensuite off master bedroom 16,880 Centrally-placed kitchen with open access to two living and dining room areas Covered decks off each living Separate toilet 12,582 Total 241.31m2 Level 2 Level 1 185.24m2 Level 2 56.07m2 7,03204
  • 6. Barcelona Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. Level 1A four bedroom Lockwood 19,500with classic hip-roofed,two-storey construction.The Barcelona can be boldand imposing or delicateand restful simply throughthe choice of exteriorcolour and finish. 17,2112-storey design4 good-sized bedroomsPrivate living area offmaster bedroomEnsuite and bathroomSpacious kitchenSeparate toiletBuilt-in tool shedLarge family room Level 2 8,645Total 245.33m2Level 1 200.28m2Level 2 45.05m2 7,618 05
  • 7. Bayview Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. A two-storey design integrating three bedrooms, 18,938 study, large open plan living and dining spaces, a family room and a double garage with internal access. Level 1 Ensuite and bathroom 11,300 Spacious living and family room Separate toilet Separate laundry Study or extra bedroom Level 2 6,088 Total 205.33m2 7,944 Level 1 171.43m2 Level 2 33.90m206
  • 8. Carribean Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.A very special home, theCarribean superbly lendsitself to wide open sites, 18,162creating a delightful,sun-filled haven.4 good-sized bedroomsEnsuite and bathroomCentrally-placed kitchenwith open access to diningand 2 living areasLarge deck off living areaSeparate toilet 24,634Total 234.73m2 07
  • 9. Courtwood Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. Rural settings and lifestyle blocks lend themselves to large, well-proportioned homes that capture the 23,640 views and offer year round enjoyment of the outdoors. 3 good-sized bedrooms Walk-in wardrobe off master bedroom Ensuite and bathroom 2 spacious living areas Centrally-placed kitchen with open access to living / dining space 22,716 Large deck off living area Scullery off kitchen Study alcove Total 233.85m208
  • 10. Dunstan Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.Adopting lines from the 10,015original Lockwoods, theDunstan delivers a homeof warmth and happiness,sitting comfortably in bothrural and urban settings. Level 1 12,9122-storey design3 substantial bedroomsEnsuite and bathroomLiving areas upstairs anddownstairsSpacious dining areaSeparate laundry 9,458 Level 2Total 158.19m2Level 1 106.84m2 7,964Level 2 51.35m2 09
  • 11. Endeavour Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. Cosy and charming, this traditional floor plan delivers generous rooms and additional services. The space afforded by the 14,438 deceptive proportions of this plan offers a master suite, family room and a surprisingly large living area. 3 good-sized bedrooms Ensuite and bathroom Substantial living area opening on to expansive deck 15,338 Walk-in wardrobe off master bedroom Separate laundry Total 162.00m210
  • 12. Governor Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.The ever-changing wallcontours and majesticroofline of this home 20,510command respect in bothrural and urban settings.A real Lockwood classic!4 good-sized bedroomsEnsuite and bathroom5 rooms open ontosubstantial deck2 spacious living areasSeparate toiletGenerous kitchen 22,181Triple garagingSeparate studyTotal 257.42m2 11
  • 13. Jamaican Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. When panoramic views are the foundation of the dream, the home must capture the spectacle and become part of the landscape. 15,000 The Jamaican does all those! 3 substantial bedrooms Large walk-in wardrobe off master bedroom Ensuite and bathroom Generous kitchen with open access to living / dining space 16,650 Large decks Separate toilet Separate laundry Total 153.99m2 See show home photos at back of book.12
  • 14. Kansas Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.The Kansas, with itsappealing entrance wayand juxtaposing rooflinesis a funky and contemporaryplan suited to smaller urban 11,411sites or as a holiday home.3 bedroomsMaster bedroom with ensuiteand walk-in wardrobeSeparate toiletSeparate laundrySecluded study alcove 18,760Total 145.86m2 13
  • 15. Longridge Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. Country living at its best. The different needs of life in the country have inspired the design of this elegant 22,185 yet absolutely functional home. 4 bedrooms Walk-in wardrobe off master suite Ensuite and bathroom Formal living and family room Expansive decks 25,233 Separate toilet Separate laundry Large walk-in pantry Separate study Total 257.66m214
  • 16. Miami Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.Maximising sun and views,the contemporary design of 7,455the Miami is ideal for thoseseeking a more relaxedlifestyle.2 levels3 bedrooms 19,220Living and family roomson separate levelsStudyUpstairs living capturing 7,455sun and viewsSeparate toilets on each level 15,899Total 217.13m2Level 1 125.04m2Level 2 92.09m2 15
  • 17. Milan Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. A single-level family home with real presence. The heart of this home is centred 8,295 on the delightful open plan dining, living and kitchen areas. Both sides capture sunlight and provide two special vistas. Large gable windows create a genuine feeling of space and highlight the natural timber interior. 3 spacious bedrooms Ensuite and bathroom 17,938 Centrally-placed kitchen with open access to living / dining space Substantial living area Family room Separate laundry Total 126.88m2 See show home photos at back of book.16
  • 18. Nelson Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.Innovative and stylish, theNelson fulfills the need forleisurely holidays or busyeveryday lifestyles.High raking timber ceilings 6,838create a feeling of space,peace and comfort.3 good-sized bedrooms2 functional bathroomsFunctional kitchen with openinternal / external accessL-shaped living / dining space 15,500Substantial deckSeparate laundryTotal 100.16m2 See show home photos at back of book. 17
  • 19. Parnell Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. Designed to take advantage of sunshine, exploit the view and provide protection from 20,587 prevailing winds, this clever design offers exceptional living and entertaining qualities. 4 good-sized bedrooms Walk-in wardrobe off master bedroom Ensuite and bathroom Centrally-placed kitchen 21,965 with open access to living / dining space Large family room Separate laundry Total 224.29m218
  • 20. Phoenix Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.Combining the best ofcontemporary, minimalistdesign with Lockwood’sfamous indoor/outdoorflow, the compact Phoenix 10,271is ideal for smaller urbansites or as a holiday home.Galley style kitchen3 good-sized bedroomsSeparate family and living areasEasy outdoor flow from 17,607living areasEnsuite and bathroomSeparate laundryTotal 129.77m2 See show home photos at back of book. 19
  • 21. Regency Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. Balance and style describe this gracious Lockwood 17,732 design. Befitting a lifestyle block or rural location, this large home envelopes a wonderful decked courtyard, surrounded by the master suite and living areas. 3 good-sized bedrooms Walk-in wardrobe off master bedroom Ensuite and bathroom Centrally-placed kitchen 20,000 Separate toilet Separate laundry Large formal entry Separate study Total 227.10m220
  • 22. Rotoiti Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.The heart of this familyhome is situated within 10,188an impressive living areaenriched by a beamedand sarked gable ceiling.Steep settler-pitchedrooflines create airy spacesand offer a welcoming glow.3 substantial bedroomsWalk-in wardrobe off masterbedroomEnsuite and bathroomSpacious living areaLarge garage 21,874Indoor / outdoor flowSeparate laundryTotal 171.68m2 21
  • 23. Vista Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. This light, airy home is a pared back and refined version of our Canopy 14,655 design. It is now more practical and more affordable than ever. The two splay wings are connected by a central living space with a floating canopy roof high above. It’s the perfect mix of uncomplicated style and modern architecture. 23,821 Stunning entranceway 3 substantial bedrooms Study Ensuite and bathroom Separate toilet Single garage and carport Carport Separate study area Total 165.00m222
  • 24. Wanaka Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.Combining the elegant styleof a pioneer homestead with 12,406modern simplicity, the Wanakais an inviting home for townand country dwellers alike.3 substantial bedroomsEnsuite and bathroomPrivate living off master Level 1 8,168bedroomSeparate laundrySpacious living areas 8,608Total 146.41m2Level 1 93.96m2 8,168Level 2 52.45m2 Level 2 23
  • 25. Winton Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood. A kiwi icon, this Lockwood 8,616 plan has been revisited and upgraded for the new millennium! The Winton delivers superb outdoor living, modern conveniences, stylish design and low maintenance construction. 3 large bedrooms Ensuite and bathroom Large, open-plan living / dining / kitchen area Galley-style kitchen with 26,068 open access to living area Separate laundry Good-sized study to suit modern ‘work at home’ lifestyle Stunning outdoor courtyard Total 160.90m224
  • 26. Woodland Artist’s impression © All plans copyright Lockwood.Wonderful outdoor livingspaces are created bythis superb design, as it 15,107ingeniously combines threebedrooms, two bathrooms,two living areas and a largegarage in a compact format.3 good-sized bedroomsWalk-in wardrobe offmaster bedroomEnsuite and bathroomCentrally-placed kitchenwith open access toliving / dining space 21,686Living and family roomLarge garageSeparate toiletTotal 206.26m2 25
  • 27. Show homes With over 20 show homes nationwide, you’re never far away from experiencing the warm, natural beauty of Lockwood. So why not hop in your car and visit us this weekend. Or hop on line at www.lockwood.co.nz and find your favourite show home. Opito Coastwood Homes, Main Rd, Kopu, Thames. Ph 07 868 8733 for opening hours Parawai Coastwood Homes, Main Rd, Kopu, Thames. Ph 07 868 8733 for opening hours Skill an26
  • 28. Jamaican Waikato Living, 5 Karewa Place, Te Rapa, Hamilton. Ph 07 849 2271 for opening hours (see floor plan (see floor pllan on page 12) plan page Milan 212 Ultrawood Homes, Great South Road, Takanini. Ph 09 299 6556 for opening hours (see floor plan (see floor plan on page 16) paged craftsmanship combined with experience you can trust. bi d ith i solid, secure, natural 27
  • 29. Kinloch P Peter Richards Builders, Woodward St, Taupo. Ph 07 378 9475 for opening hours T Style, flexibility and Individuality Phoenix Tuohy Homes, Ulric St, Plimmerton. Ph 04 233 8018 for opening hours28
  • 30. Nelson Adstyle Homes, 303 Otaika Rd, Whangarei. Ph 09 438 9900 for opening hourssolid, secure, naturalIf you can’t find one of our great standard Lockwood plans to fit your site, or if youjust want to personalise your home, talk to us how we can design a home uniquelyyours, with Lockwood’s Design & Build services. solid, secure, natural 29
  • 31. lockwood.co.nz 0508 Lockwood or 0508 562 5966 solid, secure, natural07/2009/14593/2000