NARA Applied Research Sessions at SAA


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Flyer listing some of the sessions that NARA's Applied Research Division's staff and Research Partners are participating in.

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NARA Applied Research Sessions at SAA

  1. 1. NARA Out In Front In Chicago! Session #207 Session #701 Tuesday, August 25 Thursday, August 25 (1:30pm) Saturday, August 15  (1:15pm)2011 Research Forum The Future Is Now: New Tools New Perspectives for To Address Archival Challenges the 1940 Census The historic1940 Census will be releasedDr. Richard Marciano, Dr. Kenton McHenry, National Center for by NARA on April 2, 2012. The panelists University of North Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), will offer unique perspectives surrounding Carolina, Chapel Hill, “Computationally Scalable File Migration the 1940 Census: “Managing Shared Digital Services to Keep Your Files Current” Research Data Constance Potter NARA Conducting the in Federated Storage Dr. Maria Esteva, Texas Advanced census after the Great Depression; Clouds” Computing Center (TACC), “Mapping Archival Practices to Information Dr. Vernon Burton, Clemson Univ.Dr. William Underwood, Visualization for Electronic Records Uses of census data by today’sresearchers Georgia Tech Research Representation and Analysis” and genealogists; Institute (GTRI) “Grammars and Parsers for Dr. William Underwood, (GTRI), See Dr. Kenton McHenry, NCSA (See #207) Validating Binary File Research Forum) “Archival Services for File “Possibilities for advanced technologies Formats”. and Record Type Identification and that may add value to socio-economic Metadata Extraction” data sets.”SAA Electronic Records Section – Friday, August 26 (3:30)  Development of Two New ISO Standards:• ISO 16363 – Audit and Certification of Trustworthy digital repositories• ISO 16919 – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certificatoin of candidate trustworty digital repositories T h e s e   p r e s e n t a t i o n s   a r e   b r o u g h t   t o   y o u   b y   N A R A’s   A p p l i e d   R e s e a r c h   D i v i s i o n Visit us at w w w. a r c h i v e s . g o v / a p p l i e d ‐ r e s e a r c h   |   J o i n   u s   o n   Fa c e b o o k :   w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / N A R A C A S T BOOTH Information about the 1940 Census is at: htt p : / / w w w. a rc h i v e s . g o v / re s e a rc h /c e n s u s / 1 9 4 0 / i n d ex . ht m l #204