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Best practices for Webmasters using FreeToastHost and cloud resources given during District 36 TLI by Beth Stinson, DTM

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  • Today’s session is about being webmaster for your club. We are going to be talking a lot about FreeToastHost, but there are other best practices that apply to all club web resources, regardless of your website host. We are also going to talk about creating club cloud resources and social media resources.
  • PasswordsBackupEducating your usersTesting everything before you go live – copy editing, proofreadingCurrent info at Toastmasters InternationalCorrect informationNew contentGraphics and textBranding
  • Highlight all the help resources. Know where to get help.I am not going to provide set-by-step training for upgrading. We don’t have time today and this is not the right forum. Rather I want to show you around a little, show you help, and tell you what’s different.
  • Everything you want to do going forward from using Google Analytics to blogging, tweeting, saving club photos and linking to Facebook depends on this address.Write down the address and the password.
  • Picking your theme
  • Create social networking linksAdd files to file managerHide any items you don’t want
  • If you want to get started right away, you can skip the option of creating your own template agenda, and use one of the several default agenda provided. Here is how this works:Virtually all clubs have their own agenda and way of running the meeting. But these template agenda make for a good starting point for most clubs. The idea is to select a template that most resembles your meeting, them modify/customize it from there. But when you create your own template, there is no modification needed each time you use your default agenda as the template.This can be very tricky. Follow all the instructions at FTH and go slowly. Alternatively, you can use a word doc that you save in the file manager. Essentially, this is a very clunky form builder. The key is to add the time to you first item and all the rest will follow.
  • Remember thatGmail account you made at the beginning? Well now you are ready to use it to create cloud resources and social media resources for your club. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google docs, Google sites and WordPress all use Gmail to authenticate against. Once you have a Gmail account, you can create and then log in to all these things!
  • Instructions are in the TMI Branding doc
  • Resources will be on the D36 website
  • Webmastery for Toastmasters

    1. 1. District 36Toastmasters Leadership Institute Summer 2012
    2. 2. Webmastery for Toastmasters Beth Stinson, DTM
    3. 3. Tonight’s AgendaWelcome and House KeepingIcebreakerClub Website Best PracticesFreeToastHost 2.0Cloud Resources
    4. 4. Thanks for being here! Cell phones off pleaseFill out paperwork tomake TLI better
    5. 5. Ice BreakerHow many of you are club webmasters?How many of you are using FTH?How many of you have a Facebook page?How many of you use Twitter?How many of you have an embarrassingtechnology story?
    6. 6. Best Practices for Webmasters
    7. 7. Class Best Practice ListPasswordsBackupEducating your usersTesting everything before you go liveCurrent info at Toastmasters InternationalCorrect informationNew contentGraphics and textBranding
    8. 8. Let’s Go Live to FTH 2.0http://www.toastmastersclubs.org/welcome/
    9. 9. New FeaturesClub DuesBetter securityTMI branding includedMore modern look and feelAdding images easierFile managerWeb analyticsEasier member management
    10. 10. Using the Cloud & Social MediaGet a Gmail account for your club
    11. 11. Admin SettingsPick a theme
    12. 12. Admin SettingsAdd your members
    13. 13. Admin SettingsSet up default pages and forms
    14. 14. Add ContentBuild custom pages
    15. 15. Add ContentBuild your agenda
    16. 16. Cloud & Social Network ResourcesFlickr - 200 free photosTwitterYouTubeFacebookGoogle Docs
    17. 17. AlternativesWordPressGoogleSites
    18. 18. Questions