FreeToasthost Upgrade 10 Step Checklist


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A simple 10 step check list for upgrading FreeToastHost club websites.

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FreeToasthost Upgrade 10 Step Checklist

  1. 1. FreeToastHost 10 Step Upgrade ChecklistUse this checklist to ensure you have followed all the necessary and nice-to-have stepsfor upgrading your FreeToastHost 1.0 website to FreeToastHost 2.0. Remember, yourdeadline is February 17, 2012 to save all your content from your old site and set upforwarding to your new site. You can continue to build out your custom pages and otherfeatures after the deadline, but you must complete steps 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10 before thedeadline. 1.  Visit Freetoasthost 2.0 and request a new club website. Read the Quick Start and Admin Guides. Watch the movie. 2.  Save all the content from your FreeToastHost 1.0 website. Images: http://[yourprefix].freetoasthost.[ext]/images/ Files: http://[yourprefix].freetoasthost.[ext]/files/ Members files: http://[yourprefix].freetoasthost.[ext]/members/files/ 3.  Create a Gmail account for your club. Write down the address and password. 4.  Explore the admin settings and then:  Pick a theme  Add your club members  Set up default pages and forms  Build custom pages  Create social networking links  Add files to file manager  Hide any items you don’t want to use or have not finished building  Build your agenda 5.  Use your gmail account to set up cloud storage:  YouTube for movies  Flickr for your photos  Google Docs for shared filesFreeToastHost Upgrade Checklist Beth MacNeil Stinson, DTM Page 1
  2. 2. FreeToastHost 10 Step Upgrade Checklist 6.  Use your gmail account to set up social networking:  Twitter  Facebook 7.  Use your gmail account to set up analytics for your site:  Google Webmaster Tools  Google Analytics 8.  Train your users. Give the club officers a tour during your next executive council meeting. Be sure to include the VPE and VPPR. Give a club speech to show off the new site to your members. “Using Visual Aids” from the Competent Communicator manual works. Many projects from these advanced manuals work too: Speaking to Inform , The Professional Speaker, Technical Presentations, and Speeches by Management. Remember to tell your users to bookmark or make a favorite the new website address. 9.  Test your site. Giving your club officers a tour and giving a club speech are great ways to collect feedback and spot areas to correct. Fix anything you need to. 10.  Visit the admin panel for your FreeToastHost 1.0 site and add your new web address so that anyone typing in your old address will automatically be forwarded to your new site.Notes:FreeToastHost Upgrade Checklist Beth MacNeil Stinson, DTM Page 2