How to align your marketing-driven sales lead processes to better meet sales’ needs (How the cool cats in marketing can help the big dogs in sales

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Learn how to get all your sales lead management processes—from lead generation to nurturing, qualification, scoring and routing the leads to the right person in the right sale channel—aligned with the …

Learn how to get all your sales lead management processes—from lead generation to nurturing, qualification, scoring and routing the leads to the right person in the right sale channel—aligned with the needs of your sales team and channel partners by attending this information-packed workshop
To successfully meet or exceed your company’s sales revenue goals today, you need to make sure your marketing-driven sales lead management processes align with the needs of your sales people and channels. Why? Because qualified, sales-ready leads are harder to find and more expensive than before, and sales costs keep climbing. So you can’t afford to have your salespeople, reps, dealers or distributors wasting their time with prospects that aren’t ready or able to buy.

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  • Top performing companies grew twice as fast, had more in the pipeline and converted more into sales
  • Top performing companies grew twice as fast, had more in the pipeline and converted more into sales
  • MeasureNumber & percentageCount all of these salesNew customersNew business from existing customersReactivated customers


  • 1. How to align your marketing-driven sales lead processes to better meet sales’ needs(How the cool cats in marketing can help the big dogs in sales) M.H. (Mac) McIntosh
  • 2. Agenda • Quick introduction • Building the case for aligning marketing and sales • Building the case for marketing-driven sales • How to align your marketing with sales for maximum impact and ROI2
  • 3. M. H. (Mac) McIntosh Business-to-Business Sales Lead Expert™• A specialist in designing, implementing and improving marketing-driven B2B sales lead programs
  • 4. Mac’s credentials• 20+ years of hands-on success in B2B marketing, direct marketing and sales – Both in the trenches and in senior marketing, sales and management roles• Expert in both digital and traditional marketing strategies and tactics – Voted #1 of the SLMA’s 2010 “Top 20 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management” and in the “Top 10” 3 years in a row – Teaches both undergrad and graduate-level courses in marketing and direct marketing – Conducted more than 250 seminars and workshops on lead generation and management in North America and Europe
  • 5. Mac’s businesses • Sales lead management consulting • Specializing in helping companies like yours to design, implement or • Marketing-driven lead generation improve sales lead management and marketing automation agency services programs and results • Providing the people, expertise, technology and resources you need to drive more leads and sales5
  • 6. A sampling of clients6
  • 7. Building the case for aligning marketing and sales • Most top performing companies with sales and marketing aligned get better results – 40% of sales forecasted pipeline is generated by Marketing compared with 22% for average companies and 13% for laggards – 31.5% average year-over-year growth in revenue versus 18.2% for average companies and a 6.7% decrease for laggards Source: Aberdeen Group - Sales & Marketing Alignment - 2011 7
  • 8. Building the case for marketing-driven sales• Marketing-driven sales is a more cost effective8
  • 9. Do the math5 sales calls @ $329* = $1,645 vs.12 Marketing contacts @ $15 = $180+ 3 sales calls @ $329= $987Total: $1,167A $478 savings (29%) *2001 Study of Business-to-business sales costs - Reed Business Information 9
  • 10. A proven marketing-driven sales strategy• Use lower-cost-per-touch marketing for prospecting, nurturing and qualifying• Use your higher-cost-per-touch salespeople to demo, propose and close Lower cost-per-touch marketing Higher cost-per-touch sales Prospect Nurture Qualify Demo Propose Close10
  • 11. Help them sell Best practice• Old practice – Marketing passes all inquiries to sales as leads• Best practice – Marketing passes only the sales- ready opportunities (Marketing Qualified Leads) to sales11
  • 12. Marketing-driven sales results• Exponentially more prospects being touched than via sales alone• Up to 300% more sales-ready opportunities in the sales pipeline• Salespeople becomes up to 50% more efficient• Cost per sale drops by 25% or more Source: Clients of Mac McIntosh & AcquireB2B
  • 13. Start by aligning your campaigns to the customers’ buying process Determine Reconsideration Satisfaction (Buyer’s Remorse) Acknowledgement of Needs Selection (Purchase) Prospects Decision spend only to Start the 5% of their Buying Process time in Investigation Yet Establish these of Options salespeople Selection stages Determinespend nearly Criteria Measurement100% of their Criteriatime in these stages 13
  • 14. Two ways to impress the “big dogs” in sales 1. Help them sell more 2. Appeal to their egos14
  • 15. During the planning stage Ask sales for their opinion• Ask where to focus your marketing-driven lead generation efforts – Industries and applications – Companies and contacts• Ask what they see competitors doing right and wrong15
  • 16. During the planning stage Get your hands on sales’ intelligence Sales Marketing• Buyer profiles • Buyer personas• Objection handling guides • Key offers (calls-to-action)• Competitor information and messages16
  • 17. During the planning stage Ask sales for their opinion• What key messages to deliver• What “offers” or “calls-to-action” prospects will respond to• What media to use• What’s a “qualified” lead?17
  • 18. Use personas to drive messaging and offers • Job • Age • Education • Situation • Problems • Personal issues • 18 Goals
  • 19. Consensus is critical to your success Define a Marketing Qualified Lead19
  • 20. Use lead qualification scoring to determine • Next steps – Lead nurturing – Telemarketing – Inside sales – Sales-ready – Routing to the correct sales contact 20
  • 21. Consider lead routing• To telemarketing?• To inside sales?• To field sales?• To reps, resellers or distributors?21
  • 22. During the planning stage Ask for their opinion• What tools they need to better – Compete – Demo – Propose – Close22
  • 23. Ask for their opinion During development• Ask them to review and comment on preliminary drafts – Personas – Messages – Offers and calls-to-action – Media – Materials – “Marketing Qualified Lead” definitions23
  • 24. Ask for sales’ opinion After rolling it out• What’s working? Why?• What isn’t working? Why?• How is the competition responding? And what should we do about it?• What else is needed?24
  • 25. Ask for their opinion Who should you ask?• Sales Managers• The top performers• The loudmouths• The old pros• The newbies25
  • 26. How long before B2B inquirers buy?• 0-6 Months: 23%-27%• 7-12 Months: 15%-18%• 12-18 Months: 25%-33%• 19+ Months: 19%-25% Source: Clients of Mac McIntosh & AcquireB2B26
  • 27. How long before B2B inquirers buy? In other words• Three out of every four sales come from longer- term leads• Marketing needs to nurture these longer-term leads until they are determined to be sales- ready (MQLs)27
  • 28. Make offers that align with where prospects are in their buying process •Case studies • Assessments•Info kits • Consultations •Decision tools•How-to guides • Custom demos •Webinars•White papers • Seminars • Quotations • Buy-now incentives
  • 29. Types of offers Application notes  Free samples  Product comparisons Articles  Free trials  References Assessments  Gift with purchase  ROI calculators Case studies  How-to guides  Self-assessments Checklists  Information kits  Seminars Configurators  Lunch and learns  Tutorials Demonstrations  Needs assessments  Videos Discounts  News  Webinars Buy-now incentives  Newsletter subscriptions  Whitepapers E-books  Phone consultations  Workshops Executive briefings  Pricing 29
  • 30. Tips About offers• Tailor offers for your various buyer personas• Create a suite of offers, each addressing the various steps in each persona’s buying process• Educational offers often work best• Create new offers by repurposing, refreshing and rebundling existing content• A good title can quadruple response30
  • 31. The Old Approach Competitor Information steals the sale is sent TIME Sales Prospect isProspect is follows up? ready to buy Closed identified sale 31
  • 32. Lead nurturing strategy• Build sales-winning relationships with prospective customers as they move through their buying process – Awareness to inquiry – Inquiry to consideration – Consideration to purchase• Concurrently attempt to identify the qualified, qualified (sales-ready) opportunities32
  • 33. The Lead Nurturing Approach Competitor Relationship Marketing bounces out ( E-mails, Mail, Phone ) TIMEProspect is Perfectly-timed Closed identified sales call sale33
  • 34. Best practicesAllow sales to pass leads back to marketing• If leads are determined to not really be sales-ready• For further nurturing• For re-qualification34
  • 35. How often should you pro-actively contact prospects?• From their point-of-view, the keys are relevance and usefulness• From your point of view, frequency depends on • What happened last • The value of the prospect • The media used • What relevant and useful information you can offer35
  • 36. Make the right offers (calls-to-action)• Aligned with where your prospective customers are in their buying process• To help move them forward – From awareness to inquiry – From inquiry to consideration – From consideration to purchase36
  • 37. Lead Nurturing results• 23% to 306% more qualified leads• 108% to 260% more revenue per customer Source: Clients of Mac McIntosh & AcquireB2B37
  • 38. Best practices• Determine the number of sales-ready leads needed to help salespeople meet their goals – Ask for my free Marketing Lead Calculator™• Remember to factor in the sales cycle time38
  • 39. Understand your marketing-to-sales funnel Marketing Touches Inquiries (responses) Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Accepted Leads Sales Qualified Leads Closed Sales39
  • 40. Tip• Give sales (and management) visibility into what happens earlier in the funnel40
  • 41. The truth about sales lead follow-up• Sales will follow up if the leads you generate for them are truly qualified, sales-ready opportunities• Reporting back on lead follow-up is another matter41
  • 42. To “close the loop” and learn about lead follow-up and results• Minimize the paperwork – Leverage the CRM system• Consider incentivizing them42
  • 43. Consider incentivizing follow up• Higher commissions on followed-up leads• Create a “Frequent Follow-up” or “Mystery Lead” program• Trophies and plaques43
  • 44. Best practices• Call two customers or prospects each week• Walk a mile or two in sales’ shoes – Regularly attend the other team’s meetings • Sales attend marketing meetings • Marketing attend sales meetings – Accompany sales on sales calls• Offer a makeover of their homemade materials44
  • 45. In summary• Marketing’s most important “customers” are your salespeople (and/or channel partners)• The keys to getting marketing aligned with sales 1. Shared goals and objectives 2. Incentivize the behaviors you want 3. Makeover or provide better sales materials 4. Aim for continuous improvement45
  • 46. Additional resources• Marketing for Leads Calculator™• Marketing Optimization Kit™ – Three ways to get them: • Visit • Give me your business card • Email me at mcintosh@acquireb2b.com46
  • 47. Remember• If it was easy, they wouldn’t need you!47
  • 48. Thank you! M. H. (Mac) McIntosh, President +1-401-234-4406 @B2B_Sales_Leads www.sales-lead-experts.com48