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Ao1 collecting background information

  1. 1. Problem Solving ResearchAbraham Bautista<br />Identify the problem<br />How the problem is affected by the location, price and family income.<br />Children without the access of internet at home often happen because their current location hasn’t got a good connection. The problem can be caused by the price of the internet, it often put families who have low income down because it is too expensive for them to get. <br />The problem can lower the self-esteem of the children making them feel like they are not good socially because many children these days are interested in internet and they use it to chat. Without the internet access at home children are more likely to be less motivated to do work away from school and they are less likely to be bothered to do anything about their education.<br />Explanation <br />Statistics shows that poorest families without access of internet affect the education of their children. Almost 2m of children in the UK have no access in the internet. The statistics found that internet access are getting better with high income families and low income families are left with nothing.<br />This problem is rapidly increasing in the UK; there is a warning that children with no access to the internet in UK are more likely to have a disadvantage in school than children that has access to the internet in school.<br />In November, half of teachers who took a part in a survey for the Times Education Supplement said that students who have no access to the internet can diminish their learning capabilities.<br />The survey also said that the household of poorer families are twice more likely to have no internet access in their homes than richer families.<br />The chief executive of e-Learning foundation has warned DfE that “without the use of computer and the ability to go online at home the attainment gap that characterises children from low income families is simply to get worse.<br />Other independent studies also believe that poverty gap is shown by the lack of access to the computer and internet. The charities believe that the gap between rich and poor family will be bigger if the government does not try to solve this issue.<br />One of the reasons why the families are still offline is that the costs of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) are very unaffordable especially whit families with less income.<br />Children without internet access are more likely to earn less income when they start working because they are unable to do homework properly without proper research using the internet. It is estimated that the loss earnings to the UK economy is almost £80 billion a year.<br />Hypothesis<br />The lack of home computer and internet access lowers the children’s the possibility of getting a good grade in school.<br />I believe that without the internet access at home the children in the UK will struggle to do their homework as it is necessary for doing homework which needs to have a proper research before doing so.<br />I believe that the children’s potential in learning is lowering as they do not gain enough knowledge of what they were learning in school because if the children doesn’t get what the objective in school is about, they will not be able to learn properly and they will not be able to research it online.<br />I believe that with the use of internet you can research everything that you need to know for every subjects that you are doing in school and it will help you increase your ability to do all your work outside the school.<br />If the research I have made is correct, I believe that children’s ability to increase their level of education will be worse because if the government does not do anything about this problem about internet access, children without internet access will not be able to be motivated to do more of their school work at home because they have nothing to use to research their work.<br />I also believe that there is an alternative solution for this, if the children are desperate to use the internet they can go to a local community library and they can use the internet to do their homework.<br />