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Everything about Kites and Kiteboarding. Check this Link :

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  1. 1. ==== ====All Kinds of High Quality Kites and other great stuff you find here : ====Riding a wheeled board with a land kite providing the traction is a similar sport to kite surfing. All itreally takes to get into kite boarding over land is some open space, a traction kite and a landboardof just about any kind. Oh, and some basic power kite flying skills of course! The idea is to get thekite overhead first. Then, when you are on your board and ready to roll, the kite is brought down togenerate some sideways pull like a sail. With the kite moving in the same direction as the board,you are on your way.Heres some reasons why newcomers to kite sports might prefer boarding with a land kite over kitesurfing out on the ocean waves...its a lot easier to learnmost people get the hang of it in under 2 hoursthe equipment is cheaperyou dont have to get wet!if necessary, power kiting skills can be picked up while you learnLandboarding has been around since the 90s, and like snowkiting is making use of all the latesttraction kite technology. A close relation to the land board is the buggy. Its just a bit bigger andencloses the driver, but the techniques are similar. Its still 4 wheels and a kite. Here some of thenames that are used to refer to either one of these variations on the sport:kiteboardingkite landboardingland kiteboardingfly boardingparakartingkite buggyingland surfingkite sailingThe KitesThere are a lot of similarities here with snowkiting. The requirements are so similar. You want asteerable kite with decent pull, crash-proof in case it contacts the ground hard, and packable into asmall space for traveling convenience. Also desirable is the ability to re-launch off the groundwithout having to walk over to it, and the ability to depower the kite during strong gusts of wind.
  2. 2. All that adds up to one particular kind of kite. The parafoil, often abbreviated to just foil. Foils areflexible, with an upper and lower surface when inflated. Openings at the front edge allow air inwhich pressurizes the kite and makes it behave like an aircraft wing. Most depowerable designshave 4 lines, which allow steering and also the angle of attack to the wind which controls power.Like many modern kites of all types, rip-stop nylon is the most commonly used material for the sail.Pulling one end of the bar at a time steers the kite. Pulling both ends in towards your bodyincreases the pull of the kite, while letting the bar out decreases the pull of the kite. Foremergencies, some land kites have a quick-release mechanism to let you get rid of the kite in ahurry. The people who sell the kites can advise on how to get into the sport with the right gear.The BoardsMany kite boarders use mountain boards which are basically over-sized skateboards. The wheelsare pump-up rather than hard as on traditional roller skates or skate-boards. Since so manypeople are into these sports, there are many manufacturers all trying to get a piece of the action.That means more different kite board designs than you can poke a stick at!Even so, its possible to make some very general statements about all these boards. Heres a fewreasons to consider the most expensive boards, if you can afford them...these boards are easier to use since they allow turning while traveling at lower speedsmost of them have active suspension, which is handy for doing jumps or going over rough groundcomposite construction is more expensive, but results in much lighter boards - important for kitingOther Kite Boarding GearDid I say all you need is a land kite and a board or buggy? Thats not quite true if you want apainless experience! Heres all the other bits of gear that complete the picture.a ground-stake to keep the kite tethered when youre not actually using ita wind meter so you know exactly what wind strength you are dealing withspare parts and repair tapetoolssafety equipment such as helmet, kneepads and elbow padsConclusion - Where To Do Kite BoardingThe best place to do land kite boarding is any large flat area with constant wind and noobstructions. However, with some care, any open space can be used. You just dont want yourselfor the kite to crash into anything. In particular, things to avoid include power cables, buildings andother people.Heres a summary of the types of areas kite boarders can be seen at.
  3. 3. parkssports fieldsfarmers fieldslarge outdoor parking lotshard-packed sandy beachesschool groundsdry lake bedsHere in Australia you could probably add clay pans and salt lakes as well!Tim Parish and his family have rediscovered the joys of kiting. They blog their kite flying fun ontheir website, and also research the kiting world. This site will introduce you tomany kinds of kites and kite flying activities, including land kite boarding, of course!Article Source: ====All Kinds of High Quality Kites and other great stuff you find here : ====