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Kindle Fire Review
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Kindle Fire Review


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A review about Amazons Top Selling Kindle Fire

A review about Amazons Top Selling Kindle Fire

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  • 1. kindlefire ReviewKindle Review – The Kindle Fire offers a great means of entertainment for anyone whoenjoys web browsing, media, books and much more. Enjoying your favourite content shouldbe easy and this is where the Kindle Fire shines.With one touch, you can enter Amazon’sextensive library and browse through 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, magazinesand books. You will always have the most recent content at your fingertips with the newKindle Fire!You will surely love the stunning colour touch-screen of the Kindle Fire. The 7” screen issimilar in technology to the iPad, is extremely vibrant, and provides an extra wide viewingangle that is perfect for sharing your screen with others.If you’re not techno savy then youdon’t have to worry because the Kindle Fire is very simple and easy-to-use with an intuitiveinterface that makes browsing through your favourite content a breeze.It has a fast dual-core processor and a quick web browsing capability. In a flash you canaccess your favourite books, songs, games, as well as your e-mail. It’s also easy to hold in justone hand and is a durable unit.Reasons for buying a kindle fireMost of us like gadgets and are keen to know about what are the new gadgets launched in themarket. Tablet PC is one such category which gets refreshed very frequently and is always innews. Stay away from the news for a few days and you will realize how much is happening inthis field and so frequently. A great device that is creating buzz in the gadget lovers’ circle isthe new Kindle Fire by Amazon. Interestingly, the price of Kindle Fire is very less ascompared to any other Tablet PCs in the market.
  • 2. This is definitely a great reason to buy the new Amazon Kindle Fire. But there are many morereasons to buy this superb Kindle Fire. Here are some great facts and specs about the gadget : Kindle fire vs. iPADAmazon itself is the best seller of books and has millions of books, magazines, and comics tooffer you. With the advancement of technology, Amazon has come up with fantastic e-bookreaders to offer you the vast library of its products easily.In this winter holidays, Amazon has again come up with its new product i.e. the Kindle Fire.In this winter holidays Amazon has again come with its new launch i.e. the Kindle Fire. Thisnew gadget will not only offer you an excellent experience of an e-book reader but willprovide you lots of apps and other interesting features of a tablet.Now with a great hit in the highly competitive gadget industry, Kindle Fire is beingappreciated by everyone. According to a market survey done by eDataSource it is found thatAmazon has received 95,000 orders after the very first launch of the Kindle and now it isreceiving approximately 20,000 preorders for the Kindle every day.The sale of Apple’s iPad has also got affected after the launch of the Kindle Fire on 15thNovember. As per Cult (Android), there is a pre-order of 50,000 Kindles recorded on the firstday of its launch. The reason may be the price $199 which is far less than the price of an iPad2 which is $500..A Review of Kindle Fire SpecsWhile designing the Kindle Fire , Amazon has focused on the experience and the contents thatthey already have. Amazon basically worked on how the existing features can be used in bestpossible ways instead of giving emphasis on additional specs of the device. Amazon has justused the specs which we can utilize at the Amazon device page. Let us see what this 7 inchtouch screen device can offer us. Talking about the specs part, then it would be incorrect tosay that the new Kindle Fire can take the place of a laptop. After examining the device I foundseveral places for improvement in the device. For the tech savvy and those who look forspecs, this device is a non-productive piece of equipment. Though, it will be a mistake to saythat the device does not offer you facilities of a good tablet. But in terms of apps andspecifications, it does not have any comparison with an iPad.Let’s start with the New Silk Browser offered by Amazon which the company shouts for. Asper Amazon the new Brower i.e. Amazon Silk will be a revolution in the tablet market. It is
  • 3. said that the new browser will offer you to load the new page while you are browsing. So, willsave you time and you will be bound with it. However it seems a little underwhelming to mewhen I tried to do the same. The loading time of each page is near about same as we get fromother tablet devices. But I really enjoyed the tabs while using them and rest has neverastonished me.Kindle Fire AppsThe Kindle fire developed by Amazon.Com is a tablet computer with custom Android 2.3operating system and 8 GB storage capacity. It has a 7” multi touch display which is made upof gorilla glass and has a resolution of 1024*600 at 169 ppi, which are 16 million colors withcapacitive touch sensitive. 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity is used in the tablet with 3.5 mmstereo socket.Apart from all these features, Kindle Fire is full of apps. You can be able to work on differentapplications and can do different actions. You will not only be able to enjoy listening tomusic, reading books, magazines and newspapers but will be able to access variousapplications from the App store of Amazon for the official purpose also. Every type of userwill get an application of his or her choice in this app store. Here you will get thousands ofapps of your choice and in the future you can expect many more applications.Product Features and Specifications  7” multi-touch display with IPS.  No system requirements!  Battery life of up to 8 hours.  8GB internal storage.  USB port (2.0 micro-B connector).  3.5 mm stereo audio jack.  1-year service and limited warranty.  The unit weighs 413g and measures 7.5” x 4.7” x 0.45”.Buy it here from AMAZON and get more informations about this product !