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Everything about Kites
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Everything about Kites


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Everything about Kites and Kiteboarding. Check this Link : …

Everything about Kites and Kiteboarding. Check this Link :

Published in: Business, Sports
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  • 1. ==== ====All Kinds of High Quality Kites and other great stuff you find here : ====Two of the oldest records kept for kite flying are kite duration records and altitude records. In the21st Century, the use of kites has exploded into all kinds of activities and sports.Theres no real central spot for checking the full range of kiting records these days. Over theyears, The Guinness Book of Records and Kite Lines magazine have played a part. Kite Lines isno longer published. However, searching the Web can be relied upon to fill in some details!Information about duration records for kites is pretty sketchy and fragmented. But never fear, Ihave done the research to bring you a number of fascinating tit-bits on the subject!The ChallengesThe whole point about records is that obstacles must be overcome. Kite duration records are noexception. In the case of single-line kites, the obstacles are usually weather-related. For example,periods of rain can make the flyer seek shelter or lose sight of the kite. Periods of very light windcan force the flyer to reel line in just to keep the kite in the air.Sport kites, or stunt kites as they are more commonly known, require even more attention sincethey must be flown continuously. So what do you do when nature calls? What about hunger?Some organization is necessary! Hence it makes sense to involve more than 1 flyer, and fly thekite in shifts.Flying multiple kites adds its own special challenge. Its more of a mental drain to keep 2 or morekites out of each others way for hours on end!Finally, the giant kites of Japan also set records from time to time. Just getting one of these intothe air at all is a challenge, requiring the co-ordination of dozens of crew members. Plus theyrequire strong winds to fly, so duration records are very much at the mercy of the weather.Actual Kite Duration RecordsKite type: single-line kitesDuration: 180 hours and 17 minutesWho flew: Edmonds Community College kite team, Harry Osborne directedThe date: 29th. August, 1982
  • 2. Location: Long Beach, Washington, U.S.A.Comments: Set at the Washington State International Kite Festival, using a parafoil kite.Kite type: dual-line sport kiteDuration: 4 hours, 44 minutes and 44 secondsWho flew: James Robertshaw, Jonathan Harris & Simon Dann, each with one kiteThe date: 8th. October, 1995Location: London Docklands Arena, London, EnglandComments: This was a Guinness World Record. They flew Revolution SUL kites.Kite type: 2 dual-line sport kites at onceDuration: 5 hours, 1 minute and 7 secondsWho flew: Troy GunnThe date: 17th. September, 1993Location: Clinton, Oklahoma, U.S.A.Comments: Troy flew one kite from his waist and the other with his hands, as a kick-off to the 1stClinton Kite Festival.Kite type: 3 dual-line sport kites at onceDuration: 12 hours and 12 minutesWho flew: Ray BethellThe date: sometime in 1994Location: Long Beach, Washington, U.S.A.Comments: Ray flew one kite from each hand plus the other one from his waist. Since this record,Ray Bethell has set numerous other records, some of them duration records, with variousconfigurations of stacked sport kites.Kite type: indoor kitesDuration: 39 hours and 53 minutesWho flew: Carl Brewer, Tom Sisson and Bob McCort
  • 3. The date: 8th. February, 1980Location: The Kingdome, Seattle, Washington, U.S.AComments: Tom Sisson is one of the founders of the Washington Kitefliers Association.Kite type: giant Japanese kitesDuration: 6 hours, 7 minutes and 55 secondsWho flew: a crew of between 80 and 100 people, all at once!The date: sometime in 2001Location: Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, JapanComments: The Giant Kite Festival of Sagami is a traditional event that has been held since theTenpou period (around 1830) in the Edo era. The kite itself is 14.5 by 14.5 meters (48 x 48 feet) insize and it weighs 950 kilograms (2100 pounds)! A very stiff breeze is required for it to fly.Finally...Hope you enjoyed reading that info. Of course, it was just an attempt to pull together all currentkite duration records! The details will eventually go out of date as new records are set. However, itgives you some idea of the answer to that question - just how long can a kite be kept in the air?Tim Parish and his family are rediscovering the joys of kite flying. They blog their kiting fun on website, and also research the kiting world. This site will introduce you to manykinds of kites and kite flying activities, including sport and stunt kites which feature in many kitingrecords.Article Source: ====
  • 4. All Kinds of High Quality Kites and other great stuff you find here : ====