BuyMyPlaylist - Cooperation Offer for Institutional Users


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This short presentation focuses on the benefits of cooperation with BuyMyPlaylist. Whether you own a music club, are a fan club member, journalist, blogger, a business entrepreneur or simply a music fan with lots of ideas - we are eager to work with you!

Watch this presentation to get to know more about cooperation opportunities with BMP!

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BuyMyPlaylist - Cooperation Offer for Institutional Users

  1. 1. Buy<br /> My<br /> Playlist – Share the Fun<br />BuyMyPlaylist Business Service for Institutional Users: Radio Stations, Music Clubs, Fan Clubs, Music-related Blogs and Magazines, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Spas, Fitness Centers, Hotels, etc.<br />A CooperationOffer<br />, September 2010<br />
  2. 2. Welcome to BuyMyPlaylist!<br />BuyMyPlaylist (BMP) is an interactive online music serviceandsocial network offering its members an opportunity to discover, listen to, and purchase their favorite music to: <br />create signature playliststhat can be used by a variety of institutional users as their own background/business music, to market their brand, products and services, to entertain patrons and/or build loyal following.<br />BMP offers its registered members an opportunity to browse a fully-licensed, comprehensive online music catalog, consisting of over 8 million songs and musical composition of all genres, and/or to upload their own music to build and publish unique mixes and virtual albums. In addition– this is truly innovative and beneficial -- the playlist creators, including institutional users like you, can recommend this music to others and thus earn valuable BMP credits good for accessing more music or giving this access to your patrons and partners as tokens of appreciation or in connection with your marketing efforts, and thus reduce your operational costs .<br />
  3. 3. The BuyMyPlaylist offer is quite extensive and flexible, and it can be tailored to the specific<br /> needs of an institutional user who uses music as part of their business .<br />What’s in it for an user like you <br />(a summary of basic benefits):<br /><ul><li> A guided access to our catalog of over 8,000,000tracks of all genres and from over 70 countries and languages – from classical music to jazz, to electronic; from Cuban Hot Hits to Chinese Pop, etc.
  4. 4. An opportunity to build up to 5 signature or thematic playlists per month for a moderate membership fee that can be waived; No costly set up or software integration headaches. No need to buy master record licenses or deal with copyright agencies. Note: if you intend to play your playlist to the public you might need to secure appropriate broadcasting license and pay local fees.
  5. 5. An opportunity to publish your playlists on our site and through the BMP embeddable Webplayer on your own site as well as any other site and social network that accepts such webplayers, for example, on your Facebook or MySpace pages.
  6. 6. An attractive reward program, up to 15% of net revenues your playlists might generate, should you chose to recommend them for purchase by other BMP users and your clients or partners.
  7. 7. A dedicated Dashboard that allows for real-time monitoring of your playlists popularity, usage</li></ul> patterns, and rewards they generates.And much more…<br />
  8. 8. BMP Music Catalog<br />In fact, there are three music catalogs available to all BMP users on our website. All contain original, fully-licensed, MP3 audio tracks of the highest quality (320kbps): <br /><ul><li>the download catalog, powered by our licensing partner 7Digital. This catalog consistsof more than 8 million tracks from all major record companies such as Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers and EMI, and hundreds of other smaller labels from around the world.
  9. 9. the download and streaming catalog, containing over 1 million tracks, mainly from so called independent labels and aggregators, such as The orchard, for example.
  10. 10. the user-uploaded catalog, which is being built daily by the BMP users and independent artists/labels who submit their compositions directly to BMP. Should you own or otherwise control all the rights to some music, this is where you can upload your tracks and then use them, mix them with other tunes, to build your favorite playlists. </li></li></ul><li>BMP Playlist<br />Each BMP playlist might contain from 5 to 8 tracks selected from our catalogs. The playlists should be no longer than 35 minutes of non-stop play, and contain no more than two tracks by the same artist or band. Otherwise:<br />they are, like, your own compositions<br /><ul><li>they can be “personal” or signature playlists, embodying the special character or style of your establishment and/or associating your business with selected music. For example, you are a Caribbean-South European fusion restaurant -- why to play a random radio music in the background? Create your own playlist of hand-picked matching tunes, play them at your restaurant or share with your customers online
  11. 11. they can be thematic, for example, used at your spa or fitness center to accompany specific exercises, to warm-up, work out or relax, or to recommend them to your customers for purchase at BMP and continuing a recommended routine at home. </li></li></ul><li>Each time the playlist you’ve created and recommend to others is purchased for download or streaming by a BMP user, you can earn credits worth up to 15% of the music retail price – then, you can redeem the credits to acquire more music, to pay for other BMP services or sponsor your outreach and marketing efforts.<br />they can be a great new source of additional income <br /><ul><li> or to maximize your profits. For example, you are an organizer of a concert or musical event – if you have secured the proper rights to the unique concert recordings, you can then publish the life version of the music on our and hundreds other websites or your own site and earn money and/or recognition.
  12. 12. or to save money – businesses, such as hotels, restaurants or galleries, use music to create desire ambiance. With BMP you can not only create and play your own signature music (as opposed to the run of the mill “elevator” music) but also quit the can-be-expensive commercial streaming services and save on Wi-Fi Players and installation costs. No multi-location requirement. No minimums to meet.</li></li></ul><li>BMP Playlist can also be a great promotional tool<br /><ul><li> to help market your business or product(s)
  13. 13. to enhance your brand
  14. 14. to earn following and customer loyalty, or
  15. 15. to diversify/test your market offerings </li></ul>For example, a radio station or music magazine/website can organize or sponsor playlist creation competitions to engage and interact with existing users or to gain new ones; or can create monthly or year’s end playlists featuring the most popular artists/music played by the station or featured by a program/section of the magazine, including personal playlists by the hosts or authors or by the celebrities/guests of the program; or can use the playlists to outreach to new users, send then links and widgets with sponsored music or as tokens of appreciation for their continuing support… and many other creative uses. Each time your playlists are downloaded or streamed by others, you gain business! <br />
  16. 16. The Embeddable Webplayer<br />When cooperating with BMP, you have the unique opportunity not only to create and publish online personal and thematic playlists, but also to embed your very own webplayer into your business website, MySpace or Facebookprofile, or just about any other place in the Web that allows embeddable elements.<br />Our widget can help you present and promote your business to your loyal customers, as well as reach out to new markets, including international. Since the webplayer is easy to reproduce and distribute at no additional cost (also by your customers, as P2P or viral distribution), it might prove to be a very effective & inexpensive mass marketing tool. <br />In the future, the BMP Webplayer will feature graphically customizable skins in different colors, sizes and shapes… for your customers to easily recognize and remember/ popularize your brand! <br />
  17. 17. BMP Reward Program<br />As mentioned before, each time the playlists you have created and published using our services is purchased by another BMP user, you can earn credits worth up to:<br />15% of your playlists’ net retail prices* <br />No other online music service offers such an opportunity. The actual percentage level varies depending on the popularity of your creations. The 15% rate applies to playlists that sell more than 500 times a month in one territory; playlist selling up to that level, earn 12%. Still, a $7.45 playlist downloaded moderate 1,000 times can generate: <br />($7.45 x 500 x 12%) + (7.45 x 500 x 15%) = 100,575 BMP credits worth $1,005<br />Then you can apply these credits to your monthly membership or advertising, to sponsor a contest or to pass them to your customers as rewards and incentives.<br />* that is, excluding local taxes and other fees, if any.<br />
  18. 18. BMP User Dashboard & Controls<br />Unlike many other services, BMP offers its institutional members full transparency and control of your account, its conditions and costs, as well as the ability to: <br />monitor and adjust your playlist performance in real time <br /><ul><li>As a member and subscriber of the BMP business services, you will have your own protected account and control panel (or Dashboard), equipped with sophisticated yet intuitive to use monitoring and analytical tools
  19. 19. The tools will allow you to view historical and real time performance of your playlists and/or sponsored events, edit the playlists, adjust their recommended prices to follow the traffic trends and maximize outcomes, analyze users statistics and comments, generate reports, manage your credits, transfer them to other accounts or buy credits, and others – all at your own discretion and fully transparent, based on known criteria and rules. </li></li></ul><li>So Again, What Can the BMP Business Service Mean To You?<br /><ul><li>An easy to create and manage customized account for a moderate monthly fee that can be paid off with the BMP Rewards (Credits);
  20. 20. an ability to create personal and thematic playlists, using large comprehensive and fully licensed catalogs of MP3 audio files of the highest quality;
  21. 21. an opportunity to use these playlists to promote your business, its product(s) and brand(s); gain new customers, interact with and enhance loyalty of the existing customer or to introduce/test and diversify your market offerings;
  22. 22. exposure to new user-friendly technologies and cost-effective marketing methods, including popular P2P and viral marketing and distribution; and,
  23. 23. an additional source of income and/or ability to reduce your operational costs</li></li></ul><li>ThankYou For Your Time!<br />We inviteYou to visit<br /><br />For moreinformation on cooperationwith BMP, pleasesend an e-mail to:<br /><br />Phone: +48 605 332 043<br />Hope To HearFromYouVerySoon!<br />