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Practical SOA with Thrift
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Practical SOA with Thrift



Introductory slides on Apache Thrift

Introductory slides on Apache Thrift



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    Practical SOA with Thrift Practical SOA with Thrift Presentation Transcript

    • Practical SOA with Thriftby Maciej Mrózwww.maciejmroz.com@maciejmrozCTO, Ganymedewww.ganymede.eu
    • The buzzword● It is a buzzword :)● Decodes to Service Oriented Architecture but ...● Its NOT a standard● Its NOT a technology● So what is it, really?
    • SOA● An approach to distributed application Architecture● Loosely coupled, reusable Services● Not something you buy or switch on, its something you do.
    • Services are independent!● Reuse through mashups
    • Encapsulation● You dont know whats inside - thats good
    • Operations made easier● Security, scalability, disaster recovery, capacity planning …● Monitoring ● Subset of tests run by CI server? ● Strong case for DevOps approach
    • Development made easier● Interoperability ● pick the best tool for the job ● legacy systems can be retired with little risk● Reduced code complexity (locally)● Per-service release cycle ● no huge “anything can go bad” releases● Easier testing
    • Implementation● SOAP – not really Simple …● Its friends are worse: Source - Flickr
    • How about REST?● No such thing as REST standard● Whats the data format? XML, JSON, other?● Wheres the service contract?● Tied to HTTP● Not a bad choice, probably best for externally facing APIs ● Google, Amazon etc
    • Thrift● Apache project, open sourced by Facebook in 2007● Platform and language independent● Services defined with custom IDL● Complete framework, just write your business logic!● Easy to use
    • Architecture● Flexible transport and protocol layers● Transports: file, memory, TCP, zlib (wrapper) ...● Protocols: binary, JSON, debug (human readable) … Source - Wikipedia
    • Servers● TSimpleServer – “testing server”● TThreadPoolServer● TNonblockingServer● TProcessPoolServer ● Works around Python threading issues● Others● Run benchmarks!
    • IDL Basics● Basic types: bool, byte, i16, i32, i64, double, string● Enums● Containers: list, set, map● Bind to natural types (i.e. std::vector in C++ but List in Java● #include
    • Structures● Nesting is ok● Optional fields - backward compatibility tool● No inheritance!
    • Services● One way methods via oneway keyword● Exceptions
    • Putting it all together● Write the IDL file● Use thrift compiler ● thrift --gen py interface.thrift● Write your service ● This doesnt happen automatically :)● Use generated client code ● Generate other clients as needed
    • Example – Nonblocking C++ server
    • Python client
    • Demo!
    • Questions
    • Thank you!