Oakland Freedom Schools Board Presentation


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This poster is a presentation for Oakland Freedom Schools to the Board of Directors at Lincoln Child Center

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Oakland Freedom Schools Board Presentation

  1. 1. Successful Agency FINANCIAL UNCOMMON COLLABORATION Partnership: SNAPSHOT LCC+LE=OFS Over 20 national and local partners collaborated closely to  $150,000 for 137 youth make Oakland Freedom Schools a success in 2012. over 5 weeks at 1 site ($43 per child, per day)    2013 Budget: $125,000 for 100 youth over 6 weeks at Anchor Partner 2 sites ($41 per child, per  CDF Freedom Schools Haley Farm training, books day)   & curriculum Inkind Partners  OUSD facilities (Frick), custodial, breakfast & lunch, access to families Funding Partners   OFCY core funding along RISK MEASURES with Clorox, Title IVE, &  Train and background check more. ____________________________________________________ PRINCIPLES OF CARE all support staff. On Site Partners  SFSU recruitment   OFS, an early intervention & prevention program uses a strengths-based approach to self-esteem, cultural pride &  First Aid, emergency and  BayUP interns disaster training & protocol. confidence.  AAMA Office interns   Intragency collaboration with Families Together, Training  I.S.I.S. (science) Dept., HOPE clinical supervisors & trainers, & CEO Youth  Youth Speaks (writing)   Best practice- Empirical research in 1999 & 2012  Youth Together (youth   Family centered- “Chat & Chews” parent workshops leadership) _____________________________________________________  Tacuma King (drumming) PLANNED IMPROVEMENTS BOARD SUPPORT  Dr. Bethea, NEIU   Identify expansion sites/ _______________________________________________________________________   Improve staff quality of engagement with students & families   Improve training of volunteers & support staff programs   Control salary costs   Identify STEM funding   Offset field trip expenses with merchandise revenue strategy   More Policy alignment with CRITICAL GOALS CDF & LCC regarding Stable funding (OFCY 3 year renewal)+ Staffing capacity (fulltime childrens’ advocacy & funding PROGRAM STRENGTHS director) +Systems alignment (OUSD, AC)= Sustainable Model on Federal and State level.  19 year proven track _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ record. Strong reputation. “Last year, my daughter witnessed Community following. a murder and wouldn’t talk. Since  Evidence-based being in Freedom School, she has intervention. Prior & current research on OFS outcomes. opened up and talks all the time and  Highest outcomes in self- is a happy, confident child thanks to esteem & positive racial this program.” - OFS Parent image. _____________________________________________________  100% of staff reflect the background of students.  AGENCY ALIGNMENT: Strategic Imperatives 1. Refine and enhance LCC’s service model at all levels – Brings a more GROWTH GOALS integrated, nationally recognized, culturally responsive model to LCC community  Expand # of sites to 2, based programs. SPECIAL THANKS! then 5 2. Expand and deepen services to the most vulnerable communities- New   Shawn & Nedra Ginwright,  Expand to afterschool, also innovative program that strengthens LCC reputation in east & west Oakland community. Co-Founders of Leadership early care and after care Excellence summer options 3. Strengthen management, operational capacity and infrastructure- Integrated with Training Dept. & strengthens targeted recruitment efforts.   OUSD leadership: Kimi Kean,  Expand & strengthen 4. Design and implement performance metrics in each program- Evaluation by parent engagement (retreats) Jerome Gourdine, Jane Dr. Bethea, NEIU. OFCY independent evaluation & surveys. LE parent feedback.  Institutionally imbed in O’Brien 5. Develop robust and varied funding strategies that support the vision- OFCY, schools Foundation support, registration fees.   OFS Staff (La’Cole & Interns)POSTER TEMPLATE BY:www.PosterPresentations.com