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Lmt don't blame the parents1



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  • 1. “ Don’t Blame The Parents” Macheo Payne & Afriye Quamina Lincoln Child Center 2010 Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 2. Recap- 1 st Training: “Working with Black Boys” Summary- It’s about working with Adults 2 nd Training: “Putting Racism Aside” Summary- Racism exist, so face it & fight it 3 rd Training: “Don’t Blame The Parents” Summary- ??? Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 3. Alignment of Focus Federal, District focus on Community & Family: “Community Schools” County & Social Service goal of family preservation & connection Conclusion: Parents are critical partners Critical question: Are you invested in working w/parents? Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 4. What is Blame? “ Blaming is the opposite of taking responsibility.” In this work, blaming inherently implies guilt on the part of the accuser. Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 5. What’s The Problem? What do we blame them for? How does that move us forward to hold us back from producing outcomes? Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 6.
    • Who/What Do We Blame?
    • People Environment Influence
    • The kids Drugs The “system”
    • Their parents The neighborhood The government
            • Video games Poverty
      • TV, rappers, entertainers
    • Capitalism
            • Commercialism
    Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 7. Who is Right? What are our excuses? It’s the parents, the community violence, the Soda & Cheetos… What are their excuses? Bad schools, poor teachers, the other kids… What’s our responsibility? Ensure equitable learning What’s their responsibility? Learn Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 8. What Can You Do? Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 9. … Care about your job. Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 10. What’s Important? It’s not just about asking questions … but that’s important. Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 11. What’s Important? It’s not just about knowing how to listen … but that’s important. Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 12. What’s Important? It’s not just about being open to new information that can improve the situation… but that’s important. Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 13. What’s Important It’s not just about contact , it’s about care, dignity & respect . Do you VALUE them and their role? Lincoln Monthly Training
  • 14. Dr. Q Lincoln Monthly Training