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Applied Critical Race Theory for Suspension


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Macheo Payne has developed an applied framework for disproportionality of suspension of Black students using critical race theory. It offers a framework for addressing this issue at its core in the classroom.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Applied Critical Race Theory for Suspension

  1. 1. APPLIED CRITICAL RACE THEORYIdeological Basis Key Tenets of CRT applied to Applying CRT in to CRT CRT applied to top reasons in the classroom Disproportionality Research for Decode & demystify forces ofWhiteness as oppression in society as sources Disproportionality of inequity in educationproperty Possession of Challenge to Racerights that are respected through the following strategies Neutrality (CRN)-by laws default to The institution is not Institutional bias- Examine outcomes-whiteness first colorblind and policies Policies like zero Look at classroom data are not applied tolerance are for referrals to look atCentrality of equitably as evidenced disproportionately patterns in race &whiteness White by persistent disparate applied to black reason for referralideology, values, and students on a (CRN, LR, NP) outcomes.interests are at the discretionary of all aspects of Cultural Lack of Rights (LR)- (CRN, LR) responsiveness-dominant culture &policy Policies and Student centered, procedures are Teacher bias- examining one’s ownWhite supremacy US disproportionately Hidden bias and privilege (race, class, applied to black inability or position) to reframesociety founded on students on a unwillingness to classroom managementscientific, religious and legitimate yet mostly as a collaboration withpolitical frameworks of examine one’s own students, makingwhite moral, physical, discretionary basis, beliefs & stereotypes. learning relevant,intellectual & spiritual making any challenge (CRN, NP) practical and applicable.superiority (natural to due process very (CRN, NP)selection, manifest difficult. Cultural mismatch-destiny, Jim crow, etc.). Behavior intervention- Blaming the ‘target’ ‘Collaborative problemRacism is structurally Negative Perceptionand institutionally and casting black solving’ and other best (NP)- Stereotypes arepermanent and culture as defective, practice behavioral reinforced bytherefore a ‘normal’ institution through incompatable and health interventions.feature of US society, negative consequences frequently (CRN, NP)not a rare abberation while inappropriate to the Authentic caring-that crops up through disproportionately educational setting. Deep respect, strongindividual acts of shifting responsibility (CRN, NP) relationships, highbigotry. Copyright © May 2011 Macheo Payne expectations matched of the problem to the All Rights Reserved target group. with support according to need. (CRN, NP)
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